Friday 11 January 2013

Friday fun - Von Rompuy's Express

A long while since we've done a Friday fun easy day.
Today, we are looking for the best altered film titles about UKIP

BQ offers -

  •  Von Rompuy's Express
  • {Not} Being There
  • The Exitist
  • The French Coercion
  • The French Coercion II
  • Sunday bloody Sunday working time directive

And yours into the comments.
Winner gets to add a sentence or two to Cameron's upcoming Europe declaration.


Nick Drew said...

- Dr No No No
- One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo's Nest
- Farage-go
- Some Like It Out
- 60 million Angry Men
- The Brussels UItimatum

and a few that need no translation ...

- Raging Bull
- Help!
- Do The Right Thing
- Deliverance
- The Great Escape

showingmyage said...

Honey I shrank the EU
EUrassic Park
Indian Jones and the Temple of dEUm

Malcolm Tucker said...

The full Monti
From here to Eu-ternity
The wizard of odds

DtP said...

Kill Bill (Cash)

The Guns of Neverown

The Man who broke the bank of everywhere but Monte Carlo

Demetrius said...


Kynon said...

A Bridge Too Far(age)
My Big Fat Greek Disaster
Working (Time Directive) Girl
Nine To Five (with a mandatory 30 minute break)
The Crow(ther)
How Low(e) Can You Go?
The British Identity
The Brussels Supremacy

Anonymous said...

The good the bad and the Rompuy
Its a wonderful lie
Moaning Lisa
Mutiny on the Sovereignty

Benny Hill said...

I've seen Moaning Lisa but it had nothing to do with the EU?

WV: IBGiver!!!

dearieme said...

The Italian Job
The French Job
The German Job

Nick Drew said...

- Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Currency
- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Overpaid MEPs
- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Maastricht
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Commission
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Ashton

idle said...

A Tale of Two Constituencies

England, my England

Funeral in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Athens, etc

Far from the Madrid Crowd

(Too many) Roman (Bank) Holidays

(Kilroy) Silk Stockings

About Time, Schmidt

Bill Quango MP said...

One of Our Aircraft is Missing

The usual skeptics

{give them} Das Boot

In/out Bruges

Empire of the sunk

Leaving Las Palmas

CityUnslicker said...

51st state
(hang about, that was a really bad film was it not)?
Un-Iron Lady
Muder in the Rue Monti
Mr Bean goes on Holiday
Battle of the Bruges
Their Finest Decades
Springtime for Merkel
The English Patience

idle said...

Never Say Heffer Again

Missus Merkel Burning

Good Night, and Bad Luck

The Sinking of the Barroso

Farewell, My Lovelies

Electro-Kevin said...

Sixteen and one Damned-nations


Mit den Fuckers(in the circle of distrust)

The Blair Stitch Project

Nightmare on Downing Street

Star Wars (well... give it time)

Little Voice

Deaf an' De-Nile


Electro-Kevin said...

A Tale of Two Titties (Clegg and Cameron)

Film ???

Electro-Kevin said...

...another Alien...

The Borrowers

Lost in Translation (our sovereignty that is)

Glad 'e ate 'er (Staring Berlusconi & Strauss Kahn)

... yet MORE bloody Aliens !

Anonymous said...

A European Werewolf in London
Fear and Loathing in Brussels
From Brussels with Love
Sleepless in Strasbourg
Out of Europe
Maastricht Burning
Heilander [sorry :-) ]

Couldn't sleep........

Bock's Office Manager said...

A streetcar named Desire (to get out of here)
From here to Euternity
Three Ring Circus (starring Rumpypumpy, Barrosso amd Merkel)

Electro-Kevin said...

American Pry

Any Which Way You Lose

Ava-tart (Berlusconi again)


Electro-Kevin said...

Trains, Planes and Automobiles ...and clinging to the undersides of lorries at Calais

The Great Vane Robbery (wind turbines)

Alien - The Hidden Dimension (because that's what we're going to need to fit them all in !)

---And finally from E-K---

Alexander the Grate (sic)

A shoddy 'B' movie in which a little Scottish prat tells a disaffected audience that leaving Europe is as easy as sleepwalking - if only !

3D the prefered option so that you can pretend to strangle the bastard.