Saturday 4 February 2012

The Redwings Are Here

As well as our Capitalist Bees, at Schloss Drew we have a couple of holly trees that are well-patronised by out-of-town redwings and fieldfares when it gets really parky. This year the berries hung like grapes, so we reckoned on bitter weather at some stage in the winter. December and January were mild, but February is not letting anyone down; and yesterday the redwings arrived.

They are nervous birds when not on home territory, and even the tits feel emboldened to mob them. Not that the locals are interested in the berries; but there are chirruping rights to assert. Still, hunger is hunger and the redwings persist.

They will probably harvest a week's worth this year, such is the crop.



Elby the Beserk said...

Lovely birds aren't they? Seen a lot whilst walking the dogs the past few days. They are apparently naturally widespread in winter in the UK - but certainly around here, far more common when there's a big freeze on.

Anonymous said...

I first saw these (I think) a few years ago on a freezing day in my holly tree and did a double take as it seemed they had a angry face. Is that the one?
Never seen then again, mind you I moved to warmer climes.

Nick Drew said...

check the RSPB pages on fieldfares and redwings, anon

despite my guess that there was a week's worth for them, they have stripped the trees in 3 days !