Thursday 1 March 2012

50p's time is up...only if the 3 party politics is up

Really, the Telegraph and other think they can push the end of the 50p tax rate into the budget with a media campaign.

Of course, figures might suggest that the tax is not very effective but let's think about the Politicians who are leading us. I am struggling to think of a more anti-business set of politicians, the last Labour Government included. They raise VAT, put up the 50p tax, bash any kind of money making culture, reduce capital allowances for investment, won't back their own back to work schemes. More likely, they raise more taxes on property and gift more away in benefits.

As a political strategy this they hope will eek back the ground against Labour. The consensus of anti-business sentiment in the 3 main political parties is strong. Only the Tories should offer salvation but they take their votes of the self-employed and business focused citizens for granted.

It will be a long time before anyone in our political system moves to a pro-business start. It's time for UKIP or other parties to try and lead this charge as those in the lights as the moment have shown they are not up to it.


Old BE said...

You are right, it sucks.

However the tide has turned against welfare culture. And the longer the economy stalls the more people begin to move towards more radical economic reform.

Thatcher didn't start the hard work until her second term, and she only got her second term thanks to the Argies.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I wouldn't be surprised if UKIP hoover up a lot of Tory votes in exasperation at Call Me Dave's pinkness. In our local rugby club & marina, there is profound rage. If his core vote goes missing, he's got a big problem.

hovis said...

"the Telegraph and other think they can push the end of the 50p tax rate into the budget with a media campaign."

Wel it could be the end opf the 50p tax rate, they'll simply put it up to 60p! Be careful of what you wish for ..

Budgie said...

I echo Anon 12:56pm, and SW. I voted Tory at the last election - reluctantly, because I knew Cameron was Heath-without-brains. However even I never thought he and 'his' Tories would be this bad.

Electro-Kevin said...

Blue - Cameron is no Thatcher.

Budgie said...

EK, unfortunately true. Why oh why can we not get some politicos that will actually stand up for this country, rather than poncing about the world stage pretending to be more carbon-aware, or Arab-spring-aware than thou.

Old BE said...

EK, thanks for the heads up. I would never have noticed otherwise.

The point is that Thatcher wasn't Thatcher at the start.

Alex said...

Worth remembering that this is the Tory party that hasn't actually won an election for nearly 20 years. The 2010 score draw was as good as they have done.