Friday 14 October 2011

Superheros for our Time; Friday Fun

Phoenix Jones, aka Ben Fodor, speaks with reporters 13 October 2011

News from Seattle is quite amusing today. In the US and UK it appears that many people are finally losing any last grip on reality and in an internal existential debate for self-worth have deemed it sensible to get dressed up as Super Hero's and become sort of comedy Vigilantes.

Exhibit A here is self-styld Pheonix Jones.

Of course, in these troubling time the World does indeed need some Superhero's to resuce us from the wrecklessness of do we have any views as to good potential superhero names for our current crop of sadly very human global leaders?

Here are some ideas to start with:

Borish Johnson as the Purple Stallion (not sure how Berlusconi will take this, but he is Boris's nemesis or possibly Batmand to Boris's Robin...)

Oliver Letwin - The Paper Weight

Angela Merkel - Der dunkle Engel of Money

Nicholas Sarkozy - Le défenseur des bureaucrates

Ed Miliband - The Red Mumble

Anyway, I am sure you can all do much better....the prize is of course a highly prized invisibility cloak.


Bill Quango MP said...

Letwin is obviously Binman.
Shine a torch into the sky and he turns up. {Fortnightly only in some areas.}

Electro-Kevin said...

Liam Fox - Super Cock (From whichever standpoint you view him)

Budgie said...

Gordoom Brown - The Invisible Man
Eric Pickles - Bunter Man
Harriet Harman - Batty Woman
Ed Balls - Robin'
Ken Livingstone - Lizard Man
Dave Cameron - The Imposter