Wednesday 9 January 2013


David Dimbleby chairs the first Question Time of 2013, from Lewisham in south London. Joining him on the panel are: Ed Davey, the energy and climate change secretary; Lord Prescott, former deputy prime minister; Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire; John Bird, founder of the Big Issue; and Times columnist Camilla Cavendish.

 Enter your guess for what you believe the regional audience will ask of the panel. Maximum of 5 guesses allowed. Various special rules apply that are hidden even more cunningly than on a apple iphone update.

Return of the league table?
Joker play?
Guess the soundbite?
Scoring the panel ?
Weakest link? 

Which gimmick{s} shall we employ for this season ?


Demetrius said...

Could Lord Prescott inform us of the nature and extent of the property investments held by or on behalf of members of his family.

andrew said...

Catchphrase bingo.

James Higham said...

Can't wait to try to understand it again, Bill. :)

Graeme said...

what a panel! Do we get to watch them exhanging the single braincell that they possess?

Kynon said...

Hmm. In no particular order:

1. Does the panel think it is appropriate for serving MPs to appear on "popular" (I use the term very loosely) television shows if it prevents them representing their constituents (aka - Dorries gets a kicking)?

2. Something about fracking/renewables, since Ed Davey is there.

3. Someone is bound to talk about the proposed 1% cap on benefits (it is a Big Issue, after all).

4. M&S's disappointing annual results - beginning of (another) decline/fall of a UK institution?

5. Two Jags/Shags/god-knows-how-many-houses-Prescott to get a shoeing for hypocritical mocking of Tory expense claims when his own were, um, just about as dodgy (broken toilet seats etc)?

Hopefully some of that translates into English - it is early after all.

CityUnslicker said...

Surely some bonus points for actually watching the show must be in order!
verified by making a comment after it has started that shows actual watching!

Blue Eyes said...

Agree with CU, although to get me to watch the show would require a bit more than a bonus point.

EU - should we have a referendum, should we do what America tells us.
Andrew Marr - is running deadly?
Digital switchover - should the rich be forced to buy big flat tellies to boost the economy?
Food waste - will Lord Prescott be doing his bit to reduce the amount thrown away?

DtP said...

Even Biased BBC have stopped doing their live blog (as has Guido for PMQs - maybe libel issues) so the requirement to get absolutely blottoed afore yee watch has grown in importance.

1) Benefits - isn't it all just tragic? Isn't it tho, isn't it?

2) Starving kiddies, food banks - oh, les horreux, les dispicablals etc etc ad nauseaum (although, maybe not in this case!) If someone doesn't mention the massive amounts of food wated here then my name's Mariella Frosties.

3) Some bollox about energy policy - y'ad think - fuel poverty or the like (which, tbf, i'm all onboard the oligopolistic rip off that my house feels).

4) Homelessnessnessness & maybe affordable housing as split sides of the same pffenig.

5) Is Nads mad, is she? Is she barking? nah, seriously - a UKIP / Europe type question. The Speccie have a kite of Cammo's Euro speech and zzzzzzz

Good luck everybody & happy new year.