Monday 23 January 2012

Priorities For Our Time

IfL, the Institute for Learning, is “the professional body for teachers, tutors, trainers and student teachers in the further education and skills sector” - a spurious closed shop imposed on the adult-teaching profession a few years ago. Its slogan is Benefits, Status, Voice.

It has a new President, one Beatrix E Groves, who comes into office at a time when adult & further education is under enormous pressure from t’Cuts: courses and teaching posts are being axed the length and breadth of the country. So, what is Groves’ number one priority ?

Yes, it is Equality and Diversity, or to be even more precise:

Bea has concerns about how people enter the profession and how open it is to ‘non-traditional’ entrants. Transgender people are one of the most persecuted groups, and one of the reasons Bea stood for president was to show that a transgender woman could hold public office

Bea, there are no new entrants ! How about having concerns about that ?



CityUnslicker said...

slogan; benefits status voice....OMG!

Benefits - not shy are they?

Guided tour said...

I think Beatrice should talk to Julie over at Guido's place. They seem made for each other.

Anonymous said...

Just how many transgender people are there as a % of the population?

Bill Quango MP said...

Instead of the Olympics we should have spent £30 billion on that big spaceship that Douglass Adams suggested.
We could probably leave the hair dressers and phone sanitization workers and advertising account execs here.

In place pack in anyone with gender, diversity, outreach, inclusion, equality, minority, proactive or 'journeys of learning' in their job description and fire them into the sun.

We'd all be so much better off.

Anonymous said...

I believe Bea is 'talking her book' in promoting the transgendered