Tuesday 17 April 2012

The Imprint Of The Last Person To Sit On Him

The finance pages of the Telegraph often make me smile, you can always tell who's been giving them lunch, more so even than most newspapers' business coverage. In fact, it's in the Polly Toynbee league.

Energy stories of the last couple of days make the point nicely: first of all a(nother) piece on Aggreko, "a global provider of temporary power solutions in a world that is structurally short of power ... It provides generating capacity and air conditioning for world-class events". Yeah, yeah, we've got that, in fact we remember it verbatim from several other occasions, pass the brandy would you ?

Then there's "Buy-out frenzy predicted in oil recruitment ... Britain's oil and gas recruitment industry is poised for consolidation". Frenzy? Literally the only person who cares about this is the PR type that fed the guff to the DTel - mildly amusing to read the piece and guess who it was. Hope the claret was a good one.

Actually there is a decent, chunky energy story on the DTel's pages this week: "International Power agrees £6.4bn GDF Suez offer: GDF Suez, the French utility, has agreed to pay an improved £6.8bn [on top of to take full control, just 14 months after buying a 70pc stake".

Numerical discrepancy aside, this is a big deal. It's an interesting tale, too. Some C@W readers don't like johnny frog buying our companies; and this one seems to have a rather fruity tang to it. We shall be keeping a watch out.



Anonymous said...

Re: International recruitment frenzy.

The only frenzy is the desperation of the PE co's involved to liquidate before the price drops even further. After a couple of botched / aborted sales, they are desperate to cash out. They'll sell anything.

CityUnslicker said...

Caudrilla being allowed to play again, great news re shale moving forward.

Electro-Kevin said...

I don't like ANY Johnny 'F' buying our companies, especially utilities and especially without tight contracts.

In what way is it good news to the British public to have to do this ?

Bill Quango MP said...

Fracking on R2.

90% against.
Including one miner who said gas costs twice coal and that British coal was the cheapest to mine in the world. its all a big conspiracy,Thatcher,Major etc.

One text even said check out the instances of animal disease and mutation in the USA.

Budgie said...

The issue is not whether johnny frog, or any johnny foreigner, is likeable or not. The issue is that when push comes to shove (or any other time) johnny foreigner will look after his own and not us.

In England "we" have the quaint notion that johnny foreigner will put us first, whilst we denigrate ourselves. In every other country I have visited it is the other way round. That ain't gonna change any time soon.

Graeme said...

BQ - I bet none of the respondents has ever paid a gas bill!