Wednesday 10 October 2012

The best speech award goes to..

Good speech from Cameron. 

Measured and calm and full of resolve. He had the now obligatory back story too. I expect come the leaders debates all three will be telling us 'whatever happens I've had a great time and its been a wonderful journey and I'm so proud of me family..'

So good.. good plus even. If not great.

For me the real eyeopener was old blondie, Boris Johnson.
 For the first time I could see it. Not just as an MP or as the London Mayor, but as a party leader. I could see people saying '..well..I like I'd vote for him.'
 A very good, showy, funny and flamboyant speech from Boris Johnson.

He has that knack of making politics accessible. Miliband, in his well received speech, said 'One Nation' every 95 seconds to try to make his point. 
Boris says "Hobnobs and Marks and Spencer' and we all get it instantly.

Democrats wrote Reagan off as a shallow movie star. Arnie was 'a no talent Austrian bodybuilder.' 
Clint Eastwood couldn't be a town mayor because he had no political base and no executive training...and he was thought to favour shooting perps over due process!
And that was before today's ever more celebrity obsessed, reality life, vote on/vote off, networked pick n' mix culture.

Could get very interesting.


Blue Eyes said...


I popped over earlier to see if you'd written anything yet. Have only seen the Twitter highlights but only ONE person I follow had anything bad to say about Cameron's speech.

Boris is very clever. He's shot the Boris v Dave media fox. Blair and Brown never killed it and eventually it killed both of them.

Boris to fill some kind of front-line campaign role come 2015?

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Max Hastings hates Boris. That's good enough for me. Boris for PM.

James Higham said...

I'd be all for him if it wasn't for his stance on gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

I used to dislike Cameron, not a real conservative.

But seriously, in what way is Boris to the right of Cameron?

He supports Amnestys, Bailouts, very socially liberal. What has he said about cutting the deficit?
He infact wants to increase spending to 'boost' the economy.

We'd be better off with David Davis or John Redwood or the like, but they aren't the media's kind of candidate so we wont see them on the 10oc news.