Thursday 23 February 2012

Question Time

Tunbridge Wells which is a blue heartland with much lib support too. A true coalition seat?
David Dimbleby is joined in Tunbridge Wells by Ed Vaizey, Emily Thornberry, Paul Nuttall, Cristina Odone and Simon Schama.

BQ thinks..
1 - NHS. Should ministers be forced to listen to old women explaining their health problems.
2 - Syria. Now someone from the media has been killed is it time to finally mention this story on QT?
3 - Workfare. Its completely dead now, through the power of negative publicity. Will the government admit it though?
4 - Calls for tax cuts. The coalition can't be brave enough to tackle 50% rate. But could they look at N.I.?
5. Abortions. illegal or practical?

Measured -42
Cityunslicker - 41
Dick the Prick - 40

Timbo614 -39
Nick Drew 38

Miss S-J - 35
Philipa - 34
Bill Quango MP - 34
appointmetotheboard - 33
Sebastian Weetabix - 31

Botogol - 29
Malcolm Tucker - 28
Hopper - 28
Miss CD - 28
Budgie - 27
Hovis - 26
Andrew - 24
Jan - 21
GSD - 19

Amy 10
lilith - 8

Anonymous - 7
Blue Eyes - 2
James Higham - 2
John in Cheshire - 2
Mark Wadsworth -1
Dearieme - 1

Eagle eyed players might have noticed that new pole position measured has had two scores all season. After careful checks it has been established that the higher score was the correct one. {Damn!}


Elby the Beserk said...

"1 - NHS. Should ministers be forced to listen to old women explaining their health problems."

Especially when old women are then uncovered as long term professional agitators... as was this woman

hovis said...

In early so I dont forget so as long as nothing amjor happend this afternoon ...

1. Syria: Should we now get incvolved to spark off WWIII
2. NHS Reforms - Hargangued ministers vs Doctors on the make with ther ghost patient lists ( yes I read the metro this morning)
3. Abortion, shurely what's wrong with later term illegal abortions ... anyone objecting must be oh so fuddy duddy
4. Tax Cut Balls vs Zero Growth Austrity Osbourne
5. Unemployment VS Workfare

Miss CD said...

- Lower taxes and damn the ratings agencies.
- Gcse standards. The ongoing insistence that education standards have risen for 22 years despite the fact that they haven't.
- Syria. is it time to send arms and use Nato warplanes? Turkey is a Nato member. right on the doorstep.
- NHS bill. Labour say its finished.Tory say its stronger than ever... Does anyone know who is correct?
- The Sunday Sun. The NOTW under a new name. Will any members of the panel admit to buying a copy?

James Higham said...

5. Unemployment VS Workfare

I vote for that one.

measured said...

1. Has to be Syria. Why can't the world gets its act together against a man like Assad? 

2. NHS Bill. Should peers and maps with vested interests be allowed this vote? Why should just declaring them be sufficient? Wait for the poll tax analogy. 

3. Should the The Sun on Sunday be dusk rather than dawn? 

4. Creative and cultural whatever solutions to getting young people back to work. Give us your nutty raspberry ideas, Panel.

5. Would you stay in the eurozone if you were Greek? Germany has only postponed the problem. Costs outweigh the sauerkraut. 

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Water shortages. Why is water still not properly delivered in this country?

2. Old women set up to attack Lansley. NHS reforms {yawn}

3. Chinese restaurant and unfair dismissal of a White Caucasian. this should make them chuckle in Tunbridge wells.

4.Gay marriage - because i can't really think of anytging.

5. Syria and journalists

Sebastian Weetabix said...

What a dreary panel. I doubt I can summon the will to to watch it.
1. 50% tax rate
2. abortions
3. NHS bill / Lansley out
4. Syria/journos
5. Greek bail out

May I observe this new wv is absolutely f***ing sh*t? "ordion iverpona" indeed

Old BE said...

1. NHS: Is Cameron f&cked?

2. Is the economy on the mend?

3. Tax cuts for the rich or tax cuts for the poor?

4. New England manager.

5. Is Greece now fixed? Should Britain join the Euro?

hovis said...

I'll stick with what I put but I do like your Sunday Sun one Miss CD

Hopper said...

1. NHS doctors, ghost waiting lists and the reform bill - with Cristine O on the panel, NHS must be a shoe-in issue, surely?
2. RBS losses: why are we funding state bankers when they're haemorrhaging our money?
3. Syria killing journalists, have they finally gone too far?
4. The summer drought cometh, whose fault is it? Should the North sell water to the South-East?
5. Was the fast neutrino result erroneous?... oh, who am I kidding. Greece coming out of the Euro - will they jump, or will Germany push them?

