Friday 7 September 2012

Cat Among Pigeons: Worm Turning ?

Well at least a couple of Cameron's reshuffle appointments raise a smile: John Hayes to DECC and Owen Paterson to Environment, ha ha !

The wit and wisdom of Mr Hayes apparently includes deep skepticism about the claims of wind turbines:

' ... quoted as saying wind farms are a “terrible intrusion” and “renewable energy needs to pass the twin tests of environmental and economic sustainability and wind power fails on both counts”.'

They seem both to be hostile to subsidised schemes in general, and appropriately open minded to the potential of shale gas.

Cue apoplexy, (hopefully fatal) in all the usual quarters: is Mr P a CC-skeptic ?   Will Mr H put a stop to the subsidy-wallahs' gravy train ?

It is greatly to be hoped he will (though holding one's breath is not advised). Likewise a serious shale gas programme.  Time for this lethargic government worm to turn.




Electro-Kevin said...

And right on cue, the BBC headlines with polar ice caps melting.

hatfield girl said...

You may like to look at the Krynica Economic Forum, energy forum data and opinions, ND (grandmothers, eggs here) for a marked turning away from EU renewable energy programmes and goals.

Central and eastern Europe energy requirements won't be depending on wind. Not with 'the future of black coal as energy fuel' as a major discussion document; and 'issues related to renewable energy sources and climate policy conducted by the EU'.

Not to mention 'towards the new EU climate change policy, compromise for increasing competitiveness and social- economic growth.' And the report on the cost of the EU climate and energy package and future policy decisions (all with particular reference to central and eastern European growth and that of EU countries at risk in the crisis.

Italian prohibitions on oil and gas explorations in the Mediterranean are going to be lifted too - though that's less welcome as they'll probably precipitate an earthquake or drain the Adriatic.

rwendland said...

At least Charles Hendry will now have time to enjoy Blair Castle in Ayrshire he and his rich wife bought for £2.5 million last year! (Wonder if he could somehow swing that as a MP's second home?)

As the Daily Mail put it: Climate Minister buys a castle with 16 bathrooms... and a massive carbon footprint

Could never really work Hendry out. Seemed extremely pro-nuclear, but also steadfastly stood at the crease for wind power and other renewables. Maybe he was just diligently supporting Dept policy without strongly believing in any of it?

Nick Drew said...

HG - yes indeed, GDP trumps GHG as I am wont to say; tx for refs

Mr W - I have had dealings with the Laird of Blair, he seemed like a decent old red-faced buffer (tho he's older than me, ahem), bit of a blowhard

but basically I think he voss just obeying orderz like a good party functionary

as, for that matter, was Huhne

they'd both been told by Cameron to deliver a nuke programme (etc) and, whatever their better judgement, they simply got on with it

Ed Davey, I don't know about