Wednesday 14 December 2011

Mr Higgs & his Boson: A Wonderful Irony

In the very month, nay the very week, when the beginning of the end of western economic civilisation as we know it kicks off, what does that very same western civilisation do ? It delivers the bloody Higgs Boson !

As we prepare to hand over the world to assorted heathens and fundamentalists, we bequeath them man's highest achievement in understanding the universe. Not that they'll show us any gratitude.

The answer is 42. Thank you and good night.



Bill Quango MP said...

And the barman says , "What kept you?"

A neutrino walks into a bar.

{this has them splitting their sides in CERN..So I'm told.}

I prefer Sheldon Cooper's.

"I am no longer working on a time travel machine. I figured that if, in the future, I do discover a way to travel back in time, I'll just come back and tell myself how I did it."

"Its really taken the pressure off."

GSD said...

Blimey! BQ's first joke just brought back some memories : our a-level physics master used to tell that one (ad nauseam) back in about '79, 'cept it was a tachyon rather than a neutrino. His other one (i would say favorite, but he only had 2!) was:

2 hydrogen atoms walk into a bar.
1st one says: "oh no! - I've lost my electron"
2nd: are you sure?
1st : "yep, I'm positive"

Ian Phillips said...

Another discovery courtesy of the Large Hardon Collider then?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Actually they haven't yet found it, they just think they're close.

I stick by my prediction that it will turn out they need an even bigger machine in order to be sure about it.

Always does happen that way.

Anonymous said...

"Escalating commitment to a particular course of action" as sociologists would say.

When you've spent THAT much money on finding something, you sure as hell better find SOMETHING!

Ying Tong Iddle said...

Bill and GSD: My old physics master had only one:

There was a young fellow named Bright
Who travelled much faster than light.
He went out one day in a relative way
and arrived home the previous night.

Funny how you can forget every bit of physics you were ever taught, but still remember idiot rhymes like that!

electro-kevin said...

Dang ! I missed this post, Nick.

Indeed. The timing is exquisite and I couldn't agree more that western society is being dragged back to a culture of superstition and the worship of sky fairies and is also at risk of being usurped by those who lack sentimentality, conscience or the responsibility to handle this.

electro-kevin said...

But in keeping with the mood ...

One atom says to another:

"I think I've lost an electron somewhere."

The other replies

"Are you positive ?"

Nick Drew said...

EK - you are a neutrino who in another dimension already arrived here as GSD @ 9:59 ...

... and I claim my 50 pence

always good to see you Kev - best wishes to you and yours