Tuesday 16 October 2012

The Company He Keeps

Speaking of colourful capitalists, my word doesn't Nat Rothschild keep interesting company?  Deripaska, Mandelson, little George Osborne of course and, they do say, Saif Gaddafi.  "Interests in Montenegro, Romania and Ukraine" - and Brazil, Russia, Indonesia ... Today's news is all about him and the noisy crowd at Vallar / Bumi.

Talk about Capitalists at Work!  What an adornment to the City of London - and still only 41. We shall continue to follow his career with interest.  What will the history books say?



idle said...
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idle said...



Sebastian Weetabix said...

What happened to the first comment?? A whiff of sulphur and/ or libel?

Budgie said...

"What will the history books say?"

That he really was a Lizard?

Anonymous said...

"What will the history books say?"

Symptom of the decline and fall.