Thursday 1 November 2012

Question Time: Sandy special

From London. With David Miliband,{The nearly man of politics. Quite likeable really.} Jerry Springer,{Talk show host, opera show, Democrat and hooker connoisseur,}    Kwasi Kwarteng,{Safe seat Tory. Parachuted in as part of operation huggies. By all accounts does a decent job} Colleen Graffy {former deputy assistant secretary of nothing to nobody. Republican.} and Shami Chakrabarti.{Human rights queen making her first outing of the still 3 or 4 more to go.}

BBC determined to do a US edition for QT so this is going to be difficult and probably tedious too.
To try and give you the political background to the panel imagine the first question is 'would you kiss Obama?'

Dave - Yes, but mainly from behind and rear.
Jez - Defo- he's a man God
Kwasi- Yes, but no tongues
Colly - not if he was the last male alive and I had 1 day to live.
Shami- Its a nightly fantasy
DickieD - well..there's a first time for everything..

Enter your guess for what you believe the regional audience will ask of the panel. Maximum of 5 guesses allowed. Various special rules apply that are hidden even more cunningly than on your utility companies website.

BQ thinks.
1. Did Sandy show Obama to be THE President?
2. Global warming flooded America. Are you Yanks sorry about all your pollution?
{Is actually a question about no more windmills in UK}
3. Something about extradition and Gary the UFO. Explains why it wasn't in last weeks show.
4. EU veto. Will Dave dare throw our herbal tea in the Channel and declare a tax rebellion {no}
5. Disney/Starwars. Are Republicans all on the dark side?


Nick Drew said...

if anyone does well this week, they've done very well indeed

I do not expect to be in that number

1) does Sandy show the US isn't as advanced a society as they like to think?
2) where next for Dave at the EU summit? (is he actually grinning from ear to ear?)
3) when does the PPI payout end - when all UK banks have been beggared?
4) Rentacop at the Met, is it justifiable?
5) Savile part 94, some new angle I can't begin to guess (which presumably qualifies me for nul points ...)

gsd said...

Hi all. On BQ's advice I'll try to be quite USA-y this week!

1) Could the vast amount of money spent by both sides in the US election be put to better use?

2) What effect will the US election have on the world economy - and is the "fiscal cliff" likely to be fallen off of?

3) Cameron loosing the vote on the EU budget - meaningless posturing by the "rebels" or democracy at work?

4) Should the extradition treaty with the US be re-written/rebalanced?

5) Will the US's declining influence in the Arab Spring states be good or bad for the region as a whole?

Dick the Prick said...

Well, at least Simon Schama's not on to call everyone stoopid who can't see Obamessiah as the parousiaic panacea.

1) Sandy, do yoo remember me, Sandy? Is it just me who thinks it was just a bit of weather and turned out quite mild all in all? Whingers. Shouldn't have built wooden houses, should ya?

2) Romney wants to get rid of FEMA, isn't that tantermount to wanting to kill American children in their beds after decapitating their teddy bears?

3) Romney and the 47% of federal parasites - how can a Pwesident be so beastley?

4) Europe budget increase and Labour's volte face. Heard wee Doogie (their general election campaign manager - no, seriously!) do some pathetic verbal contortions blaming it all on Cammo.

5) US foreign policy - China vs Ruskies.

(was gonna mention McKinnon but the Yanks won't either have heard of him or give a shit and the Brits will just agree with each other except Universal Shami wibbling irrelevant shite so...)

As per Nick, this is a toughie so bravo to anyone scoring well.

measured said...

Good Evening, Bill. It is good to see you are less injured but firing on all guns.
The most interesting news is overseas this week but here we go, boys and girls:
1. Has Sandy saved Obama or ensured a Romney roof rack invigoration? Poor dog.
2. The EU budget given the EU is to give 80m euros to move the Ford factory to Turkey. Who is the turkey? Poor turkey.
3. Will the problem of Northern Ireland ever go away? Poor Protestants.
4. China could end up making our infrastructure solutions. Water, now airports, next paddy fields, ending up with a rip off of a felis leo tory grandee statute in Pall Mall? A poor country.
5. Finally, no, not Putin’s back injury but the poor sod who listed the Greek names who have Swiss bank accounts? Will they give the tax evaders instalment plans? Poor bloke.

Timbo614 said...

We might have jerry Springer - but it is in London!

1) Should the MET sell Scotland Yard or tear it down rebuild it. Possibly in the shape of a giant truncheon to rival the Shard :)

2) US elections - bound to come up Has Sandy Saved Obama's Bacon?

3) Possibly the "Great Bargain" - Jerry is this simply the rape of the poor to pay wall street?

4) EU budget posturing, is it all bollocks and Dave will Cave.

5) Bring down our beer tax!! No more Escalators on anything! Including petrol ( or should I say gas this week!) - it will end up as expensive as baccy :(

Hopper said...

1. Will Sandy make the Americans take global warming seriously? Al Gore for president!
2. EU budget: why should they be the only ones not to make cuts?
3. Theresa pushing Internet snooping again, is there any case for it? [see my rant on the subject]
4. Livepool Pathway: kill granny to save money?
5. Panel: who would you vote for in the US Election and why?

Blue Eyes said...

Child Benefit for high earners.

Budgie said...

Oops, missed it, the highlight of the week - our dose of BBC think.

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1: I voted for Obama, optimistic about mandate for hope and change, reality’s very different. Does he deserve another four years?

Q2: Will the world be a safer or more dangerous place if Mitt Romney becomes US president?

Well that's a balanced question. As expected this program is a complete farce. I'd no more vote for Romney than I would vote Brown back in, but no one except Americans have a clue about US politics.
They've mentioned 3 supreme court judgments already. Who knows what they are?
half hour gone already. Seems longer.

Q3: Is Nick Clegg right to claim bringing powers back from Brussels is ‘a false promise wrapped in a Union Jack’?

Q4: Is the energy minister right in saying there are enough onshore turbines, or is he tilting at windmills?

Q5: Was Dame Helen Ghosh right to say Mr Cameron freezes women out of senior government positions in favour of “old Etonian clique”?

That's a very QT non story.

OK scores.

Budgie said...

Since I haven't seen it here goes:

1. The wonderful and only: Banana O'bama and the Floods. Is his real name Sandy?

2. The EU and fake eurosceptic Boy Dave.

3. More Jimmy Saville fall out.

4. Hitachi and Duke Nukem, have they saved Dave from the attack of the windmills?

5. the NHS - 'cos there must be something about the envy of the world. Perhaps.

Timbo614 said...


You didn't miss anything, especially the last question, I switched off after it was asked.

Bill Quango MP said...

Dreadful episode.Probably seemed like a good idea before sandy. Well, it wasn't before and a worse idea after.

"So..what have we learned? .."

BQ - 5
ND - 3
gsd - 3
DP - 6 very very good
Measured - 4
Timbo 614 - 4
Hopper - 4
Blue Eyes - be is being cryptic. Has a post up at his place about child benefit and taxation. Its very lively and well worth a read.
Budgie - oh go on..4 good for a late entry. No NHS since Lansley.

Winner was Dick the Prick on a very tough game.
DP you get to choose the next President of the United States.
Anyone. Anyone at all in the worl except Bush or Brown who are excluded.
Bush because he's already been prez twice and Brown because he's mad.

Dick the Prick said...

Whoo hoo. I wouldn't vote for either of 'em.

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