Thursday 21 June 2012

Question Time . Looney left/Righteous right special.

David Dimbleby chairs from West Bromwich. On the panel are justice secretary Ken 'sleepy night snoozey snooze' Clarke, shadow health secretary Andy 'Gloria' Burnham, general secretary of the Unite trade union Len 'Lenin was a wimp' McCluskey, economist Ruth 'Maggie didn't go far enough' Lea and Midlands businesswoman of the year Julie 'Double Diamond' White.

 Score 1pt for each correct question you guess that is asked by someone in the BBC Question Time Audience. maximum of 5 questions.
Enter your guesses into the comments.

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BQ suggests
1.Jimmy Carr. {Why is it so hard to understand Twiiterers. Its not the money, its the hypocrisy}. Anyway ..Was Dave right
2. Greek election has saved the euro - discuss without resolution.
3. GCSE vs O level. Labour looking very scared about this already. Lots of disinformation going out and its just an idea at the mo.
4. Should any child be able to photograph their dinner?
5. Falklands. Didn't get asked last time..but its come up again so rehash this one. Argentina has 20% inflation and has run out of cash.  Our navy is even smaller than in 1982. However so is theirs. Our airforce is bigger. And better. Theirs is smaller. And worse. [is it possible to fly a Typhoon from Devon to Stanley? Last week i was told no. But not even with air to air refueling and stops in USA?}

Week 6
appointmetotheboard - 11

Measured - 10
Timbo614 - 8
Hopper - 8
Nick Drew - 8
Bill Quango MP - 8
Mark Wadsworth - 7 
Miss S-J - 7 
GSD - 6 
Budgie -6
Malcolm Tucker - 5
 Dick the Prick - 5
Lilith - 4
 Sebastian Weetabix - 3
Hovis - 3
Philipa - 2
Miss CD - 1
Andrew - 1
Cityunslicker  - 1
James Higham - 0


Hopper said...

I fear BQ has nailed most of the questions already, but here goes:
1. How can it be legal or moral to pay 1% income tax?
2. Is it really time to go back to the O-level and throw away 25 years of educational experiment with the GCSE? Will it actually help?
3. Doctor's pension strike more or less fizzles out - were they right? What about all the other NHS workers?
4. Aung Sun Suu Kyi visit - did we do the right thing with Burma, and what next?

Going for just 4 on the basis that 1. and maybe 3. should be a splendid ding-dong between Len and Ruth, with Julie helping to wind up Len.

appointmetotheboard said...

Hm. With Ken Clarke on, I wonder if I was a week too early with my question on tagging? Oh well.

1. Should National Treasure (!) Gary Barlow have his gong removed (or just his OBE) for morally wrong tax avoidance (or crimes against music), or does this just frank his standing within the country's elite?

2. First doctors, tomorrow bus drivers. Summer of public sector discontent, anyone?

3. Forget o'levels. Bring back birching...

4. Falklands, plebicite, Europe, irony.

5. More QE, BoE lending schemes (anyone know how the first tranche went, BTW?), etc. Is this plan A+, and will any money trickle down to the real economy?

5 (a). Mandatory 30 second question on football. Can Engerland win it, or goal line technology, take your pick... Incidently, my favourite tweet of the week was along the lines of, "How many goals will Angela Merkel demand Greece concede?"

Good luck one and all.

measured said...

1. They can't close the loopholes so they have to go for the morally reprehensible. What's he done wrong?

2. The right calibre of candidates for jobs. O'Levels v Non'Levels v Voca'Levels

3. Would the PM attend the Euro final?

4. Assange - should he go or should he stay? Let him go to the Falkslands. I am pro him and Bradley Manning.

5. Yes, let there be school dinner shame with obligatory hair.

Malcolm Tucker said...

-Scrap the crap GCSE? wot know prices for alll ? Dizgrayceful.

- Jimmy Carr and his 'terrible error' The error was complaining others did what you were quite legally doing. Like Ken. And Guardian media group.

- Workers annual leave. Is the EU determined to make us refuse to help?

-Bus strike -are McCluskey special. Is it wrong to demand a bonus for doing the same job as usual? Bosses are getting a bonus for not doing anything extra? £500 is £8 million quid. That's a lot to payout, especially as 2/3 of the drivers aren't even in the Olympic zone..So what? eat the rich etc.

- Argy bargey stuff.

Dick the Prick said...

Hmm...toughie this week.

1) Carr 'n' Barlow

2) Docs strike

3) Austerity, it ain't working, lets burn some more cash on public sector wages, eh?

4) Maybe the nuke reactor decision for subs and manufacturing or rather lack thereof.

5) ASBO termination and crippling police cuts.

Miss CD said...

Jimmy Carr And Take That. Cameron shouldn't have said anything.

Doctors strike. Signs they are already regretting it.

Julian Assange. What case does he have?

Aung San Suu Kyi. Someone will mention her about something.

Gcse Clegg's Vs Gove fight.

Budgie said...

1. Our NHS deprived of resources by Tory-led Thatcherist government. Doctors strike to make NHS better. Should Leveson intervene?