Botogol said...

1 - what can be done about Syria?
2 - should cameron have summits with his critics as well as his supporters
3 - is britain anti-business?
4 - should we sell RBS before it gets even less valuable.
5 - should we have a minimum price for alcohol?

can I have a bonus if anyone fails to resist the temptation to say they are 'digusted'

Miss S-J said...

1. Syria and journalism
2. Somalia and Syria? We can't do both..pick one.
3. Pay freeze for low paid council workers and bonuses for RBS.
4. NHS. Something or other..old baggage ?
5. Abortion. Its a massive cost to the NHS. Should abortions be 'paid' for?

Bill Quango MP said...

The WV- Doesn't effect the management.
But I ask Mr Unslicker to log out and then try and have a look.
It is indeed, in the words of Seb W, absolutely f***ing sh*t.

GSD said...

Hi all.

1) who should intervene in Syria: UN, Europeans, NATO, Arab League, Russians, Chinese or no-one?

2) Tax cuts: which of the current ideas do the panel favour & are any of them likely to happen?

3) NHS reform: with yet another Body (RCPCH) wanting the bill scrapped, can it survive in any form under any health sec?

4) Will the new split boarder agency be any more effective/accountable?

5) MPs fighting at Westminster - should alcohol be banned?

After writing #5 above, I've had a brilliant idea on how to reduce the national debt: link the subsidies given for food & drink at Westminster to the deficit. Smaller the deficit, larger the subsidy. If the deficit is actually a surplus, move to bogof! ... OK, you're probably right, I can't see anyone up there voting for it either. Damn good idea though!

Bill Quango MP said...

GSD: I..I..I..I.. don't think thash's a very.A very..A very.. good idea ash all1 {hic]

Late night sitting.

appointmetotheboard said...

1. NHS. Seems to be a staple.

2. Greece. Is it safe to come out from behind the sofa now? [obviously not]

3. Workfare. When even the supermarkets think its exploitative, its got to be a bad idea...

4. Was "snobbery" really the right word to use to describe people attacking big business?

5. Bit of a punt - but what about a bit of RBS bashing over the £390m bonus pool for everyone's favourite loss making bank...

Jan said...

1. RBS: Will we ever get our money back?

2. Is there ever a case for choosing the sex of your baby?

3. Greece: Has it all been fixed or is it just a can-kicking exercise?

4. NHS: Will Andrew Lansley survive?

5. Schools: Is there ever a case for private sector involvement in state schools?

Dick the Prick said...

Can we just raise a drink to The Right Honourable Mr Eric Joyce MP for fucking nowhere now? I've been arrested loads of times but never for 20 hours - get in! Whey hey hey. I love the dude; on a stag do, it'd be my job to fix stragglers but he is so fooooooked. Anywho:

1) Syria - seriously, it has gone spiral.

2) Europe's intransigence - Greek Bailout. Laws held through an administrative block.

3) Health - got to be. Probably about is the NHS and paliative care. Had drinks with a good buddy this afternoon and she said her Party had to chuck bodies on local health boards - it's happening.

4) Racism & or crime. David Haye, Eric Joyce, Luis Suarez, the Whant soon to be dead cunt, - Crime & punishment; why not?

CityUnslicker said...

such a busy day, hard to fit this in. Will collapse into bed later to watch!

- Evil tories love slave labour
- Evil tories want us all to die, even our kids, by destroying NHS - Evil tories hate doctors and nurses
- Evil Tories are defending banker bonus's
- Evil Tories start fights with Labour MPS's
- Journalist dies, rogue question turns out everyone in the panel knew her.

Overall, a nice balanced debate for a change.

Budgie said...

1. Should Mr Wonderful David Cameron intervene in A4e workfare?

2. Should Mr Wonderful David Cameron intervene in Somyria? (Is this right? - Ed).

3. Should Mr Wonderful David Cameron intervene in the NHS?

4. Should Mr Wonderful David Cameron intervene in Greece?

5. Should Mr Wonderful David Cameron intervene in RBS?

Bonus question: Should Mr Wonderful David Cameron be put out of our misery? Or is that too good for him?

Budgie said...

I can answer that question for the nice Mr Budgie: It is too good for him.

Philipa said...

