Thursday 28 June 2012

Question Time: The last of the U-turns edition?

 Score 1pt for each correct question you guess that is asked by someone in the BBC Question Time Audience. maximum of 5 questions.
Enter your guesses into the comments.

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Bill Quango Thinks
1. 3p tax rise abandoned. Junior lieutenant sent over the top. Lions led by Donkeys?
2. House of lords reform snorefest.
3. Barclays cheat. RBS shuts itself down. Bankers..who needs them?
4. Queen shakes hand of enemy. Historic, unprecedented, meeting etc. BBC have been over the top smarming on this. Trying to make up for the  flotilla disaster I suppose.-Prince Philip went to Hirohito's funeral. Meeting ones mortal  enemies is hardly new.
5. Regional benefits. {BBC had an excellent program on this. Everyday items, toothpaste, dry cleaning, shoes as well as rents and car prices, and the north south divide. - incredible differences. At least 1/3 cheaper past Nottingham. {Baldrick will do his nut on this. North south divider. Punishing the poorest. Stripping those who have nowt of the little they haven't got. Equality can go hang! it won't ever come to pass Tony. Don't let it worry you.}

Week 7
appointmetotheboard - 14

Measured - 11
Bill Quango MP - 11
Mark Wadsworth - 10  
Timbo614 - 9
Hopper -9
Nick Drew - 8
Miss S-J - 7 
GSD - 6 
Budgie -6
Malcolm Tucker - 6
 Dick the Prick - 6
Lilith - 4
 Sebastian Weetabix - 3
Hovis - 3
Philipa - 2
Miss CD - 2
Andrew - 1
Cityunslicker  - 1
James Higham - 0
 Game next week and that might be the last of the season.


Hopper said...

1. Was the 3p fuel duty backtrack the right decision taken for the wrong reasons?
2. Barclays LIBOR fixing - should homeowners suffering from high interest rates (har) hang Bob Diamond in effigy?
3. BQ is right, regionally varying benefits is too juicy for me or the audience to pass up.
4. Bomber Command Memorial - should we celebrate bombing hundreds of thousands of civilians?
5. I'm going to take a wild stab here: whatever the USA Supreme Court decided, should the USA adopt the NHS (Envy of the World TM) model?

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Chloe Smith car crash fuel cut. {As reported. Of course it wasn't a cut. It was a planned rise deferment.}

2.Barclay's Libor and Nat west's failures. Banker bonuses should be given to account holders.

3. Bomber command. Lets celebrate the wrong kind of heroism.

4. Queen and McGuinness. Is the terror really over? Are the people of Northern/Southern Ireland any better off after 30 years of conflict?

5. Lansley "resign" say angry docs. "we have no confidence that he understands the importance of keeping big pensions free at the point of abuse."

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm not feeling very original I'm afraid

1. Cameron welfare reform, there is so much in here to appeal to the Right-eous and to appall the Righteous, I'd choose 'do voluntary work after two years or lose you dole' as the most incendiary.

2. Barclays LIBOR fixing, should somebody lose their bonus for the years 2005 - 2008 when this was taking place?

3. Bomber Command finally get some recognition, but will the Queen shake every surviving airman's hand or do they have to bomb the UK to qualify for that?

4. 3p fuel, Chloe, why was Paxman so mean to her? She couldn't possibly have known about the U-turn until she finished double maths and after that she was busy revising for her A levels.

5. That whole NHS being bankrupted by PFI thing, who dreamed up this nonsense, was it New Labour or did the Tories start it pre-1997? (that's a genuine question BTW).

Bill Quango MP said...

MW: Re PFI. I believe its the same story as with fascism.

Mussolini started it but it was Hitler who really ran with the ball.

appointmetotheboard said...

1. Dave's continued war on the poor.

2. Now that the banking sector has been shown to be systemically corrupt, should we just turn them all into utilities? And will anyone do some jail time this time around?

3. Economy. Recession worse than we thought, borrowing worse than expected, tax receipts lower than predicted. Is fuel tax the vanguard of policy refinement, or panic? Incidently, makes a lot for me to feel sorry for a Tory minister, but Chloe Smith managed it with her Newsnight performace...

