Friday 23 December 2011

US agrees tax cut deal

Even in the face of deep division, the US Congress has realised the most important thing to keep the US Recovery going is to keep in place granted tax cuts. There has been a lot of compromise with the Obama administration, but it seems that in the US at least deals can be done.

Compare and contrast this Quetin Letts article on the Lib Dems in the UK; it does not fill me with enthusiasm for the Coalition nor the chances of it being able to turn around the economy next year.

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Anonymous said...

Happy christmas to you and the team, if the Liebore party finally decide that they have have to get Eddy out and brither Dave can be persuaded to be leader, Call me Dave and Gideon will have to start pulling a few irons out of the fire, because if the economy dows not start moving the Tories will be toast, as will be the LibDems. The coalition have just over 3 years left and the growth stats are not good +.5% is not good and that would include inflation, taking inflation into account -%. I think at a guess food will continue to rise in price as will the price of fuel the primary fuels mostly imported.