Thursday 9 February 2012

Question Time Night - Foreigner's out edition

David Dimbleby is joined in London by Philip Hammond, {Defence sec. trying to plug the inexcusable £38bn hole in the budget. With likely future conflicts in mid east and South Atlantic, whilst we've invested loads in slow moving, armoured boxes, instead of helicopters. Good luck with that. Alastair Campbell, Shouty 'breakdown'Al..well, he knows his football. Shirley Williams,Only Lucas gets more turns in the chair. She bores me to her if you must. One wrong decision after another for fifty years. Steve Coogan -I won't compromise my principles -kerching!
Ann Leslie -Daily Wail.

BQ say going to be hard. lots of possibilities.
1. Capello. What a relief to have got shot of the most suceful England manager since 1966. He was foreign you know? And no bonus for the new man. Its his job to win the Euro cup not a bonus.
2. Apu Coathanger. The USA want him. Forget about Jordan. Send the beardy foreigner to Yankland instead of our hacker, Gary McKinnon.
3.NHS reforms. If all those foreigners weren't coming for free treatment would we even need reform?
4. Syria. Johnny foreigner kicking off blowing up his own people again. A few bombers on Cyprus?
It worked in Libya.
5. The right to die. Why do we still have to see a foreign doctor just to top ourselves?

That's about 8 questions squeezed in there. hedged enough bets I think.
I will self moderate .. politician's promise!

Cityunslicker - 30
Nick Drew 29

Miss S-J - 28
Dick the Prick - 28

Sebastian Weetabix - 25

Bill Quango MP - 24
Malcolm Tucker - 23
Measured -23
Philipa - 23

Botogol - 23
Timbo614 -22
appointmetotheboard - 20

Hopper - 19
Miss CD - 18
Measured -17
Hovis - 16
Budgie - 14
Andrew - 12
GSD - 11
Jan - 11
Amy 10

Anonymous - 6

Mark Wadsworth -1
Dearieme - 1


Philipa said...

Ann Leslie? Foul mouthed and seemed drunk when I saw her chair a debate.

1. Ken Livingstone, Mayoral candidate vs Boris and a Tory party "riddled with gays".

2. Quantitive Easing - bank giving more of our £ to banks?

3. Football - I know sweet FA about football except that for me it ain't Fabio.

4. NHS reform.

5. As much as I'd like to predict Human Roits and the deportation of a certain muslim this is London so I'm going with cyclists through red lights.

I'm fearless today!

Malcolm Tucker said...

That London gayer non story looks like a choice. I'm pinching that from Pip. And Abu Qatada from BQ.

And then
- Syria and the Un veto.
- Hester's bonus and the railtrack capitulation - Stakeholder capitalism finally bites the board?
Capello and Terry and Redknap. 'Now he's cleared of tax evasion.'

hovis said...

Ok finally getting some answers in this week and stealing mercilessly:

1. NHS reforms
2. Football - fighting racism by getting rid of Italians (Is Dirty Harry now a shoe is?)
3. Bank of England QE
4. Lining up the next war - Iran or Syria?
5. A navel gazing London question

Miss S-J said...

- Equality in the boardroom; Its tough being a woman.Lets have quotas.
- ECHR again. Abu Qatada
-Harry Redknap and Fabio. Harry may be manager before the show.
- Syria. The former communists vetoed a resolution. Is that scary?
- NHS reforms. Nobody seems to want them Phil. Can you defend the reorganisation?

Hopper said...

1. Defence: should we be spending money we haven't got on defending the Falklands when we're putting all of South America offside?
2. Farewell Fabulous Fabio: should we be choosing an England football manager who knows how to play the media game?
3. (bit of a reach) Contraceptive implants for 13 year olds in schools: pragmatism or nanny state?
4. QE: haven't we screwed over pensioners and savers enough already?
5. NHS reforms downed in the Lords: time for the Government to give up?

BQ: fantastic idea about trading AQ for Gary M. They should promote you to Foreign Sec.

CityUnslicker said...

1. Racism, some tangential link to Fabio, but Tories are all racist and its happened on their watch, as always.
2. Ken&Boris Gays drive Unionised trains schtick
3. NHS - evil Tories hate everything
4. Syria/Israel - just to wind up Ann Leslie
5. Falkland islands, royals, defence cuts - evil tories and more cuts.

The BBC producers are going to be over the moon tonight, all their fave islington issues and a 3 lefty two righty panel (well four if you count Dimbleby!).

Botogol said...

(surely they won't cover football? - isn't this a politics programme??)

- is the bank of england just pouring £50 billion of good money after bad (and instead of using all this money to buy gilts, why doesn't the Bank buy schools and hospitals, and roads, and bridges and aircraft? Or give us a shot VAT holiday)

- Should the government stop the NHS reforms again, and have a rethink

- last week saw the first cycle death of 2012 in london - how many will it take before we take down the killer railings, and let cyclist turn left on a red light?

- should we interven in Syria?

- should winter fuel payments be increased, but given only to people who need them.

James Higham said...

Hmmm ... nope ... still don't get the idea. Sigh.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I'm in the USA this week, so I've no idea, but here goes anyway.
1. Deporting nasty clerics
2. Harry Redknap - next England manager
3. Lansley - should he be shot?
4. Money printing
5. Falklands

Anonymous said...

Why are we force-fed a diet of Brussels?
News International - more evil that Hitler?
Are our military really a laughing stock?
Footie - a nation's shame!
Whatever happened to global warming?

measured said...

1. Just how useless is the UN. Oops, have we upset the Argy Bargies? They have complained to the UN. Rofl! They can’t even get their act together on Syria. Arm the militants!

