Thursday 16 February 2012

Question Time

David Dimbleby is joined in Nottingham by
Ken Clarke
,sleepy justice minister & the most liberal democrat in the cabinet. Getting on a bit but still good value.
John Prescott, passionately opposed to the House of Lords and elected police commissioners. Lord Prescott {note* BBC don't mention that here} is standing for police commissioner of Hull to add to his other titles that include most shameless hypocrite ,UK champion.
Baroness Kramer
, former banker. Orange book Liberal democrat and party semi-favourite.
Julie Meyer
millionaire economist, entrepreneur, journalist and Dragon's Den online {never heard of it?} Dragon. And
Owen Jones
. Author and cretin. Someone who I expect by the end of the show, if not much sooner, you will want to punch his face in. I can't think of any redeeming features to his smug, sanctimonious, deluded personality. I'd take hippo-idiot-cryt Prezza over Jones any day.

Malcolm Tucker says:
UK credit rating warning
Abu Qatada {again}
Families in poverty
Elected police commissioners
Whitney Houston - drug care.

Cityunslicker - 35
Dick the Prick - 35
Nick Drew 34

Miss S-J - 31
Measured -30
Bill Quango MP - 30
Timbo614 -29
Philipa - 28
Sebastian Weetabix - 27
Malcolm Tucker - 26
appointmetotheboard - 25
Hopper - 23
Botogol - 23
Hovis - 22
Budgie - 21
Miss CD - 20

Andrew - 18
Measured -17
GSD - 16
Jan - 16
Amy 10

Anonymous - 7

Mark Wadsworth -1
Dearieme - 1


andrew said...

1 elected police comissioners - this question will NOT be asked

2 moodys rating outlook - is this a default watch or a devaluation watch

3 unemployment - due to hit 3m - are the condems not working

4 whitney houston - since her appearance on the x factor 2y ago we knew she was on a downward trajectory- sad. adele - writes her own songs and appears to be leading us int the future where the songs and the instruments are real - something to be positive about.

5 abu qatada if we cant deport him and he has not comitted a crime in the uk how can we lock him up

Miss CD said...

- Sean Penn. is he directly in the pay of Hugo Chavez or is he just a useful idiot?

- Whitney Houston and the perils of drugs.

- Should rangers be exempt from taxes. Should HMRC just come clean and admit taxes really are just for little people.

- Drunk tanks and drunk ambulances.

- Families in poverty. 1 in 5 mums say they haven't enough money to feed the whole family. - Owen Jones time to shine!

hovis said...

cany think but something along the lines of:

1. unemployment rising - British jobs for British workers?

2. UK Credit rating & non growth - spinning it Moodys show Osbourbe is wrong?

3. Should Cameron be worrying about the Union - more important things to worry about

4. Cristina Kirchner rattling sabres and wanting to steal our oil

5. Are the Germans still Nazi's underneath ( a la the Greek president)

Miss S-J said...

I can't think of anything.

1 Whitney Houston/ Amy Winehouse comparison of out of control individuals. Why didn't the government intervene?
2 Bank and UK credit ratings. Osborne's plan isn't working! Its the only thing that IS working! Oh no it isn't..Oh yes it is, etc.
3 Rangers and civil servants avoiding taxation.
4 Prayers in council meetings. Is anyone that bothered either way?
5 bus murder gang get life. Vicar knifed and killed. girl killed in park by woman. Girl found stabbed in apartment. Is it time to get serious on crime, Ken?

Hopper said...

1. Should we pay attention to actors proclaiming on politics? (Or authors, for that matter)
2. Is forcing Greece out of the Euro the right thing for everyone?
3. Student loans: should we force the rich students to subsidise the poor?
4. Austerity and UK credit rating: is it time for plan B, if so, what is it? should we take any notice of what the credit rating agencies say?
5. Oh, go on: will elected police commissioners cut the crime people care about, or will they be like Boss Hogg?

Bill Quango MP said...

Hmmm .. Not much help from waiting to see what others put.

1. Greece and the bailout. If we give them another 130bn Euro won't they just blow it on debt payments? Is Germany doing the right thing with its tough love? Shape up and pay tax like Hans and Marta or get out into the cold, harsh world of paying your own way.

2.Should people who have been a proven disaster in all of their official positions be allowed to try and wreck the police force as well?

