Thursday 6 December 2012

Question Time: Balls ballsed up his big speech edition.

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Liverpool. On the panel: Francis Maude MP, minister for the cabinet office; Andy Burnham MP, Labour's shadow health secretary; Tim Farron MP, president of the Liberal Democrats; Lionel Barber, editor of the Financial Times; and Leanne Wood AM, leader of Plaid Cymru.

Might even make it back in time to watch.

BQ hasn't a clue 
1. Autumn statement
2 Starbucks paying more tax than they were asked too. That's very nice of them.
3 Preggy  Princess
4. Looks like the panel is stuffed for some sort of NHS cuts question. Lets say A&E.
5. Max Clifford..whoever next? I always thought Peter Glaze on crackerjack looked well dodgy.

EDIT: From this day forth it shall be decreed that the first born of the royal house of Windsor Saxe-Coburg shall be known as 


that's put a bit of a crimp in the teatowel sales.


measured said...

1. Ed Balls’ balls up. The debt didn’t go up. Well, it did, but exceptionals made sure it didn’t. R R R Rongfooted phonetically speaking. The benefit cuts on the poor but protecting the wealthy pensioners. Psst .. no one mention inflation or votes.

2. Wait times at NHS hospitals where, correct me if I’m wrong, spending has gone down. These promises.

3. Starbucks to pay but can we make others? Tax vs. morality. Makes a change from religion. BQ, Starbucks aren’t ‘nice’.

4. Northern Ireland flag flying. Honestly. Knock heads together and make a hollow noise. Same old separatist issues.

5. What if Assad uses chemical weapons? Advice (serious): Smells like pickled radish and climb up onto roofs to escape nerve gas.

You are all waiting for me, huh? It won't help you. No form.

Hopper said...

1. Benefit near-freeze; is this the long bleak winter of austerity?
2. Now we hounded Starbucks into paying more tax, should we go after Amazon/Google/Apple et al?
3. NHS nurses don't care (MP's father neglected), or are the PCTs just out of money?
4. Legal change to allow Wills+Kate daughter to trump Harry in succession - was it the right thing to do?

lilith said...

1. Is it right that HMRC is now operating a protection racket? Wouldn't it be better to change the tax rules?

2. Is Climate Change so last year? Doha etc

3. Should nurses be put through psychometric tests or should family/volunteers take over the caring side of health"care"?

4. How the hell is the UK ever going to get out of the financial mess Labour left? Should the government just appropriate our wages at source?

5. Is it time to stop arresting famous old men for alleged crimes that cannot be proven?

Electro-Kevin said...

It was a Tory balls up.

Why ?

Because the BBC are showing the front bench laughter out of context - accompanied with a voiceover about austerity and cuts.

Electro-Kevin said...

My effort:

1. Is Max Clifford suffering from too much exposure ?

2. Just how much piss does it take to make a Starbucks Americano to sell to the British public who happen to be providing their underpaid employees through taxes ?

3. Did Kate really tell Wills to get lost and take his chopper with him when he found her puking in the en suite ?

4. Overcrowding in hospitals is all down to old English people who were stupid enough to pay their taxes. Should we ban them from using it ?

5. Isn't the Hacked Off petition turning out to be a disappointment bearing in mind half of the contributors belong to the Mouse family and also bearing in mind all the free advertising the BBC gave it when it was launched ?

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Austerity for everyone. All in it together. Not really but more so.

2. Royal succession. About time. Now why can't the bishops move into the 18th century?

3. NHS nurses uncaring. Maybe another degree needed? Caring for oldies?

4.Starbucks coughed up. By themselves. The Guardian always says it will pay more tax when others do. Is now the time they should put their 'living wage' , 'no more offshore', 'pay a fair tax' money where there big, hectoring mouth is?

5.NI and the flag thing. Why?

And EK is right. BBC have been particularly shameless over the laughter edit.
And Starbucks. Every time they mention corporations they do say 'has paid no corporation tax in the UK.'
But imply, "have paid NO TAX EVER' in the UK.
Its very misleading.

Nick Drew said...

1. Does this mean England will win the RWC in 2015?

2. So, Egypt - what was all that Arab Spring about, then ? (And is Syria stuffed ?)

3. what would the panel have done with that unclaimed lottery £££?

4. that austerity in full

5. Ok then, the Princess ! Isn;t she loverly?

(Does that prove I'm not a robot?)

DtP said...

Hilsbrough with decent and legitimate beef.

Bill Quango MP said...

First question: Do the panel agree with George Osborne – are we all in this together?

Q2: How does the government plan to ensure that care and compassion is restored into the NHS?

Q3. do the panel trust the press to regulate themselves?
{odd question. Cuts Leveson and NHS in one session. its a super bore fest. BBC must have thought Liverpool! They talk about nothing else! }

Q4 Starbucks.

Not a great show, but there have been worse. Plyd always bring everything down.


BQ - 6
Measured - 7
Hopper - 6
lilith - 6
EK - 7
MT - 6
ND - 2

Well done all. An easy one [ND ..too much chateau neuf?}

Winners are EK and Measured

Prize is to pick the name of the royal baby.male and female please.

{please not King Kev!}

Nick Drew said...

no no, it was the Guinness, there is a limit to what can be achieved in Dublin airport

Electro-Kevin said...


Covers both eventualities. Opposite sex twins too - or even same sex twins if one turns out to be a lesbian or a homosexual.

Win win.

measured said...

Resisting all temptation to say My name is Lucky,

Pimp-Mythrone and Charmaine-Regina

They need to demonstrate that we are all this together.

BQ, can we have back the league table next season?

Electro-Kevin said...

Bertrude works as Berty or Trudy ... or both !

James Higham said...

Apparently, according to the Mail and it must be true, you can tell from people's eyes.