Thursday 2 August 2012

The Last Post

Feel for me readers! Two weeks now to be spent with 3 tiny, vicious boys all determined to make my life hell, throw the blackberry in the pool and a wife equally determined that I shall have no contact in the outside world in the name of "kraft durch freude." Yes, a family holiday awaits.

Which means this blog may become somewhat intermittent in its output. Mr Bill Quango MP has found also been dragged kicking and screaming on a fact finding tour of Monaco and the South of France by his local Lib Dem council who have asked him to look into gaming regulations (see picture). This leaves our contributors denuded in number.

Fear not, what could possibly happen in two weeks of August?

The collapse of the euro? (er..maybe?)
A massive devaluation of the euro to prevent a collapse (this won't happen until after I have paid my hotel bill in euro, so rest assured of that)
Some gold medals in the Olympics
Another Government U-turn/scandal/cock-up

Yes, indeed some events will get missed but I hope you can cope with our limited service; depending on the enjoyment of the holiday maybe it won't be that limited after all!



Dick the Prick said...

There's the spirit, full of holiday cheer! I hope you all have a lovely time, often, the most important decision is what to have for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to investment advice on this site? Seems no-one wnats to go long in, well, anything!

Nick Drew said...

hold tight anon I shall let fly with a few company comments

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the peace of non-communication. All too soon those three little ones will turn into teenagers who demand that broadband (or equivalent 10 years ahead) be available wherever they are on holiday - or else how can they keep in touch with all their friends?

Then you'll be able to blog if you wish - I managed one post last year.

(our seaside house in Asturias was opposite an internet cafe - we went there on the first morning for a hot chocolate, bagged the wifi key, and had coverage in our house for the week! Conscience drove us back for more chocolate now and again)


Mark Wadsworth said...

Have a lovely time.

Has Mrs Slicker imposed total internet Verbot, or are you allowed to use hotel wifi and internet cafes?

Steven_L said...

Enjoy the foreign weather, chill and don't lecture them about the bloody euro! (Its a waste of time, I've tried)

I'm hoping the S&P500 just keeps headed down, my meagre savings are levered about 10:1 short on it. Been a good day.

Graeme said...

and what precisely did you do to render 3 boys "vicious"? On second thoughts, please do not answer.

Budgie said...

You want trading info?
GKP, EMED, RRL and XEL all seem good to me particularly at these prices nevertheless they are speculative. Even more dodgy are MAX, RGM and AFE. But you must do your own research and decide for yourself. There are no certainties here.

If the markets believe the latest euro can kicking, or if their reserves are upgraded, they may well rise. However, if there is market turmoil, likely but not exclusively due to the euro, they will probably fall. If an oil company gets its drill stuck the share could fall off a cliff (eg MAX). Same for a duster (XTR).