Wednesday 30 November 2011

Question Time; there's no money left special.

I'll put it up now because this is the Quango busy time and might not get time tomorrow.
{Point to note. We have never taken so much coin across the counters. People really are raiding the savings jars. its a pain in the ass and a very worrying sign. It takes a family a long time to build that whisky jar back up.}

David Dimbleby is joined in Dagenham by Ken Clarke, Chuka Umunna, Deborah Meaden, David Frum and Mary Bousted.

Just two more to go. Including this one.
If you're on 30+ now, you need a really big win if you want to stop the Bot.

Leaderboard as of

Botogol - 37

Appointmetotheboard - 34
BQ - 34
Measured - 34

Budgie 33.5

Nick Drew - 31.5

Dick the Prick -31.5
Hatfield Girl - 31
Philipa - 30.5
Timbo614 - 30
Sebastian Weetabix - 30

Hopper - 29½
Mark Wadsworth - 29.5
Miss CD - 27
Miss S-J -28
Hovis - 26
Malcolm Tucker - 26½
GSD - 25
CU - 24
Jan - 19

Andrew - 15½
Sean -9.5
Woman on a raft - 8

Electro-Kevin - 4
Anon {1} -3½
Alex - 1½
James Higham -2 {you'll get the hang of it one day JH}


Richard Allan said...

I don't have the foggiest clue what this is. Some kind of sweepstakes??

Nick Drew said...

Richard - since Mr Q is busy let me just refer you to the weekly posts that carry this game whenever BBC Question Time is on - just scroll back to last Thursday & the Thursday before that etc

you've to guess what the QT questions will be, putting yourself in the mind of the audience (*shudders*) and producers at the Beeb (*shudders again*)

hang around on this thread tomorrow and you'll see folk pitching in with their empathetic prognostications

PS there is allegedly a Prize (and Mr Q is a man of his word ...)

PPS ... but the season is almost over: try your skill in the New Year !

Dick the Prick said... Chukka Chukka. I think we should hack Botogol's pute, it's the only hope!

dearieme said...

"pain in the ass": if you are going to write in American, you might note that they write "whiskey".

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'll call one question early, something like this:

"If a man with an Irish accent knocks on your door and tells you that he's just finished a job round the corner and he's got some tarmac left over and would you like your drive doing" should you

a) Point out you live in a terraced house with no drive way.

b) Point out that you live in a long straight road and the nearest corner is several hundred yards away

c) Nip back inside and lock the back door.

d) Stare blankly and say 'I don't live here'?

That's my first thought. I may remove this from my final list as of tomorrow.

Philipa said...

1. Strikes - did they achieve anything? Was Clarkson right? And come the revolution who would you shoot - those who think they have entitlement or politicians? The public sector is not the answer to our probs but the governments dependance on growth is naive without banks lending. So shoot the bankers?

2. World AIDS day/NHS/whistle blowers.

3. Child poverty or general poverty? Is the governments social engineering through benefits well placed?

4. Hacking - are all journos scum and should Cameron be taken to the town square, stripped and whipped for Coulson? Or as an old Etonian would that only be in danger of becomming legal if the punisher was dressed as Nanny?

5. Christmas debt - the government has gone back on it's plans and is intending to borrow more. Will we all be following suit? BQ seems to indicate otherwise but will spending be up or down? Or should we be planning a Kirstie home-made Christmas with Jamie Oliver turkey curry on Boxing day? (don't mention 'Winterval')

Philipa said...

Perhaps I should have mentioned 'pensions' with 'strikes' and 'Unison' with 'Clarkson'. Have Unison lawyeers really sought legal advice over Clarkson? What a joke.

WV = unfed

Hopper said...

Looks like an interesting panel, if only they can find an interesting audience to match. In Dagenham it could go either way.

1. Has to be the strikes. Yes, they should; no they shouldn't, yah boo sucks etc., raise private pensions instead of lowering public ones. Expect this to go on for a while what with Chuka, Debs and Mary having a go at each other.
2. Given it's Dagenham, I fancy something on immigration - reference to that viral video about the foul-mouthed racist local on the tram?
3. Eurozone and banking, just how screwed are we all? Will stopping banker bonuses save us?
4. Wild stab at an Iran question. Will it be 1980 all over again?
5. Clarkson. Has free speech gone out of fashion?

appointmetotheboard said...

As with last season, I'm taking a punt on a single issue QT in a desperate last ditch effort to catch Botogol. No surprise that I'm opting for the economy, though the booking of David Frum suggests I may be wide of the mark. I seem to be feeling a bit militant today, so bugger it.

1. Pensions. Good divide and conquer strategy from the government, but if public sector workers drop out of pension schemes in droves, it'll cost us more in the long term. But I digress...

2. Lost decade and falling living standards. Point to anyone on the panel if they mention demand side issues, as oppose to supply side ones. I imagine however that it is workers rights that are holding us back from unfettered success.

3. Central banks turning on the cheap money taps again. Any chance of a few pennies getting to the real economy, or will the banks just strengthen their balance sheets?

4. Is it right that benefits are up with inflation when wages are not?

5. Tax credits for working families - should the Government, by its own figures, really be plunging an exta 100,000 children into poverty?

Steve said...
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Botogol said...

somehow it seems flat this week, some big issues out there like, um, collapse of the Euro and the financial world, but few that seem like grab-me QT topics...

1) was Wednesdays strike *futile*

2) should banks be *forced* to follow the Bank of England's advice and cut bonuses to prepare for the storm

3) Is it right for any foreign nationals to get benefits?

4) What can the government do to help entrepreneurs and small businesses create jobs and growth?

5) Is it OK for the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year to have a men-only shortlist?

hatfield girl said...

Is war, war better than jaw, jaw: and is it time for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union yet, or are we all tied to a residual 20th century fearful mindset?

Should strikers be taken out and shot or merely contractually obliged not to withdraw their labour short of resignation?

Did the UK get the short end of the migration stick? Transparency International reports that most of the places people from the UK migrated to have the best corruption-free scores while most of the places people migrated to the UK from have the worst.

Has the credit crunch wrecked any hope of real, capitalist entrepreneurial jobs?

Are Republicans speculating against the euro to end Obama's hopes of re-election after a euro debacle that does for US banks?

Philipa said...

ARGH! I forgot the men only Sports Personality of after shave adverts *sob*

Botogol is the King, we're not worthy :(

hovis said...

1. Public sector pensions - were they right to strike given how little everyone else gets? DId anyone notice apart from the BBC?

2. Autumn statement - useful or use-less agains the coming storm. Too much / too little.

3. Eurozone goes pop - what should we do?

4. Work/Immigration question some how - this is Dagenham after all. Perhaps the Crodon Tram woman's rant gets a mention?

5. Mty leftfield question something about inlight of the death of Gary Speed - something about hidden pressures and suicides given dire situation(?)