Thursday 3 January 2013

Maybe my prediction Mojo isn' that bad?

I won this after all, now I have to decided where to spend the free bets. It seems churlish not to spend them on political betting...

 - On a Berlusconi victory or defeat?
- A long bet on a thumping Labour majority at the next election?
-  Merkel to lose the German election later this year?

What's the advice from the readership?


DtP said...

Well done Sir!

He did a post on a tub thumping Labour victory and the odds were pretty short so it'd defo be a good way to convert to cash.

Hmm...I think the old Berlusconi thing may be a bit of a rouse - the man's getting on a bit and even Italians may not see the funny side.

I've already written off 2013 as one of the most boring political years we're likely to experience for a while so i'd be going for next cabinet minister to go (with Huhne & Mitchell ready to be rejobbed). Clegg to get putsched, Cameron to get ousted (although apparently he noshed off the 1922 to great acclaim).


Well done again though.

Elby the Beserk said...

Bet? That the USA will teeter on the edge of the fiscal cliff at least another ten times before their economy actually does collapse

andrew said...

There is always added 'weight' to your opinion when there is some skin in the game

My view is that they (milliband and cameron) are both good people trying their best but our expectations are set too high and we need to understand how big our problems are and how little government can achieve..

One good example was the target of sending 50% of all children to uni. This was supposed to guarantee a prosperous nation and lots of good jobs. The end result seems to be heading towards a degree costing 60k, the realisation that the job at the end does not really require a degree in many cases - or the job does not exist and so applications fall.

Steven_L said...

Well done, happy New Year indeed! Can you bet it on the result of the Falklands referndum and just pocket the 500 quid? Or is it one of those free bets where you only bag the winnings?

William Hill are offering 6/1 on your Spain to be first to leave the Euro, but you might be waiting a long time there.

4/1 on South Africa to win the ICC Champions Trophy looks good value on the sport bets.

Personally I'd probably just take it into thh virtual casino and bet 50 quid on 1,4,7,14,17,20,22,23,35 and 36.

Good luck!

hovis said...

Congratulations; are you looking to bet properly? Alternatvely why not lay off on Betfair/BetDaq and trouser the £200 - 300 depending on the odds?

Budgie said...

andrew said: "My view is that they (milliband and cameron) are both good people trying their best but our expectations are set too high ...".

And who sets those expectations if not the politicians themselves?

Andy JS said...

Belated congratulations on winning the PB competition.

I shall be reading this blog every day from now on!

Andy JS