Tuesday 28 February 2012

Farewell Occupy London

So, what did it achieve then?

I saw:
- Lots of hand-wringing from bankers who didn't like their brand of Capitalism exposed
- More bankers and City workers unmoved by the floatsam of student politics being camped outside St Pauls.
- Hysterical politicians seeing a bandwagon and jumping on it to create an anti-business mood; I have no insight as to whether this is popular, but they certainly thought it would be.
- The Churchmen come out as weak, limp-wristed, ideologically and morally confused - not much of a surprise there.
- A campsite for the bitter and the unengaged, no different to what you can find at Glastonbury each year - all with hopes and ideological zeal - none with a practical plan to do much about anything. But then, if you had one of those you wouldn't be living in a tent in London would you?
- Finally, hilariously, the rise of the part-time squatter, able to pitch a tent and make a noise but still get home to make the tea and watch Eastenders.

A very British revolution overall - restrained, confused, well-meaning and highly ineffective. So in that way a credit to our nation - after all who wants an Arab Spring in the UK.


Bill Quango MP said...

The one thing that did i did get wrong was how effective the camp was at capturing the media's attention. And the public's attention.

All the stations had 'live evictions' reporters yesterday. probably hoping for a Dale Farm style kick off.

there were 120 tents and about 12 protestors. yet you'd think they really were the 99% instead of the 9% that they actually represent.

But that's about as many people as support the Liberal Democrats at the moment, so its not unfair that the occupy gang too have a voice and influence far in excess of their numbers, support or relevance.

Its really only an extension of the big brother house phenomenon. Who would really ask Peter Andre for advice? Or seeks diplomacy advice from someone who used to be married to Madonna?
yet we do.

Brand recognition.

Nick Drew said...

still a way to go before they achieve recognition akin to the Greenham Common brand, that well known range of leisure-wear, arts-&-crafts kitchen utensils, 'natural' sanitary products and eco-friendly tentage

still less that of the great CND label, found on donkey-jackets and army surplus-style greatcoats down the ages

and what about other totemic high-end lines like Angry Brigade and Baader-Meinhoff ?


Electro-Kevin said...

When a little old lady can get as much BBC airtime by squealing at the Health Secretary for a few seconds their efforts seem somewhat inefficient.

My goodness. It doesn't cost anything to be a protestor in Blighty and you're guaranteed BBC support.

All the class war hero glam with zero risk to life or limb.

Anonymous said...

It was just a little 'steam control' the elite fools are happy to tolerate.

Compare and contrast with the censorship in the controlled media over the events at Liverpool Crown Court starting on 6th Feb!

Nick Drew said...

tell us more Anon, C@W is completely out of control

Budgie said...

EK said: "It doesn't cost anything to be a protestor in Blighty and you're guaranteed BBC support."

That depends very much on what you are protesting about. Especially with the BBC.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

The first thought I had when it was on the news last evening, was that there would have to be a pavement jetting emergency to clear up the place.

Happily, I was not disappointed, and the Beeboid cameraman defied elfunsaftee, and squatted down to take a low, moist shot of all the detritus being washed away, rather like the tenters were...

hovis said...

ND: I think Anon is referring to Roger Hayes(?) and the British Cinstitution Group which looks to be similar in style to some of the arguments that come from the Freeman of the Land view of things.

hovis said...

"A very British revolution overall - restrained, confused, well-meaning and highly ineffective."

Just remember CU the last time we had a "real" revolution in this country the proportion of the population killed meant it was the bloodiest in our history.

I know we are as a nation no longer that exercised about who rules us or their legitimacy. Like cats distracted by torchlight?

Finally I know I keep banging on about it, but it does irk me and aids lazy thinking of the unthinking (left & right): Corporatism we have is NOT Capitalism, or free market in any meaningful sense.