3. Sean Penn. Non Sovereign Countries belong to the closest real country as defined by membership of the UN.
The canary islands are now Portuguese. Channel islands are French and Rhodes is Turkish. oh..And Canada really should still be a part of Russia. And Normandy has only been french slightly longer than the Falklands have been English. And Argentina is Spanish anyway, according to the new UN resolution 1569 - Whoever last touched the country, before the person touching it now, is the rightful owner.

4.Rating agencies and unemployment figures.

5.Scotland. There's no point being independent as Britain can just invoke the 'Sean Penn' resolution and you'll have to be a part of England.

measured said...

1. The LibDems wanted to penalise those who paid off student loans early. Vince's politics of envy. What a half baked message that would send out about personal debt. Has Vince lost his marbles or is he able to still count them?

2. Money for nothing and chips for 3p. Working for Tesco for travel expenses and JSA. Where are the opportunities? This will develop in a discussion about class. Prescott vs. Owen

3. Qatada and ECHR. I bet Clarke is itching to say we should just get rid of him, but of course he can't say this.

4. Iran having to go nuclear to keep out the Americans.

5. Scotland; I tell you, Jimmy, we can either sink or swim will be used to introduce a question about the UK being the 7th largest economy, but the question will be about the outlook. The most important announcement of the week was the B of E saying interest rates would stay down for years. What a ballsy thing to say. It shows how bad it is. We live in a false economy as QE pours in but what else to do. Let's hope it doesn't implode, BQ.

Nick Drew said...

1. The AAA - does it matter?

2. A rambling law-n-order thread allowing people to berate Clarke on breakdown of same, rail at Human Rights, rail at drunkenness, and give Prezza's bid some gratuitous airtime.
3.Bonus culture - how can bonuses be justified for public servants?

4. Role of religion + religious observance in a secular age.

5. Iran - can we let them carry on developing nuke capabilities?

appointmetotheboard said...

Tough this week. Lots of contenders...

1. Credit rating. As irrelevant as it is (see USA, CRA track records) its bound to get an airing.

2. Surely its political correctness gone mad when Abu Qatada is treated more humanely than Sun journalists...

3. Greece. OK, probably won't get a question as everybody is bored to death about it. But that doesn't mean it isn't important.

4. Unemployement. See 3, above. Could any of the panel live on benefits for a week?

5. Should we let Argentina have Scotland if we can keep the Falklands?

First time this term none of the panel are likely to give me sleepless nights. Might even watch it if the Mrs lets me...

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Hmmm. Very tricky this week. Difficult to imagine a high level of Jocklitude in Nottingham - plenty of chavs and slappers though.
1. student loans leading to chit-chat about youth unemployment
2. Abu Qatada - Ken Clarke will explain why it is barbarous to even want to deport him.
3. Minimum pricing for alcohol - a direct attack on chavs! Follow up to include charge of hypocrisy because Call Me Dave used to be a director of a boozy nightclub chain
4. Sean Penn/Falklands
5. Greek non-bailout, with K. Clarke explaining why the Euro is a glorious success after all.

Budgie said...

1. Referendum - Has Cameron given the Scots a cast iron guarantee for a referendum? Does that mean they will never get one? Will the English ever get a vote? On anything?

2. Jobless - Evil Tory-led Coalition returns country to evil Thatcherism as their policies doom 60 million jobless to scrapheap (is this right? - Ed.).

3. Greece in flames: doomed by evil Thatcherist banksters. Can the friendly neighbourhood EU rescue them in time? Clarke says: Yes, more Europe! Should we all riot to support the Greeks?

4. Falklands - Are there more sheep in the Penn down there than people? What do you really do on a Saturday night, Sean? Should the colonialist, ludicrous and archaic, cretinous, imperialist, Thatcherist English be forced to get out of the Malvinas, pronto? Will Will will all his worldly goods to his Valentine, Kate, before he takes on the Argentinians single handed?

5. Should binge drinking by Abu Qatada on Saturday nights be stopped by Cameron putting up the price of his White-Lightening by 20p a bottle? What about the meths? - is Cameron going to do anything about that, eh? Thought not. Typical toff.

James Higham said...

Bill, have you thought of a "moniker" question time, e.g. John "Stud" Prescott?

Maybe not.

Jan said...

