Thursday 13 December 2012

Question Time : Frack You! Edition.

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Bristol. On the panel: Justine Greening MP,{recently sideways demoted MP for airports and speedy trainz} Secretary of State for International Development; Stella Creasy {one of the big beasts of team Ed. Yet to show why he feels this is this case.}MP, Shadow Home Office Minister; Cross-bench peer Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer;{says it all}  author Will Self, { perennial QT plant. Highly conceited and often hugely entertaining, in a liberal sort of way.} and Peter Hitchens, {Highly conceited and often hugely entertaining, in an illiberal sort of way} Columnist for the Mail on Sunday.

BQ reckons
1. Gay marriage fudge
2. The insult law must be reformed
3. Fracking. Its the new class war.
4. Government collusion with assasination
5. School league tables

Too busy at the moment to post, even though sales look very patchy, its still busy. HMV look like they are about to fall over. Amazon go from strength to strength.  Action was really needed in 2001 during the internet infancy. By the time my fellow politicos realise they should have done something it will be 2020. Still, the biggest beneficiaries have been us, the consumer.


Graeme said...

1/drugs must be legalised
2/ same-sex marriage - a sine qua non for a civilised country
3/all those earthquakes from fracking - so much more exciting than having no electricity from windmills in the last week
4/is the country ready for another very cold winter
5/minimum alcohol pricing - why give the benefit to supermarket chains

CityUnslicker said...

Poor nurse and comedy radio
gay marriage - religon for Peter!
HS3 for Bristol

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Maria Miller: did her advisor make things even worse by trying to bully the reporter/paper?

2) Autumn Statement's fiscal drag on benefits: a cunning plan to get welfare spending down in a controlled fashion or the next u-turn?

3) Same sex marriage: any measure less than full equality will end up in the ECHR, won't it?

4) Drugs: should any be legalized?

5) The Severn Barrage - will it (well any of the possible "its" - there are lots of schemes) ever get built now that fracking has the go-ahead? And is that a good or a bad thing?

Malcolm Tucker said...

1 God, church and marriage.
2 Maria Miller. Time to 'step aside'?
3 Alcohol pricing
4 Fracking and objections
5 Nurse prank call and some legislation needed nonsense.

Timbo614 said...

Hello all,

There seems to be fewer of us each week...

1) The "Royal" Nurse, the real reasons and the fallout (Chasing the wrong Bruce and Sheila)

2) Fracking - were off - There's gas in them thar hills!

3) It IS the beeb so Gay marriage will get a look in - probably a big one

4) The Cleggy and the Internet go to sea, The e-stuff must stay free. Coalition split thing

5) Hitchins is there so something for him to spout about an awful lot, possibly University intake is way down who'd a thunk it at 40 grand a pop.

Hopper said...

1. Google Chairman says low tax paying is capitalism at work, cue froth and rage.
2. Media pranks have consequences, why isn't there regulation; leading on to:
3. Government bullying of Torygraph. WTF?
4. Energy price rises, no escape, time to frack?
5. Bristol local question: no, I got nothing. Something about schools? (waves hands vaguely)

Budgie said...

1. Now the euro is saved and Eurozone bank regulation is steaming ahead at the latest summit, is Cameron isolated? Will it leave Britain isolated just as Thatcher intended? Will we have to join the euro to avoid being isolated?

2. Illegal rendition - this was definitely Thatcher's fault (cont. p94).

3. Bahrain, next to topple after Syria? Should Cameron send our not-aircraft carrier with its not-Harriers to not bomb the shit out of them, whoever they are?

4. Could we use windmills to frack Lancashire, especially to create lots of holes in Blackburn?

5. Miller spills it all on Leveson. PM backs Miller so she is in for the chop? Does it leave Cameron isolated? (Isn't that q1? - Ed).

measured said...

1. Gay marriage. The world should welcome a new form of birth control. The Church has to bend over?

2. An international Q. North Korea shooting into space, Iran, Syria, Israel and now China over Japan…..who has nuclear weapons and keeps very quiet, Israel, Pakistan, India?

3. Freaky fracking. Even if it doesn’t work, an excellent message to all those lovely overseas companies.

4. Nurses and death. Not taxes on this occasion. Will Self will be good on this. Run for cover, press.
5. I see Litvinenko had links to MI6. Now the Libyan. Where’s Control, Miss Moneypenny?

Happy Christmas BQ.

Nick Drew said...

yes, it has to be ...

1) fracking (are we all agreed? and is this a record, Mr Q?)
2) radio pranksters - is rendition too good for them?
3) violence etc at the footy
4) err

am I too late ?

Nick Drew said...

yes, it has to be ...

1) fracking (are we all agreed? and is this a record, Mr Q?)
2) radio pranksters - is rendition too good for them?
3) violence etc at the footy
4) err

am I too late ?

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimby says "I must just stress...none of our panel know the questions..Do you? DO YOU!!!?"

Don't worry, its not even as easy to guess as it looks.

First question: Is the large number of Tory MPs opposing gay marriage symptomatic of a party out of touch with contemporary society?
Anti-Tory slant n that one? Just a tad.
Hitch says Dave hates his party. that was my post! Coming up next!

Q2: With almost three million more foreign residents since 2001, is Britain no longer British?

Q3: Is it fair to vilify the two Australian DJs for the unintended tragic consequences of their hoax phone call?

Q4: Should the use of illegal drugs be decriminalised?

Q5: Do you believe that the housing minister was right to advise against giving food or money to homeless people?

Dimby let Will Self have plenty of time to talk. Not good chairing. Full Fact on twitter was excellent.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ- 2
Graeme - 5
CU - 4
gsd - 7
Malcolm Tucker - 5
Timbo614 - 5
Hopper -3
Budgie - way off! - 1
Measured - 4 {and a very happy Christmas to you. - Master Quango, age 4, is King Herod in the nativity.
"What are you going to - No!
Towel on your head?
- No!
What then?
- Spiderman mask.

Shame I can't attend. }

ND - 2 {I think that was a record. Even more unlikely was it wasn't even asked!}

No more until January. Xmas off for everyone.

Winner was a very good 7 by gsd who gets to choose what Santa brings for Christmas - 1 gift only.

gsd said...

Hi again all. Don't know how I managed that!

An ideal prezzy to the country would be:

Government policy to be driven by common sense & need rather than lobbyists,focus groups & spin-worthiness.

gsd said...

PS merry Christmas & happy new year to everyone!

Bill Quango MP said...

A noble gift.

Merry Christmas.

DtP said...