4. Queen in NI.

5. Will the Eurozone be saved by the time QT starts, or do you think they will need the whole two days of the latest Summit?

Miss CD said...

Not feeling at all well so

1. Queen
2. 3p fuel
3. Beckham left out of the Olympic team
4. Bus strikes at the Olympics
5. Bomber command

measured said...

1. So the FSA is self financing, but don’t we, Joe public, benefit from the Barclays fine? What did the Romans, sorry, bankers, do for us?

2. So hold bankers to account. Someone has "engaged in conduct that is discreditable to a banker" or "engaged in conduct that bring brings the banking profession into disrepute"?

(So I know someone who has just written 11 essays (because he can’t take exams) to get authorisation and yet no Code is in force to expect him to behave honourably as in My Word is My Bond. It was just an entry cost. What? The FSA ethics officer was sacked? Well done, Mr Balls, part of your cost saving measures.)

3. So it be raining 50p pieces up North. Ey op, but not down ‘ere. It rains £1 coins down ‘ere. That’s inflation for you, none of them pennies from heaven these days.

4. So hospitals should go bust? Why don’t they just put them under an administrator and renegotiate? Oh, they are. Great description re. Mussolini and Hitler, BQ.

5. So what to do about Syria, Al Qaeda and terrorists? This is for Paddy. We don’t want to help the rebels partly because they are Sunnis and they wipe out all minorities. In Saudi Arabia, the Sunnis don’t even allow there to be a church. They pray in mosques when they come over here, but they are not the most tolerant. Neither is Assad in truth. Should we send the Queen to Syria? She may have been talking to the Russians as their support for Syria is diminishing I reckon.

The most important thing all week was letting the Chinese buy the LME. On a twenty year view, 120x is cheap. Will the Chinese let us have a look in in China? Blimey, it is regulator fail all round.

Still Murdoch has worked it out. Have a nice agreement between the two companies.

BTW I hope Poutney will be watching Smith squirm. Not that Terry EVER squirms, mind.

Get well soon, Miss CD.

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Syria shooting down the Turkish plane & general escalation that followed - will the west defy Russia & intervene?

2) 3p fuel tax deferral/Paxo interview (v similar to Hazel Blear's I thought) - why was Greening out of the loop?

3) The Morality of tax avoidance- where does it end - are ISAs still moral? Tax relief on pensions? Should MP's who "flipped" their houses be deselected accordingly?

4) Bankrupt hospitals - PFI or cuts to blame?

5) Tony Blair stirs in his grave - can he make a comeback?

Nick Drew said...

yes, best wishes to Miss CD

(and I liked bomber Wadsworth's joke)

1) Banks
2) 3p fiasco
3) HM the Q in Ireland
4) Bomber Command
5) Should teachers be allowed to assist pupils out of school?

Dick the Prick said...

Bonjourno! Best wishes to poorly peeps.

1) Fuel duty and La Greening's op-ed in the Telegraph last week - a re-run of the Chloe interview but with added bullshit.

2) Under 25 housing benefit cut; is it just me or is it child tax credit that should be fucked instead of bullshit housing benefit? Any hoo

3) LIBOR action, ooooooh, bankers take the piss - nah, say it ain't so, shocked!

3b (ish) Natwest & RBS - fook me, something's stop being funny after a while. Ofcourse bank mainframes are complex, ofcourse they are and mistakes will happen but a week? If I was either a shareholder or customer I would be sprinting away from that clusterfuck of spirited amateurs! Wankers.

4) Luton? Ermmm....Yeah, Olympic wankfest I guess - maybe Robinson will stand up for the fat, alcoholic, truculent, perverted, uneducated, right on hypocritical viewpoint and come across as the disgusting turd that he is. My mum's crazy go-nuts for Mik Ashton (dude in the stripey jumpers from Time-Team) and apparently Baldrick forced him out through getting his 30 year younger bird now wife on as a presenter. And apparently Packham's been shagging the Humble from Springwatch. Bill Oddie got sacked for an unexplained alcohol incident and it sounds like he tried on with Humble and it all went horribly wrong. Anyway, errr..

Timbo614 said...

Game on :)

1) Did bastard Bob & the bankers bugger Britain, before benefiting brilliantly? bash 'em! I say!