2. Clegg blasts Gove: O levels will divide children into two tiers; those that pass and those that fail. Should Leveson intervene?

3. Jimmy Carr (who he?) must pay more to the government. After all the government is the wisest spender on the planet (unless they make a terrible error). Should Leveson intervene?

4. Aung San Suu Kyi thanks the BBC and asks: 'why do you call my country Burma?' Should Leveson intervene?

5. Should Leveson intervene? No, no, no, that's a silly question. The real question is about the EUrozone. Is the Greek election enough of a signal to the markets or should Leveson intervene? Is the new $60 trillion bailout fund enough, or should Leveson intervene?

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Assange. Why didn't we just cut out the middleman and hand him straight over to the Yanks like the NatWest 3, that chap with the batteries etc.

2. Doctor's strike - a reasonable response to the Savage Tory Cuts or totaly unprofessional behaviour from a bunch of overpaid prima donnas?

3. Ukraine goal or not, was Cameron wrong to suggest a U-turn on goal line technology? (what is it with goal line technology? A camera on the touchline would do the job).

4. Jimmy Carr tax avoidance, should HMRC go after people like him and the head of the students loan company or should we just abandon taxes on earned income and go straight to Land Value Tax?

5. Olympic tickets being sold on the black market, wasn't this supposed to be The People's Games?

Miss S-J said...

Something about football.

Miss S-J said...

And the rest

'o' level leak. Is it even a real story or just a think tank leak?

Strikes and strikes and strikes? Even the university is on strike.

Right to tell the Argeniaians to shove off? Yes.

Tax evasion. It's not just or evil bankers. Let's blame the government.

Timbo614 said...

Is it a bird? is it a plane, no it's super-cynical-caaameeeeron!

1) Probably Jimmy Carr's terrible breaking of the 11th commandment (thou shalt not get caught!) or Man does something legal and should go to prison?

2) Exams? making them hard - shit they were hard even I failed a couple :) Will this split those that should be scientists and those that should be plumbers? If only the current crop were capable of being good plumbers (or Chippies or a sparks)?

3) Euro again - 600 Billion ball busting bailout bazooka buys only 60 hours!! Markets tumble it's just another Euro devaluation. Is it worth it at 10 Billion per hour!

4) Can England win Euro 2012? pointless discussion follows

these will take up all the time especially 1 and 2 so just for fun:

5) E.U. want 15 million Garlic back tax because of mistakes - maybe we should let ourselves be frozen out?

Nick Drew said...

oh Lorr, hard one to be imaginative on but here goes:

1) should Breivik be considered bonkers ?

2) Police privatisation

that's my best shot, it's downhill from here

3) Carr

4) is Aung San Suu Kyi the most fragrant person on the planet ? ((and Bernie Eccleston the least))

5) GCSE / O-levels

gsd said...

Damn! Forgot all about it!

Bill Quango MP said...

Evening all.

First question: Are wealthy celebrities who avoid paying tax "the moral equivalent of benefit cheats”?

Erm no. Benefit cheating is illegal. Ruth does point that out and also Jimmy's hypocrisy.

Ken debates. Andy goes on about tax cuts. Enough applause to show the unions are in again. Its a good thing this wasn't in London. With a bus strike they'd never get them all to the studio on time.

Len uses the ever popular, always unchallenged, Cleaners pay more tax than their bosses. NO LEN! THEY DON'T. Tax RATE is what you mean.

Q2: Should England scrap GCSEs and return to O-level style exams?
Labour are very keen to imply that its old fashioned, pre internet, O levels coming back. It isn't.

I imagine despite what the Libs think this policy, in a proper format, would be an election winner. Teachers wont like the change, but they're not voting for Dave anyway.
Parents, apart from this QT crowd that seems to be from Cuba, will jump at the chance for a proper education with meaningful grades.

Ken says the proposal isn't finished. Good.

Q3: Do I have more chance of attending a state banquet than seeing banks increase lending to small businesses?
Osborne's mansion house speech and the bank borrowing. We all forgot about that. It was a move designed to pump cash directly into banks in case the Greeks fell out of bed on Monday wasn't it?

Q4: Were doctors right to strike or should they be more willing to play their part in reducing government spending?

Ken is good. He cuts the rhetoric. Maybe he should be at the treasury? Even if he does sleep in the afternoon.

Only 4 questions so extra point to all the 4s.

appointmetotheboard said...

*Cough* I'd like to point out that I didn't miss the mansion house speech...

Sorry - looks like a competitive week, and I'm after every point. May lose one for unsporting behaviour if smugness couts as that...

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores - a random draw.

Hopper 4 vs Miss CD 3
Cityunslicker 2 vs Budgie 3
appointmetotheboard 4 vs Mark Wadsworth 2
measured 2 vs Miss S-J 3
Malcolm Tucker 2 vs Timbo614
Dick the Prick 2 vs BQ 2
BQ {2} - 2 vs Nick Drew 2

your referee tonight is GSD.
Winner tonight was 'Ronaldo' Hopper and 'Joao Moutinho'appointmetotheboard.

Bill Quango MP said...

Timbo - 2 + a penalty for 4 qs = 3 goals and a win.