Wednesday 2 November 2011

German Constitutional Court Ruling

Another urgently-convened meeting of the German Constitutional Court has been held to put words into the mouth of Merkel. It broke up twice in disarray, firstly when a motion was put that Idle's voluminous submission be debarred on the grounds of it being dialogue (albeit of high quality).

A second adjournment was called when rival supporters of the more pithy submissions of Budgie and Helga clashed rowdily in open session.

Finally, however, the Court was brought to order, and declared: (a) that Peter Whale is the winner; (b) his 12-month austerity programme is to commence with immediate effect; (c) upon successful completion in December 2012 he may nominate his bailout sum in either EUR (125 billion) or Deutschmark (12.50). In time for Weihnachten.

By order of the Court.


Anonymous said...

I do hope the ourt recognises the perspicacity of its original cartoon! If Merky were to fall under a bus, who would replace her?

Peter Whale said...

Thanks for selecting my caption as the winner. I would like to disclaim any psychic or prophetical powers.