1. Syria

2. Banks and RBS bonuses

3. Health/NHS reform - pining for the fjords?

4. A4e/Workfare

5. Headbutting MPs - a new sport or bad example?

andrew said...

1 Now we have sorted Libya, surely now it is Syria especially now a UK person has died never mind the (allegedly) 1000s of Syrian nationals

2 RBS Losing 700m and giving out 400m in bonus payments shouldn't we either get shot of it or sack everyone who gets paid over 150k

3 The NHS - time to shelve the bill?

4 A4e - the first sign of fraud in the cons or a supplier under too much pressure

5 You have 10bn - Cut deficit, Cut taxes or Increase local govt salaries?

Nick Drew said...

should be Greece, for pity's sake - but probably not, so

1) Syria
2) 'elf n safety, should emergency services be allowed to go paddling ?
3) Workfare, incl segue to A4e: and if 'undeserved' bonuses get raised, the Centrica bonus too
4) Abortion
5) NHS, I s'pose, *yawn*

(I'd also like to ask what the panel think Adele has done to her face: but probably not that either, on balance)

wv = sitymen earescu: our algo is playing up again

Bill Quango MP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill Quango MP said...

Q's from twitter

First question: If David Cameron wants bankers’ bonuses to be linked to success, why did he allow RBS to be paid bonuses of £785m?

{one day someone really is going to mention Dimbleby's £125,000 an hour for QT. Maybe they all have to sign an agreement first? _ Alan Hansen must be on nearly 100k an hour. And he can't even manage to do Match of the day 2.
Now I personally don't much care. you pay what you pay for a proven winner. But you can't just say Public sector arts council quango on 150k p/t - good
bank - bad.
a hospital cleaner gets only X - Why does Hester get 100 times x.

I don't know if he's worth 100 times x but the really obvious answer is the hospital cleaner can clean up a ward but is not much good at running an international bank.
Hester could do either job.

Q2 "Is it time for the UK to lead the international community in providing military assistance for the 'freedom fighters' in Syria?"
Arm the reberls. {well..they have to have a stronghold that we could get to. Thats a major port and a border with a friendly country. Do they have one?

Q3 Do unpaid work placements for unemployed 16-24yr olds help them into the work-place or are they just a modern form of slavery?
Well..I think we covered that here already. If its slavery its a very odd form of it.
Cristina Odone was excellent on this. Almost forced the audience to agree that workfare was a great idea. Not all agree.

Q4 Isn't bailing out Greece just a measure to delay the inevitable?
Yes. next.

Q: In light of the recent the arrests of journalists at the Sun, is it a good time to launch the Sun on Sunday?
Scharma - there are few things i don't give a toss about. this is one.
Great reply.

Bill Quango MP said...

- Syria
- Greece
- Workfare
- Sun on Sunday
- RBS/Banker Bashing

BQ - 4
Elby - indeed.A Marxist agitator even Labour disavowed. I liked that bigoty women better.
Hovis - 4 {should have followed miss CD]
JH - you still haven't quite grasped this - But you did score -2
Miss CD - {going to let the SUN go for 5 pts for you and measured}
- 8
Measured - amazing! - 12!{that may be a record]
Malcolm tucker -2
Sebastian Weetabix - wasn't too bad a show. - 4
Blue Eyes: Where have you been? - 2
Hopper - not bad - 5
Botogol 5=1 for last week =6
Miss S-J - 4
GSD - just one right. but it was good one -3
lilith - where have you been too? - great start - 8
appointmetotheboard - good punt -8
Jan -good - 5
Dick the prick Syria - seriously, it has gone spiral. - love it -5
Timbo614 - great - 10
CityUnslicker - prety good -6
Budgie -good too -6
Philipa - ok - 6
andrew - started so well - 6
Nick Drew - bit off but ok -4
john in cheshire - welcome [you should pick 5 questions - rules/complex etc - 2

Timbo614 said...

He He 10 best ever for me :)
The question is tho' I see QT is in Guildford On March 8th - Should I go and give you all a wave?

Jeez! ionalish ilwarat !!

cosmic said...

Cosmic thinks, who cares about any of these things and won't they sort themselves out if left alone anyway?

measured said...

Wow!! 12! ::[faints]::

measured said...

Btw I was hoping you were going to add my two scores on the leader board together. Double accounting. Perhaps Goldmans can give us advice ...and on the best exchange rate. ;-)

lilith said...

Quite so measured. I am very pleased with my 8....