Thursday 27 September 2012

Question Time returns

The return of Question Time has caught me somewhat unawares. I saw the panel posted on another blog and assumed it was a joke line up... Harpy, Geeky, Moggy, Soppy and Angry. does seem to be true. The venerable show is back with its assorted low fliers,self publicists, lime lighters, aged politicos,hacks and strike makers.

David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from Brighton. On the panel: Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman MP, chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander MP, Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp and comedian Steve Coogan


Timbo614 said...

I gave up commenting as I was waiting for the promised Euro-grekco-espana-italiano disaster. But got bored...recovery by continuous money printing (OMT) is now here so we just wait for bread and petrol to go to €5.00 per loaf/litre.

I was waiting for a post to interest me sufficiently (just kidding) But the QT compo does bring out the best (and worst) of my commenting :)

Will I be tempted?

lilith said...

1. Should police be routinely armed (with swear words, obviously)?

2. Should the Tories resign?

3. Should Nick Clegg resign?

4. Is everybody hunky dory about what is going on in Greece?

5. Should people be allowed to go to France if they are going to get shot at or abducted there?

gsd said...

hi all.

1) Nick - the apology: did it go far enough (its for only one of the many debacles) & was it for the right thing?

2) Wealth tax: Is it at all feasible or just "conference talk" like the student fees pledge?

3) who will be the new 3rd party in British politics?

4) Something about stamp duty/mansion tax for Kirstie.

5) and finally: should airliner windows be redesigned to allow them to open, as proposed by Mitt Romney? (yes, he really did!)

Bill Quango MP said...

Seem to have lost my qs.

IIRC - long lens on the future queen's breasts. freedom of the press-levesson

2. Hillsborough and why you cant trust the word of the police over ordinary people.

3. Plebgate and why you can trust the word of the plod over a politician.

4. Sorry seems to be the easiest word

5. Fleeing to France. education cuts are really that bad.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Must not give in..must not give in..Ok i give in.

1.Plebs is the most offensive word in the English language

2.Hands off our royal baps.

3.The reshuffle. {yawn}

4.Does sorry cut it? Vince Cable is plotting.

5. Olympics. Tell us again how great it all was.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Ah, who cares. They're all useless twats. We're just waiting for the next election now. Dave's been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Nick Drew said...

1. floods
2. euro-meltdown
3. don't stand
don't stand
don't stand so close to me
4. are the libdems really going to facilitate Wicked Tory Cuts
5. some attempt to be clever-clever about that well-loved children's book, Harriet and the Ginger Rodent

(yeah, ok, not euro-meltdown. or war in ME. or China/Japan. got to Keep It Real)

Timbo614 said...

OK OK I give in...

1) Is running off with your 15 year old sweetheart actually a crime if the "relationship" is not "consummated" or "Man elopes with Girl" What's new? I did it but I was 16 at the time :)

2) Now they seem to be winning some ground is it time to support the Syrian "rebels"

3) Queen says no to pot smoking Abu Hamsa . (Apols to John Lennon)

4) Plebgate/GateGate/Plonkergate is it ok to call police officers Plebs even if you run the country?

5) Speedy Dimby gets in another about Spain, Greece, Euro, Banks, IMF, OMT, QE, economy generally. Multiple choice question from 2 months of news :)

Nick Drew said...

Timbo @ #3 - excellent

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. pensioners and bus passes

2. UN and Syria.

3. Cameron and Letterman.

4. Lib Dem conference, what a bunch of nutters, wealth tax, mansion tax.

5. That teacher who stammers and who is headed to Spain where the age of consent is 14. If this is what free movement is about then let's leave the EU, my god, he's no better than those Pakistanis in Rochdale, if I had my way they'd all be flogged but she's no better is she, wants to get knocked up so she can have a council house at my expense and bloody hell that Bob Crow, earns £140,000 a year and still he's ripping off the taxpayer by living in a council house not like he pays any tax is it, he's probably got in all in a tax haven like Andrew Mitchell giving all our money to those drakes (can I stop now?).

Graeme said...

kudos to MW...the question that will definitely NOT be asked, worth a prize in its own right.

Hopper said...

1. Coalition, has the love affair ended for good?
2. Record deficit, time to tax the evil rich?
3. Torrential rain, what should we do to combat climate change.
4. Self driving cars, for better or worse?
5. PM on Letterman, was he wise?

appointmetotheboard said...

