Thursday 21 February 2013

Question Time - Kate's a slag edition.

David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from St Paul's Cathedral in London. On the panel are business secretary and Liberal Democrat Vince "I am Incapable !!" Cable MP; Labour shadow health minister Diane 'tax the sodas' Abbott MP; former deputy prime minister Lord " One EU Nation" Heseltine; Rev Giles "of course you can come in..will you be staying long?" Fraser, who resigned from his position at St Paul's in 2011; and Mail on Sunday columnist Peter "fur flying" Hitchens.
This is the first time Question Time has been hosted from St Paul's. The debate takes place directly under the Cathedral's iconic dome.{bless}

Enter your guess for what you believe the audience will ask the panel. Maximum of 5 guesses allowed. Various special rules apply ;

rough scoring guide

bang on,as the script, right answer - 3 points
Close enough for government work, right answer -2 points
in the right ballpark - 1point
witty comments - 1 point
sole entrant to guess a question asked - 3 points
guessing a 'catchphrase/bandwagon/party message' spoken , accurately - 1point 
Only choosing 4 questions out of a possible 5, and only 4 are asked  - 1 point.
Posting first - 1 point
Predicting correct colour of Dimbleby's tie - 5 point {must guess before 9pm.}

  DTP correctly guessed the Dimbletie last week - well done him.

Remember - an Englishman/woman's  word is their bond. {Scotland and N.Ireland included for purposes of QT game. Welsh standing yet to come back from the international Question Time ruling committee}

This tournament is sponsored by Timbo 614
Week 6:

DtP 48
Botogol 45

BQ(MP) 45
kynon 44
Timbo614 43
Measured 41 
 ND 40
GSD 40

Hopper 31
Malcolm Tucker 33

Budgie 25

Blue Eyes 21

Idle 13
CU 7
James Higham - 3


Kynon said...

Dimbletie - pink & purple diamonds!

Questions to follow...

Nick Drew said...

an outbreak of wily gamesmanship by Kynon!


Dimbletie = predominantly pink

1) wealth tax qn for Vince and Hezza
2) woman-in-shoe qn for BQ
3) home-grown Islamo-terror (a C.Hitchens memorial qn for his bro)
4) should Aid budget be used for, ahem, *peace-keeping*? - one for the Rev
5) and an energy qn for yours truly - are the lights going out?

Kynon said...

Right, so.

1) Hilary Mantel/Kate Middleton: Daily Fail making a massive song & dance out of absolutely bugger all, or reflective of a bubbling undercurrent of anti-royalist sentiment?

2) Processed foods/fizzy pop/fat kids/fat parents (whoops, Diane Abbott's here): should the government impose yet more taxes on "unhealthy" products to dissuade those filthy poor folks from eating them? [Expect DA to spout waffle about gubmint having a duty of care to make decisions in the best interests of the populace as a whole blah blah, and they should be taxed into oblivion. It's illegal, immoral, or it makes you fat...]

3) Bank of England - Merv wanting more QE, pound falling vs the mighty YankeeDollah. Save us, Saint Vince! (Actual Q along the lines of "are we actually completely boned?" but in more polite terms).

4) Hmm. Something about the benefit caps (see story about the woman with the ruined ladyparts/11 children & the purpose built cooncil hoose? I expect Hitchens to have something to say about this being part of the destruction of Britain, and the Rev to say something about the Christian approach of caring for thy fellow man.

5) Must be something about Camoron flogging guns to, well, anyone that will buy them. Cheapening the role of a head of state? Not sure who will chip in on this one.

Nick Drew said...

to elaborate on (1): would a wealth tax deter wealth creation?

Kynon said...

ND - it's the sort of thing that'll never work unless you try it...sure it won't catch on!

(Plus, I had a rubbish week last week, I need the points if I'm to stay in contention!)

DtP said...

Are you Israeli? I don't participate in Israeli quizzes, i'm off!!

Oh, err...

1) Le Tax de La Mansion - is it right that houses over £2 million of your English pounds should incur a separate tax?

2) Health it right that no-one has been brought to book over the Mid Staffs extermination camp?

3) Welfare - how can the beastly government reduce benefits when inflation is oh sooo high - gnashing of teeth, wailing of mothers, starving cheeldren etc etc

4) RBS - should the gov give everybody some shares?

5) Should Mantell have slated Kate?

Le cravat de Dimblebore: Green & Black

Peter Hitchens to say "Outrageous" at least 5 times.

Good luck, unless you're a spotty Israeli student asking perfectly rational questions.

measured said...

