Saturday 4 August 2012

Those Indian Power Cuts: Thought For The Weekend

"When the lights go out, the government goes out"
N.Drew 2012)


(Cameron, this includes you)



andrew said...

I think you overstate the minimum utilities (sic) a government needs to provide to describe itself as such.

The two things it needs to do is define
- time
- identity

Pretty much all else is optional.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Eh? Wtf?

Steven_L said...

The government go out? Bollocks. In my last LA job, if there was a fuel shortage it was a civil contingency that I stand on a fuel forecourt in a high vis vest and make sure the 'key workers' can fill their cars up.

Obviously they would never have expected me to deal with any nasty shit, I'm sure the Police have their civil contingencies too.

What you mean is that the incumbents get voted out and the other establishment party get top sit around the cabinet table and authorise Sir Humphrey to enact his plans.

About 25% of workers work for 'the government', it won't 'go out' that easily.

PS. Soon after my mananger told me that I would be asked to do that, both her and her boss stated in a team meeting they wouldn't walk through a picket line (in refence to the pension strike). I foudn that amusing as the most obvious reason for a petrol storage would be industrial action.

I'd have done it, still would. I doubt I'd take a machine gun to anyone but I bet there's a lot of coppers that would relish the chance.

Anonymous said...

Nick wasn't there an old war time song, When the Lights go out in London.