Sunday 6 November 2011

Miliband backs the protesters

Ed Miliband has clearly read that Obama has backed the occupy Wall Street cause in the US. So in aping his actions he has backed those in London.

Miliband says this is a battle of 99% against the 1%. Where is the justification for all this rhetoric. This is a battle between the want everything for frees and the realists. I met some of the Finsbury square protesters the other day.

Well meaning socialists as you would expect, but none had a job or had ever run anything bigger than a one man band magazine. None appeared to have current jobs which suggests benefits show they finance their stay. People like this, with no experience of the realities of trying to run complex systems like businesses or economies are not adding anything to the debate of trying to improve the world.

Worse, Ed Miliband's Labour party have made the current situation much worsen with their awful overspending during their time in power to buy their votes.

What a ridiculous position to take to back these people when you yourself were key to causing the problems faced by the country. He has little going for him as a man, but he certainly has a lot of chutzpah!


Electro-Kevin said...

Just trickle cold water over all the paving slabs.

The CofE skewered by its own flock. The State sponsored useless.

Sean said...

A better suggestion would be to add raising the voting age in his next manifesto.

Raising it to 25 unless you serve in the armed forces/some sort of peace corps overseas for 3 years or have paid 5 years of national insurance and income tax.

Budgie said...

These protesters claim to speak for me (low pay and no power) but actually don't. I am certainly not one of the 1% so how dare they claim my allegiance without asking me?

This 99% vs 1% is typical statist propaganda - their 'solutions' all involve nebulous 'fairness' which if not the result of the market (actual people voting with their own money) must be the result of state (sorry, comm-u-u-u-nity) administration.

The human race has tried it before: it failed horribly in the USSR, Cambodia, Nazi Germany. Good intentions (we all want 'fairness') are insufficient. It's what works that counts.

Old BE said...

I am comfortably within the 99%. The "protest" notes that something has gone terribly wrong in a very wealthy society where opportunities for many people are hampered. It is a good point.

However what "solutions" they propose are either nonsense or more of the same thing which caused this crisis.

If they actually want better opportunities, a more egalitarian society, etc. they need to be voting for Thatherite policies not Brownite/Milibandite/Heathite policies.

Budgie said...

I am not a number. Not even 99%.

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked, the LibDems were acting as the opposition. Clegg, Huhne and Cable are all socialists or worse.

andrew said...

How about no representation without taxation?

In the truly athenian tradition, only the rich paid taxes (usually to pay for the wars) and the rest sometimes paid with their lives.

Phil said...

Bandwagon ahoy!

Anonymous said...

The whole protest is a Labour put-up job.

Where were all these protestors when Labour were in power? Things have not got appreciably worse since Gordon was running the show but suddenly the great unwashed are everywhere. Then Labour's media are falling over themselves to give these people as much publicity as possible. I've been to parties with more people present than that St Pauls' protest. The whole thing is set up to give the impression that Bankers screwed up UK PLC and not Labour.

Dale Farm, union strikes, StPauls - all the same rag-tag private army that Labour pushes onto the streets whenever Labour fucks-up the economy and finds itself out of power. Its so very 70s and frankly it's a bore. We should all call it for what it is and then laugh at them.

Budgie said...

Anon 9:00am - spot on.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

@Sean: not allowed to vote until they are 25? Hmmm. I suppose as a Quid Pro Quo we could say they don't have to pay tax either. No taxation without representation seems right to me. They might be twats but that is the beauty of a free society. Hopefully, they will grow out of it.

CityUnslicker said...

At Finsbury Square on Friday, as I tweeeted, there were considerably more people queuing for the bus than in the Sqaure.

The media vastly overstate this UK phenomonen. I preferred it when swampy ws against motorways - but the mindset behind both types is the same.

Sean said...


I am only asking for a down payment in these credit crunched times.

Zero down, pay never never is over.

Mind you to show them I have my priorities right I will lower the age of consent to 14. That would seriously piss of the churchists.

Demetrius said...

Whelk stalls?