1. Mansions? jewellery? pets? peeing?
2. Benefits – mother with 11 children up for taking the p*ss
3. McAlpine pursues Bercow in a game of taking a leak.
4. Jurors, caught in the act of ‘in your eye, ma lord’?
5. Getting it wrong. Our credit rating down the pan.

Pistorius – is he really to be freed because she peed?

True blue, BQ.

measured said...

Nah, forget no. 3 above. Please substitute with:

3. How can Kate be declared Mum of the Year when her baby isn't due for another 5 months. Rofl! She won't ever be the one having sleepless nights.

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Pryce trial: why was the case so confusing to the jury? (Secondary - does the panel think that Huhne regrets pleading guilty now?).

2) Romanian Immigration Guesstimates/Nick Cleggs radio phone in: Is this any way to run a country?

3) Should Ed Balls quit politics for 5 years to rehabilitate Labour under Ed M?

4) 11 kids, a pony & no job gets you a brand new house. Is the benefits system broken & if so how can we fix it?

5) Would it be a good thing to divert foreign aid money to defence/peacekeeping projects?

and Dimbletie = green.

Blue Eyes said...

I haven't read anyone else's suggestions. Scout's Honour. I also promise not to watch the show.

0) Tie: mauve

1) Is Osborne winning or losing.

2) Should the wealthy shoulder more of the burden? / The teachers and nursing assistants didn't cause the recession / Generic anti-success rhetoric.

3) Is peace-keeping worthy of DFID's money or is this just a sop to the Tory Right?

4) Should award-winning authors drink less while writing speeches?

Malcolm Tucker said...

I thought I might be first..but look at the queue!

Dimbytie - gold and swirls

1. My little pony story. At least Rebekkah Brookes worked for her free horse.

2.Occupy protest has been a failure. Discuss how 'no- it hasn't- waffle, waffle.'

3. Fat kids and the drink can tax.
Is there anything that isn't going to have its own tax? Sex tax? Bum tax..

4. Kate Middleton attack. Bit much! that's like picking on Felicity Kendall. Just not done.

5. The energy gap. Windmills on The Shard? Or is it all too late for that?

Bill Quango MP said...

Kynon! - First to post questions gets the point. Mr Drew, on the far side of the world, has it.

1. Mansion Tax. - Isn't it just fair that if the poorest are being forced to migrate because of HB cuts, then the richest should be forced to migrate because of mansion tax?
A nod to occupy will come to..for the Rev.

2.4G. When is 4 billion only 3 billion. Did 'nice but dim' George get his sums wrong again? or did the telecoms company not wish to transform themselves from top international companies to bankrupt shells all over again?

3. Is it right to call a national treasure a manufactured-bland shop window mannequin?
I wouldn't leave the Islington enclave for a while Hilary. The school run mums,will kick the crap out of you.

4.Woman / shoe / pony story. What a disgraceful story that's turned into.
One thing to add in favour of the council..Once the family move into the new house they are still getting two houses back. Leaving the family where they are or moving them doesn't much affect overall council housing stocks.

5.Immigration. Romanians and Bulgarians. Coming over here and taking our hardworking Polish families jobs! if those Roms and Bugs use up all the social housing where will we put all the Algerians and Moroccans and Syrians when they get here?

Dimble tie. Some horrible white and silver and red Christmas reject.

Blue Eyes said...

"Kynon! - First to post questions gets the point"

Finally some sanity to the rules! Three cheers for Bill Quango MP!

James Higham said...

Well I'm here but still totally nonplussed, Bill.

James Higham said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Botogol said...

Tie will be Bishop's purple

What a great panel :-)

Is it immoral to spend aid budget on peacekeeping

Is Hilary Mannequintel a pretend plastic historian

Are foreign cultures undermining the jury system

So is the government the Robin Hood of mansions taxing them from the rich in order to give them to the feckless poor

Why isnt st pauls free of charge like other museums ?

Timbo614 said...

I was going to post BE will be along soon complaining about Kynon not actually posting Q's, but he beat me to it :)

1) Shoe woman's shenanigans, is it right that she should be able to keep a pony at our expense(forget the rest we are in for it already!)

2) Having cynically/tactically read all the other posts first, I'm going to include that Kate/other woman thing although I haven't actually read about it so don't have clue what the question will be! But this is about Pregnant royalty + the BBC! If not this it will be an NHS question about whistle blowing doctors shopping their peers.

3) Let's be blunt, Thicko Jury exasperates a judge, (This is what I was getting at yesterday) who educated these "Jurors"???... "12 good men(women) and true" I thought also they were supposed to "your peers", If they don't understand the words "reasonable" "doubt" "perverting" or "justice" they are not my peers!

4) As this is Saint Paul's and the Reverend from the Occupy era is there, this will come up at some point, or will he bash bankers as revenge? The Q tho': Does he regret supporting Occupy?

