Thursday 25 October 2012

He is joined by a panel comprising Anti-business secretary, tortoise lookalike Vince Cable,
 shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry,{ultimate Islington Champagne socialist. Although she is very sensible for a former TGWU foreperson. She sends her two children to a highly rated selective school outside the borough. Told you she was sensible.} Claire Perry,{Tory class of 2010. Don't know much about her except she wants to end porn on the internet. } UKIP deputy leader Paul 'Nuts' Nuttall {rare outing for UKIP. } and Mehdi 'shouty' Hasan, {Itinerant political director of the Huffington Post website}

Enter your guess for what you believe the regional audience will ask of the panel. Maximum of 5 guesses allowed. Various special rules and vague promises apply that are hidden even more cunningly than in a government manifesto

BQ: Guesses
1. Jimmy Savile. Its the new Leveson. The great white lawyer sharks are circling the BBC and NHS.
2. 1% growth. Can we all go back to spending more than we earn now?
3. Council to pay for inequality. A very, very stupid ruling.See 1 above re sharks.
4. Must be an EU question. Votes for prisoners I'd say.
5.Child benefit caps. "its eugenics" said a mum of 10 on the radio earlier. Hyperbole alert.


Dick the Prick said...

Evening pop pickers (or was that the other dude?)

1) GDP - ooh in't it great but

2) Ooooh, unemployment, Southampton & Argos (Emily Thornberry, God, it's like Hewitt in a way, she could offer you a cup of tea and you'd think 'you cheeky bitch')

3) IDS welfare changes and isn't it ghastly, truly ghastly.

4) Savile no doubt.

5) Outrider of the US elections - is it morally wrong to vote for Romney?

Hopper said...

1. Capping child benefit: is this war on children, or protection from "welfare queens"?
2. Actual GDP growth: now we have some money, what should we spend it on?
3. European countries are adopting the FTT; why don't we?
4. School uniforms cost too much, another family tax.
5. Would you use a fake birthdate on a social networking site?

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Badger cull postponement.

2) Jimmy Savile - who's more at fault: the BBC or Police/CPS?

3) Should people use false details on social networking sites to make identity theft harder?

4) Mixed messages from the economy +1% gdp vs ford layoffs. Can we afford to make the tax regime tougher ("fairer") for foreign companies at the moment?

5) Since its from Slough, 3rd runway at Heathrow vs expanding Gatwick, Boris Island etc.

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Savile again.
2. GDP.1% isn't anything. Its going to need 3-4% for years.
3. Why can't we have a banker tax like europe?
4. Votes for lags. Dave is prepared to stand up to the ECHR but not the EU.
5. Miners and Hillsborough and the copper who quit.

measured said...

This week’s countdown:

1. At number five, ‘Slamming Shut the Transit Van Doors’ by Ford. This is the business, folks. No time for depression. They are on the off.

2. At number four, more ‘Navel Gazing at the BBC’ by the Paedos. On their way down.

3. Yes, here they are, in at number three. Have We Been Badgering on Enough?’ by the Incompetents who are currently on tour with Can They Ever Make up Its Mind?

4. At number two, it’s that old mistress the EU ‘Money for Nothing and Chips for Free’.

5. And Number One, they have made it! An absolutely sensational rise. We had never heard of them until this week, but live in the studio with ‘Will you Support Another Football Team to Save Money’ IT IS …..SDHAFT (Slough Does Have A Football Team)!

Take it away, boys.

Graeme said...

1/ should Obama win the election?

2/ is it good for sportspersons to take performance-enhancing drugs?

3/ why is it that corporation tax seems to be optional for large multinational companies and what can be done about it (other than simplify the tax code and reduce the rate)?

4/ given that all gas companies are increasing their tariffs, when are we going to start frakking?

5/ when will Savile be disinterred, beheaded and his head left to rot on a lamppost outside Broadcasting House?

Graeme said...

the best question would be...if the EU imposes an FTT, what benefit does the UK retain from pretending to be part of the EU any longer?

Budgie said...

1. UK return to growth - is Millibean responsible for the sensational turnaround in our fortunes having overturned the Thatcherist tendencies of the Tory-led Coalition?

2. Savile and the Tories: it's all Thatcher's fault for giving away the Pill, the morning after pill, abortions and condoms for 12 year olds; says the BBC.

3. James Bond - all the glamour; all the cars; all the girls; no bullets and no STDs and no speeding tickets. The man's a phenomenon!

4. Wicked Thatcherist job cuts (Argos, Ford) make a mockery of the putative GDP growth which will probably be revised downwards anyway. "It wouldn't happen if I was in charge", says Vince.

5. Police elections - is this a stirring of democracy, or a hateful Thatcherist legacy to wrest democratic control from innocent socialist councilors and hand it over to third-rate populists.

Nick Drew said...

well here in Dublin Savile is still top billing so it has to get another airing I s'pose. It's

1) Savile
2) badgers (clearly should have been last week but we keep trying)
3) 1%, segue to ...
4) Ford pulling out of Dagenham (Slough, Dagenham, both on the Thames)
5) in & out of Europe / ECHR: scotland, UK as a whole, semi-detached status, will they kick us out, will they let the scotties back in etc

Bill Quango MP said...

Right Why no response to my tweet of the week?

Jimmy Sommerville tweets "For some reason I've been getting a lot of hate mail"



The girls are getting very feisty on QT. I recognise Claire Perry now.
She is good. Managed to get applause from Slough.

Right then, first question: With today’s announcement of the GDP figures, are these the first sign of “green shoots”?
Left say no. Right say cautiously yes. So probably going to get an Xmas boost mild 1% again and then a poor Jan/Feb if the weather is bad.

Q2: Is the proposal to limit child benefit to the first two children fair and reasonable?

Eugenics! China! The end of civilisation! Nasty party only want kids for the rich!
Thornberry uses every falsehood and exaggeration she can flap at.

UKIp are doing very well on this question. Dave , take note. get a working class scouser on the team.

Q3:Has the BBC been fatally damaged in the public’s mind as a result of the Savile scandal?
No. Just temporarily. All agree its not the Beebs fault. Unusual. But there we are

Q4: prisoners right to votes. {I am on a roll tonight}

Q5: In recent polls, Lib Dems came fourth behind UKIP. Should they leave the coalition before they lose any support they still have? {that's stopped my 5 for 5. And there is no way this was the most popular question from the audience. no way at all.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ - 8 oh yeah

Dick the pop Picker {I like that DJ idea and am going to steal it.} - 6 smashes

Hopper in the afternoon- 4 {started so well then went a bit off piste?}

gsd the hairy frostie - - 4 {but + 1 for the runway 'cause I'm sure that was the 5th question rather than the real made up lib/ukip one} - 5

Malcolm 'Tong' Tucker - 6 hits

'our tune' Measured - 4. Niicee!

'multi-colored swap' Graeme - bit off tonight - 2

Budgie 'friday rock show' Vance -4

Nick 'Pop Quiz' Drew - 4.

The winner is me. And about time.

Electro-Kevin said...

"Tough on babies, tough on the causes of babies."

"Limiting people to one child"

And they accuse the Daily Mail of hysteria ???