Lib dems on soaking the rich / mansion tax

Mitchell on plebs (still don't get the fuss over the word - surely much worse offence to threaten policeman, "you've not heard the last of this" etc.)

Cameron on Letterman

Recession, what recession, statistical margin of error / at least we're not Spanish.

Oh I dunno, maybe some rant about the European Court of Human Rights...

Can I suggest a rugby union format this term, BQ? Bonus points on offer for four correct answers, or only losing by a score...

Hope everyone had a good summer. Spent mine reading Owen Jones' Chavs, so fully tooled up for this series :)

measured said...

I nearly missed it, getting ready to make my hot chocolate an' all.

1. Should I have said sorry for makin' or breakin'?

2. So we arrest those that say plebs, but are still stuck with Abu Hamza?

3. Should we keep houses prone to flooding insured against flooding with us all paying the price?

4. Social cohesion in Europe? What do we want? When do we want it?

5. A bit of titillation. Naughty Kate or not as the case may be. No Harriet, we don't want to see yours. Hubby might though.

I think they might ignore Syria, the UN, the Prime minister and US prime time but maybe not.

(Nice to be back BQ. I was trying to work out how many stores apart from HMV will go bust in January. You have to sell goods with good labels or good prices.)

Bill Quango MP said...

From BBCQT Twitter which makes the shouting at the telly interactive.

Q: Will we see same level of anger as in Athens and Madrid once the full impact of the UK government’s austerity measures are felt?
[question is much too long. New rule Dimby. No questions longer than 12 words]

Q2: Would we be better off with more plebs and less public school boys patrolling the corridors of power?
Coogan has been a twonk. A dullard tribalist that makes Harman look balanced.
Kirsty said "bollocks" to him. Which was brilliant, except she was trying to make a point about politeness.

Q3: What motivated the decision of Rochdale police and social services to ignore the grooming of underage girls by Asian males?

Q4 Can the next generation afford a home without help from the 'bank of mum & dad'?
waste of a question.

Q: After two years in coalition government, is anyone really listening to Nick Clegg?

Bill Quango MP said...

Lilith - 4 {and Greece did come up. Almost universally ignored on QT}
GSD - 6 wot a flyer!
BQ - 3
Malcolm - 3
Seb - ahhh..
ND well..3 + 1 for ginger rodent =4
Timbo -I did it but I was 16 at the time Well...spit it out..

MW - 4. {have you been reading the mail again?}

Graeme - this was the warm up. Next week you must enter

Hopper .well..3

appointmetotheboard what do you mean by rugby scores? Extra point kicks? i cant' abide Owen Jones. Too squeaky and silly. Is his book any good? I suppose to his credit he is less hypocritical than some multi millionaire, multi property owning, private school fee paying, SKY TV series comedians we could mention.
And you got - 7- nailed it!

Measured - 4 good.
Stores face the rent bills in January. The unpaid VAT return from last year is due too. Plus the staff's overtime payments. probably the rates too..
thats why Xmas is desperate. I think BQ industries has over done it. Made a mistake on trading like for likes. But I forgot the new postal increases have really made all those pocket money / extra bits lines quite expensive.

I think postage on xmas lines like cards/ribbon/ decorations was about £3 to EU last year. This year it will be more like £6. Thats going to be a problem. still, we're going in almost clean. Apart from winter hats & gloves we had very little in stock.

Timbo614 said...

@BQ: spit it out I accuse the member of deliberate misreading of my statement!

As far as scores go I did think that Formula 1 style scoring could work well.
Highest score - 12pts. 2nd 10 then 3rd down to 10th 8..1. after that nothing!

Draws score the same so dead heat first 10 pts each.

Bonuses awarded in the usual arbitrary fashion.

Anonymous said...

yes I read the Mail daily.


hovis said...

1. Cameron in US (& "failing the History Test")
2. Kate's Boobies - press privacy & public interest (One for Coogan is there.)
3. Torys are evil and think we're all plebs ? Should the police be sworn at on a regular basis - they're in cahoots with the gutter press after all ...
4. Lib Dums - wealth taxes and no more cuts - are the same or have they grown up while in govt.?
5. Oh No Euro ...

Anonymous said...

Bill why not do the same with Question Time on Radio 4, at least you do not have to look at them

Bill Quango MP said...

Anon: I only sometimes listen to any questions. if I'm still in the office at 1pm on saturday,something has gone wrong

Anonymous said...

Ah, bollox