Wednesday 21 September 2011

Question Time liberal Democrat special

Question Time early bird.
No panel up on BBC QT site yet. I'm sure Dimbleby said it would include The Liberal Cable Guy and Ian Hislop. Plus others. If that's not a massive enough clue for you the show is coming from Birmingham, home of this weeks (Liberal Democrat Conference).


Miss CD said...

- Dale Farm travellers not travelling anywhere.
- Tories putting urchins up chimneys to reduce youth unemployment.
- Smoking illegal in under 18 films
- Plan B
- Murdoch blood money for Dowler family.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I'm in Asia this week so I'm even more out of touch than last week, but here goes...
1. wasn't Cable right about Murdoch?
2. are Lib Dems finished for cosying up with the wicked Tories?
3. Dale Farm - nasty Pikeys or martyred for cultural differences?
4. Should we join the Euro before it is too late? (Well, it is the Limp Dumb conference)

Points for the 4Q rule, please! Need all the help I can get if I am to catch that sod Botogol

Jan said...

1)What's wrong with children enjoying cage fighting?

2) Are the LibDems making a difference to the evil Tories?

3) Are the riots in the middle east and demos in Athens going to spread here any time soon?

4) What's next in the global financial crisis?

There I knew I could think of 4 questions if I put my mind to it.

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Is Clegg finished within his party for doing the right thing?
- Is enshrining the human rights act {that can't be removed anyway} really a major achievement.
- Should people to be allowed to make their own laws if they can string out a case long enough?
- The economy is in a bad way. Should we adopt CU's idea and have BOE print gajillion,bazillion,Brownillion pounds to tide us over until 2050, by which time we won't care about.
- Some phone hacking story..{phone hacking is the new NHS cuts on QT}

Hopper said...

1. Coalition - were the LDs right to coalition with the Tories? Why haven't they been implementing more of their manifesto?
2. Economy - now the western economy is circling the drain shouldn't we be on plan B? I'd like a bonus point fit each time someone says "invest" when they mean "spend".
3. Dale Farm - why is the Daily Mail encouraging 'raceism' against harmless traveller folk.
4. Cage fighting - wouldn't it be better to have Cameron cd Miliband rather than 8 year olds. Sick society etc.
5. Mumsnet question - what biscuit does the panel take with their tea?

hovis said...

1. LD conference - do they now have a reason to exist and the coalition strengthen the lib Dems/ Or are they still a party for overgrown protesting beardy sixth formers? ( and that's just the women ...)

2. Is it all men's fault a la Ms L Weatherstone? Or is she a mangey out of touch token wimmins (dis-)appoint?

3. Dale Farm - are travellers our new oppressed?

4.PFI Hospitals - is it the eveil tories fault ( een though the contracst were made under Labour)

%. Ok too tempting Cage fighting children - seriously what's wring better than they are out mugging people??

CityUnslicker said...

Global Collapse - tiem for plan b etc - evil tory cuts

coaltion - does it work, what do the juniors achieve - aren't they all just scum hanging together

leadership - lack of it in the world, Nick Cleg sums this up. Lots of people shout Student Fees!

cage fighting - not as bad a tories eating babies

hatfield girl said...

Are Liberal Democrats punching above their weight or expressing the inner cameroon?

Should the death penalty be reinstated in the UK?

Are raggle taggle gipsies-oh just squatters cashing in on a lifestyle story-line?

Have members of the panel experienced a fall in their living standards and if not why not?

Have the Greeks replaced the Poor in being always with us?

measured said...

Good evening BQ.

Potentially fantastic news about the gas discovery, but lets turn our minds to other gassing. Yes, Uncle Vince and the women.

1. Cur'sed are the rich. #libdems v tories

2. The economy is broke and companies are choked. #more pfi my friends?

3. Are we in or out of Europe? #eurozone

4. To niqab or not niqab. You can wear a tutu, BQ, but I'm not sure it really would suit you. Hairy legs?

5. Do we buy our kids too many toys? ::[Vince promptly throws his toys out of the pram]::

Dick the Prick said...

Top of the evening fellow Pikeys and err...static travellers.

Europe - gotta be - have the Libbers finally ditched the crazzzzy infatuation with Le Euro?

Cleggies summer school thingy - will that stem the riots?

Dale Farm - not having read the 52 page planning bill - doesn't it all become a bit moot if Pikeys continue to be pikeys and an opportunity for Priti Patel to try and justify planning changes.

QE - is it, Lord Vince of Cable, inevitable?

And the rogue final question - energy firms - are they too big to fail?

(although toyed with Palestine, Libya, Murdoch, Guardian official secrets act thang and just a straight out 'isn't austerity bollox when government borrowing is at its highest ever)

Philipa said...

Hislop is always good value so I'll be watching :-)

* People who call themselves travellers (but don't actually travel anywhere like I do, because I have a caravan)/Dale Farm/planning laws

* riots/effects of a recession

* manufacturing/growth/markets down

* should MPs tell jokes/do we care if they've taken drugs/is the LibDem conf the most boring ever?

* death penalty (is it time to euthanase Tony Bliar?)

Philipa said...

Sorry, on the last point I meant to add: is Cage fighting arriving too late - should we have had cage fighting for Bliar and Brown? Or should we just shove feral youths into a cage and wait?

Nick Drew said...

1. Dale Farm

2. should economy be 'boosted' by some Keynsian Plan-B splurge ? or global QE ? etc etc

3. Euro

4. Cameron's conversion to Blairite posturing on the international stage

5. wildcard - should we really be paying out compo to Bloody Sunday families ?

(There is of course no chance of coverage for the Story of the Day ... well, not yet, anyhow)

Timbo614 said...

Evening all libbers, lubbers romanies & squatters...

1) 12.7 BILLION down the NHS waste chute. What now Err.. Pen & Paper? Does anyone go to prison? Can I have the next contract and not fulfil it? Sounds easy!

WHILE MorePatients(PatientCount) DO
END; // There, a start!

[Committee meeting]
1. Should it be REPEAT ... UNTIL MorePatients is Zero?
2. If so do we use DEC or Mp := Mp -1?
[Meeting minutes]
1. Should we do it in C?
2. ++
3. What about Visual Basic?
4. Why Visual?
5. [Tea break]
6. Err this Java stuff is new
7. and Ruby
8 + RAILS?
9. Fortran? [Shut UP]
10. Why did we start in Pascal then? [SHUT UP!]
11. Reconvene in a fortnight I have a flight home to catch.
[Sorry, ran out of cash at this point, bonus please!] Well it might as well be...that announcement considerably Pissed Me Off!

2) Dear Vince, With your and other forecasts for the economic climate, and given the stock market mess today, where does business north of the Thames go from here? or is it going to be all Gas? :)

3) Following the Nick-Libs conference and confirming "Human rights for ever" shall we ask the cage fighting seven year old boys if they are getting theirs?

4) Dress code for Muslim women is France (and other places) right or wrong? Are we THAT insecure as Brits?

apologies for length of NHS system write-off.

Philipa said...

Apols from me too - twas a lame attempt to be spanked by BQ, which I'm sure would be more exciting than the LibDemm conference?

Timbo614 said...

@P we could spank each other and apologise as we go :)