2. So when will ₤50bn be worth a fiver? Probably long after €50bn in fairness.

3. Should the Captain of the English football team be white?

4. Hip Hip Hooray for the Queen… Diamond Jubilee (Psst …apply for the concert tickets)

5. The Lords keep defeating the Government on this NHS Bill, should the bill be dropped?…that one is just for you, Shirley.

Nick Drew said...

yes, a tough one Bill: & am traveling this week, no chance of picking up the nuances

1) should Princes of the Blood Royal be sent to war zones ? (should anyone be sent to Syria ?)

2) should Qatada be sent ... well, anywhere, really ? (Jupiter ?)

3) should CofE appoint women bishops ?

4) some portmanteau soccer question

5) some NoW question

dick the prick said...

Evenin' all.

1) Bonuses - straight away, rail & banks and then

1b)Quantitative easing 'we're giving all our money to the banks

2) Syria - isn't it truly awful etc moving into pragmatism as to wtf could we do anyway but defence certainly.

3) Fabio

4) Leveson - with both Coogan and Alky Al on there must be a random question on who gives a fuck, no sorry, meeja intrusion.

Just four tonight Mr Q. I'd love a question on Glencore Xstrata but it ain't gonna happen - Facebook meh, Facebook my arse.

Miss CD said...

1. Chris Huhne's resignation. A blow for Liberals?
2. Falklands and Argentina at the UN
3. Syria and the massacres.
4. Diamond Jubilee at the Mall. Has Liz heard of JLS?
5. Abu Qatada. When did we lose the right to expel terrorists from our own country? ECHR supporters always say it was Churchill who thought the court a great institution. Not if he was alive today he wouldn't.

Bill Quango MP said...

That phone hacking looks a good tip Anon/ND/DP.

Timbo614 said...

I'll have a go today - 400 Mile drive, tired, just got home - and just managed to out drive the snow :)

1) Lords help us - the NHS again it's such a fav of QT I can't leave it out!

2) Q.E. - Why NOT give the money to the people - just one tranche - it would make us all feel better and might offset some of the now reported 25% loss to the value of peoples pension scheme annuities, and it will still end up in a bank!

3) The Euro Greek thing - Where is the Greek Champion? Who is going to champion them? Even the bank's stooge is backing off and making things difficult...

4) Borrowers shunning credit cards... Are we all learning at last?

5) Bonuses! Or lack of them being accepted is that a bonus? or it it bogus and they will be "sorted" behind closed doors?

Football - nah surely not?

measured said...

Phone hacking. Late entry. Replacing number 2.

appointmetotheboard said...

Oh, bugger.

Can I have a point for showing up?

Its 10:47pm. If they haven't had questions on Europe/Greece or Capello yet, then those are my guesses. If they have, then I'll er stick with just the plaintive plea for a turning up point...

dick the prick said...

This is a circle jerk. I apologize for even raising this topic and shall take a couple of points. Ffs..bored...

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1: In light of the attempts to deport Abu Qatada, should the UK now simply put him on a plane back to Jordan?

Q2: Do you think heavier regulation of press is the way forward or will that compromise principles of free press? 2 Good comments about the corruption in the police. Dimby skips over rather disappointingly

Q3: Syria is massacring its own people. How bad does it have to get before the British Government takes decisive action?
Amazing isn't it. A few months ago on this show the question was WHY IS BRITAIN INVOLVING ITSELF IN LIBYA WHEN ITS NOT OUR CONCERN?

Q4: If we believe in innocent until proven guilty, was it right for the FA to strip John Terry of the captaincy of England?
And Huhne got a mention too!

Q5: Should Andrew Lansley and his NHS Bill "be taken out and shot"?

Bill Quango MP said...

BQ - 8
Philipa - 2 points for ann leslie drunk + 5 = 8
Malcolm Tucker - 7
hovis - 7 + 1{still owed from last week} -8
Miss S-J - 9
Hopper - 6
CityUnslicker - 7 +1 as ann leslie made your panel point. - 8
Botogol - 6
Sebastian Weetabix - Excellent hit with should be shot - 8
Anonymous Hello to you. good start - 6
Measured - 8
Nick Drew - 7
dick the prick - 9
Miss CD - 7
Timbo614 - long drive hampered you - still - 4
appointmetotheboard - Club rules sir. We use the honour system and you can always enter a very late entry as long as you give your Englishman's word it was above board. 1 for show 2 for Capello - 3

Winner is Miss S-J & Dick the Prick with 9!

appointmetotheboard said...

My word, sir, is my bond. But, *cough* as a point of order I should declare I'm Scottish. That may be worth a 2pt penalty in and of itself.

measured said...

Bill, I had 9 points. I gained 8 points. That gives me 17 points.

You have spent far too long moonlighting as a double entry bookkeeper.

Budgie said...

Aaarghh, I forgot!!!

Bill Quango MP said...

An Englshman's word is also a Scotsman's, sir! I was referring to an Imperial Englishmen!
South Wales Borderers, Sutherland Highlanders red-coated 93rd (Highland) Regiment, 36th (Ulster) Division and so on.

In modern parlance we at C@W trust the assurances of a UK citizen without question.
{Think of that Mr Salmond before you break the bonds.}

Bill Quango MP said...

Measured - you have 17 points. You must have been looking at the previous weeks unupdated. I have to change the date.
- Budgie -well, at least 1 point for showing up.

measured said...

Ok, add 8 to 17 points. 25 points. Yay! I am seeing double. When do you join the Treasury team? They need you, BQ.

Jan said...

I forgot tooo..!!

Excuse is: Completely mesmerised by clever animals at 8pm (BBC1) and discombobulated by "caring" for 3 year old grandson (this new generation are too clever by half)..

Bill Quango MP said...

Jan: Remind me next week and you will get your point for 'turning up'

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