Tuesday 19 June 2012

Falklands distraction

Whilst waiting for the non-even that is likely to be the g20 communique, this little spat between Cameron and Argentina's President Kirchner is quite amusing.

Kirchner's increasingly pathetic ramblings about the 'Sovereignty issue' are starting to have a negative feedback effect on the Country. Cameron helpfully pointing out that Argentina's policy of nationalisation is not really a world leading achievement.

Shame Kirchner could not point out our nationalised banks in return, but then I guess her advisers are not so well informed or numerous as her British counterpart.

A little bit of manufactured nationalism, seems to suit all sides perhaps? I expect this story to drone on.


Budgie said...

The thing that sets my teeth on edge is Kirchner wittering about British colonialism. Where did her ancestors, and most Argentines' ancestors come from? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Vamos a la playa said...

Plus, she went to the anti-colonialism committee at the UN to press for her own little bit of encouraging (her own) colonialism. Better farce than the Whitehall Theatre and Brian Rix ever produced!

Electro-Kevin said...

Good observation, CU. I'm inclined to agree.

I think Kirchner is quite sexy actually. I would be quite happy for her to drone on and on.

Anonymous said...

Is buying something an alien concept? Colonialism costs money - those nutjobs living on the Falklands are quite happy with tea & penguins and a local council that runs the gaff. Statute of limitations runs out on residential property after 7 years - appears the Falklanders have no dispute with the flexible time table of sea going vessels.

I'm not sure this has anything to do with the Falklands or mineral deposits thereabouts; but it is Antarctica. Russia has bagged most of the Arctic and i'm damn sure some $500 per hour whores are ploughing that trough but Antarctica is whoever got there first - it's just dibs. Argies had the Falklands, they lost 'em - 150 years later suddenly decide to give a shit? Yeah, i've got a cousin like that. Goodtime Charlies, at least try foreplay.

It's something to do with being an island, the British mentality fails to comprehend boundary issues. There are many benefits for Argentina if only it would shut the fuck up for a minute.

Dick the Prick

Anonymous said...

Why do we still have these outposts of Empire?..give 'em back I say.....Gibralter to the Spanish; Falklands to the Argies; Elgin marbles to the Greeks etc etc etc yawn yawn

What on earth did we ever fight over them for?

(Sorry to be so cotroversial!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry typo: Contraversial

Anonymous said...

"The thing that sets my teeth on edge is Kirchner wittering about British colonialism."

Yeah, makes me laugh too.

"What on earth did we ever fight over them for?"

Well as a matter of principle to save the Falklanders from a bunch of facists that had bumped off 3000 people that were inconvenient by throwing them out of planes? A battle over the Falklands led to the downfall of the military regime that in turn led to democracy in Argentina and de Kirchner's chance at being pres. Not very grateful is she, but then apparently her popularity is waning and rampant nationalism is the cure. She's pissing in the wind so we should just tell fatty outright where to get off.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Its Anon day?

We 'inherited' a load of places that were too small to become independent countries.
I think technically we could all go and live in Bermuda and claim benefits.

Anonymous said...

The falkland Islands have no native inhabitance and as such were fair game for the British.
Which makes them a different situation than acts of colonialism.

Nick Drew said...

Blimey, first Argentina then Jimmy Carr, Cameron is in full populist mode

pictures of him with Rooney can't be far behind

roym said...

he's not going after his new mate Barlow though.