2) Is an NHS trust's purse-poverty possibly profit, pushing for a private back door? Trust no one.

3) Is the Press pushing petrol the price U-turn precisely what Timbo told you? Plasticine pliant government retreats again!

4) Do regionally relevant references recklessly ravish the resources of the North's real recipients?. Is this the new or the old north south divide?

5) I'm not a royalist but I am a "Queenist". It think she let herself down yesterday - can't imaging she was happy for a moment. Should she have shaken?

Budgie said...

This is all Thatcher's fault - I feel it in my bones.

1. Barclays Bob Harvest. Should the evil Thatcherist bankers (it was Thatchers fault for removing the banking regulations) pay it all back. Or was Libor's Gordon Brown to blame? How big was the harvest?

2. Evil Thatcher causes England to be cut off from Scotland. Floods, hail, pestilence and eyes of newt set to inflict UK as global warming proved right and Thatcher proved wrong.

3. Recession confirmed. As if there was any doubt since the Tory-led government adopted evil, squeeze-the-poor, Thatcherist policies. Whirr doomed (again)!!

4. Should the Queen have shaken hands with a murderer and torturer? Is McGuiness just part of the corrupt miasma of politicians? Why did he not succeed in blowing Thatcher up?

5. Would you want your 25 year old son coming back to live with you? Or, God forbid, your 25 year old daughter? Was Thatcher evil at 25 or did it creep up on her in later years?

Electro-Kevin said...

In the '70s/'80s the Tory party got tough with modestly paid miners, ship builders, printers, poll tax demonstrators ... (rightly so in my view)

When are the Tory party going to get tough with millionaire bankers ?

Bill Quango MP said...

First question: Is there any integrity left in British banking?
Tony Robinson goes ape with them. Hard to disagree with him.
Greening tries to point out it happened on Labour's watch.

No one cares. Old history. Tory are to blame... And indeed an audience member says just that. Tories must stop using the inherited the problem line. No one cares about the Brown clusterflick anymore. Tell us what you're going to do about it.

Q2: Is scrapping the petrol duty rise a sensible thing given how much the government is in debt?

"I was informed before the announcement [by George Osborne]," says Justine Greening. Well 15 seconds is 15 seconds..

Q3: Why should me and my partner continue working and paying taxes... when those on benefits do nothing and get paid a lot more?

Got a lot of applause too. Luton not keen on unemployed people.

Q4: Is the urgency about House of Lords reform simply a way to keep the Liberal Democrats quiet in the coalition?

Told you - massive yawn. Ashdown really tried to make it sound a terrible blot on good government.He also claimed no Iraq and no poll tax with an elected 2nd chamber. How can he possibly know? The commons voted for both, So the Lords, if elected as he wishes, would be along similar lines, surely?

That was it

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores top vs bottom in the order of comments.

BQ 3 vs Budgie 1 +1 for your first answer being so accurate - BQ win

Hopper 2 vs Timbo614 2 {timbo wins on penalty alliteration shoot out} -COME ON TIM!

Malcolm Tucker 2 vs DP 1 + a lucky extra time hit for only 4 q's = 2 DRAW

Mark Wadsworth 3 vs ND - 2 MW win

appointmetotheboard - 2 vs gsd - 1 {after a disallowed goal for moral tax- linesman said it came from the audience.} AMTTB win

Miss CD {who is hospital tomorrow - best wishes XX} - Measured 1 {even though Measured had some great ideas}

So .. anyone know what Angela's saying about that bailout for Italy now?

Bill Quango MP said...

EK - its such a vote winner, isn't it. They are concerned about capital flight. Only financial is going to get us out of the debt.

Still..Diamond should be told to go. Camo should call on him to go.

appointmetotheboard said...

Good luck tomorrow Miss CD - hope to see you back and healthy next week!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The lads gave it 110% and as long as [some bizarre and complicated train of events] happens, we hope to be back in Europe next season!


Electro-Kevin said...

BQ - It's not just voters. It's the 'safe haven' credibility of London at stake here, the loss of which could cause capital flight.

They simply have to do something to prevent news getting out that London has been completely taken over by spiv capitalists.

If they can't bang the major perps away then it's hard to see how the allure can be maintained.