Saturday 10 September 2011

Politically correct films

Ok slight mix up. But two winners.
DP And Calfy Ms Calfy goes first.

New theme Politically correct film/Tv /theatre
'Batperson Begins', The Goshparent Trilogy, and 'Dr. LGBTQ, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb.


Bill Quango MP said...

"It ain't half hot unspecified non-gender derivative parental provider."

"The homosexual cook, his cross dressing wife, the Romanian alternative viewpoint to personal ownership and his consensual,consenting partner without legal contract and rights that are unrecognised within the courts of Great Britain and her dominions overseas."

Electro-Kevin said...

Being politically correct ... I don't think 'Ms' Calfy should go first.

What ?

You saying she's not capable of opening a door for herself ?

She's lived in a war zone, y'know.

A Bounder said...

Kevin: At your age you should know that an English gentleman ALWAYS allows a lady to go first.

(In case of landmines; can't be too careful, you know!)

Pogo said...

Bond - "The person with the precious-metal tazer"? (We haven't got any gold and can't use "gun" - nasty things).

"Those magnificent persons in their flying machines".

"Non-gender-specific parent's peace-keeping force".

Electro-Kevin said...

*BANG !*

(@ Bounder)

Timbo614 said...

Parent Person's Service

Bill Quango MP said...

"The Post person always rings twice.

"Extraterrestrial organism with a world view and indigenous background and culture that although differs from our commonly accepted social norms, should not be excluded form our society or forced to adopt differing behaviour patterns and customs solely because of a change of environment.
Instead the indigenous lifeforms should pro actively seek to help members of their community embrace the ethnicity and diversity of the new species."


Dick the Prick said...

Star Liberal Interventionism.

Honey I shrunk the tax credits.

Tofuburger Hill.

Anonymous said...

What's up medically trained personage?

The person from Laramie

James Higham said...

Godparent 3