1. Should we be worried about Iran or is it just sabre rattling?

2. Should we be worried about the Falklands or is it just sabre rattling?

3. is it right to create jobs for prisoners when there aren't enough jobs for the rest of the population?

4. Should we be worried about the Eurozone and is the crisis ever going to be resolved?

5. Should the NHS reorganisation be cancelled?

CityUnslicker said...

Cameron PR nonsense special:

- Scottish indepdence
- Golden skirt issue
- Public drinking tanks
- unemployment and lack of growth

Philipa said...

1. Police/corruption/elected police commissioners.

2. Fathers rights

3. Deportation/Abu Qatada/immigration/human rights.

4. Alcohol - beware of Greeks bearing gifts, they can't afford it. And neither can I :-/

5. PETA rough sex ad, mostly because I can't face Cameron's comments on anything; Scotland, football, you name it. The man's an arse. I prefer rough sex to Cameron.

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Mervyn King's "no hope for savers" statement. Does the panel think its morally right?

2) Greece : would it be better for the Greek nation to just default and start again?

3) Tax breaks for civil servants - who's idea was that then? Given that this is just the latest headline, is HMRC fit for purpose?

4) Syria: Has Al Quedia's support for the non-government side blown any chance of international intervention?

5) Will having police commissioners make it easier to deport hostile clerics?

dick the prick said...

Abu Quatada and bullshit extradition - maybe McKinnon in there too

Police Commissioners and crime - maybe mention of random kiddy killing but wtf is that all about?

Credit rating and a chance for Ken to call Prezza a useless tit

Hmm..go for the NHS again i suppose - isn't it time they just jacked it all in?

Timbo614 said...

Bugger done in by google and the word - lost my entry at 23:35 :(


Student Loans.

Greece bailout

Scottish Bribes (power v Oil Money)

Death of Religion

Bill Quango MP said...

keeping an eye on twitter.

Q1: How would you solve the unemployment crisis? Loads of shouting. Owen Jones looks like he's been given special permission to stay up late. I really, really don't like him. Junior Class warrior.

Q2: Does the election of Police Commissioners risk politicising the Police force? Dimbleb - You voted against police commissioners so why are you standing? {You hippocryt-unsaid}
Prezza says he thinks its wrong to have commissioners, but he thinks he might as well give it a go,{planning to bring it down from within like he does with the lords.}

Q3: Will current NHS changes produce quantifiable benefits before next election or will it be looked back at as electoral suicide?
{strange question - we should have a new rule. NHS is taken as a given - choose a different 4 other questions.} Forgot about the NHS though. It was a big story fri/sat.

Q4: Baroness Warsi suggests religion is being 'sidelined, marginalised and down-graded in the public sphere'. Isn't this a good thing?

Q5: What difference would an independent Scotland make to my life in Nottingham?

Not much!

Malcolm Tucker: 3
Andrew? This question will NOT be asked? - But you had it?? - 6
Miss CD - 2
Hovis - 6
Miss S-J - Religion- that's good for 3
Hopper good save at the end - 4
Anon: Agreed. One trick "chav defender" pony
BQ - 6
Measured -6+1 for free interns - 7
Nick Drew - 5
appointmetotheboard - 5 {Owen gives me rage!}
Sebastian Weetabix Hmm - not good. But, I like the thinking - 2
Budgie - 7
JH: Stud Prescott? Thumper? Stool?
Jan - yep NHS -+ owed 1 from last week - 5
Cu - still on a roll -5
Philipa: I must have missed the rough sex. Shame. - 5
GSD - 5 {no Syria: BBC must be saving it for when they are embedded in the Hilton Damascus.}
DP - for a quickie that was good -6+1 for 4 = 7
Timbo614 -same for you = 7

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Jeez. I do better at this when I'm out of the country not paying attention.

Botogol said...

:-( I missed it.... I was out yestrday afternoon and last night, I thought I had submitted a rushed entry before I went out, but no! must have failed to solve the CAPTCHA or something. Never mind, back next week

Bill Quango MP said...

Still get the 1 for turning up Botogol.
Add it next week.

the new scoring is working quite well. its possible to make up 3 -6 points quite easily.

Timbo614 said...

@BQ: Yes it is, BUT the new catchpa is NOT. I know you probably don't control it, but if you do, please, please change it back!