Tuesday 20 December 2011

End of a Tyranny ?

There is uncertainty tonight in the troubled peninsular of Europe as one part of the formerly united territory prepares to mourn the passing of its once all-powerful currency.

Publicly it is stated that there will be continuity in the regime; but the ruling clique
has not yet revealed any credible plans for managing the inevitable process of change. All pretence of democracy has long since been abandoned, and arbitrary decrees are being published by technocrats who have taken complete control.

The regime has turned hostile rhetoric onto the other part of Europe, which it holds to blame for its catastrophic economic situation in order to deflect criticism from its own decade-long policy failures. Some fear it may launch an attack
on the banks of its neighbour across the narrow strip that divides the two territories.

In the state of heightened tension, the regime hopes that China will come to its aid. But official Chinese statements have been guarded: and commentators observe that China has become increasingly exasperated with the inability of its client state to manage its own affairs effectively, and is expected to keep its distance.



Bill Quango MP said...

Hehe. Much needed laugh at that one.

Merk-ill with a man sized rabbit is not an image to have stuck in your mind.

Or Sa-Do-Si wearing one of those giant sized general's caps

dearieme said...

Peninsula: "peninsular" is the adjective.

That'll be five guineas, please.

Nick Drew said...

now that's the sort of comment we like around here. keep the standards up, y'know

have a year's C@W subscription on the house

Demetrius said...

Nice one, also good to see Salmond welcoming Chinese ownership of the Scottish extension to the HST2.

James Higham said...

While this going on at the macro level, it is also reflected in what is going on at the micro - people are being threatened for money by such as fuel utility companies for moneys they're not in the least owed. This behaviour is not punished in the least, nor are there apologies unless court action is taken.

Thank you EU and thank you Blair/Brown for allowing this sort of thing to be.