5) Should we continue useful foreign aid or buy bombs for the foreigners to throw at other foreigners?

Basically too many choices this week, interesting panel so I'll watch (if iplayer does not collapse half way through again!)

Timbo614 said...

Ohh! DimbleTie: Purple! (8:59)

Budgie said...

From phone so short:
1. Bomb plot from Brum.
2. Tax dodgers named and shamed on HMRC. Public finances and January surplus mentioned.
3. Whistleblowers line for NHS - doctors use it the most. NHS deaths (mid Staffs) mentioned.
4. State of Syria and bombs.
5. Pistorius - yawn.

CityUnslicker said...

I am only just in so can't enter - am watching thouhg, its excruciating!!!

Blue Eyes said...

I've been catching up on The Killing (Series 2). Has anything of any interested whatsoever been said on QT?

Timbo I reckon I should get extra points for being predictable :-D

Bill Quango MP said...

I'm watching on catchup CU.
The dimbletie is piny purply flowers.

Q1 - trial by a jury of our peers.
Maybe that's a good use for the House of lords. Have three of those old duffers and that's the jury.

Q2: Heather Frost - I read she has been referred to as the shoe woman. Rather pleased about that. The story isn't about shoe's at all.

Vince Cable is very pro HF, but all rhetoric and no actual substance.

Q3: In London, white British are making up just 45% of population. Good or bad.

An ultra liberal relative and her NHS surgeon husband have sold up and headed for the shires because even in trendy north London they couldn't find a school where English was the first language for the majority of pupils.
When the Guardian mob are fleeing, and using the term 'white flight' I expect there is an issue.

The speed of change, rather than change itself, seems to be the problem.

Q4 4g auction. Flop.

Next week Eastleigh.. Should be fun. Or would be if it wasn't for the dreariest film maker ever ken Loach being on the panel.

Bill Quango MP said...

Ok - Scores

Dimbytie was a five way split
1 each to kynon, ND, BE, Botogol and Timbo.

ND - 4 +1+1 for first qs = 6

Kynon = 7 + 1 = 8

DTP - 3 + 1 for the Israel gag. Lol. = 4

Measured - straight 8

gsd - 6

Blue eyes - 4 + 1 for tie -2 for moaning {only kidding} = 5

Malcolm Tucker - 3

BQ -6

Jh - Ok , have 3 points to get you rolling. Next week just post some random questions about a} UKIP vote share and immigration b} Lib dem hold for eastleigh.c} Cameron's leadership troubles.

Botogol 3 + 1 + 1 for the museum Q - great q. = 5

Timbo614 6 + 1 = 7

Budgie - good late effort - 2

CU 1 for showing up.

Winners are kynon and Measured. Prize is to determine what is the first question asked of someone appearing for jury service.

Bill Quango MP said...

BE - Never heard of the killing. I'm becoming a tv recluse.

Kynon said...

Multiple replies to make this morning (and in no particular order):

BQ - The Killing really is very good - worth a watch.

BQ/BE/Timbo - I hold my hand up/hang my head in shame over the gamesman(person?)ship - my fault for not reading the rules properly! Apologies.

Nick Drew said...

bugger, I had the '45%' question last week when they were in Leicester

d'you think they trawl here for ideas?

in which case: Dimbletie for next week is a joke tie with a naked lady on the front

DtP said...

@Kynon - nonsense, all fair in this game, it's total war!!

Blue Eyes said...

I agree with DtP, it was definitely worth a try! I must set up some sort of alert rather than arrive here when there's a two minute gap at work.

The Killing is top notch Danish drama. The Danes are doing with 5 million customers what the French cannot do with 60 million customers. Although there is obviously a drought of good actors in Denmark - the cast overlaps by about 50% with Borgen.

Bill Quango MP said...

Goes out on twitter. Switch that annoying 'you have mail' type twitter alert on, on your phone.

Kynon said...

DtP/BE - I think I said above - nothing ventured, nothing gained (surely a sentiment that will gain a favourable reception in these parts...?)

BE - I dunno about the French/Danish drama comparison, did you watch Spiral ("Engrenages" I think the French title was)? Also, I have the RSS subscription set up for here but don't always have time to check...

measured said...

Tarot cards or Ouji board?

Daniel Lee said...

That was probably the most un-funny video ive ever seen. not funny atall. To see more info please visit Paddy mcguiness is a ledge!!

Agence communication said...

"" David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from St Paul's Cathedral in London. On the panel are business secretary and Liberal Democrat Vince "I am Incapable !!" Cable MP; Labour shadow health minister Diane 'tax the sodas' Abbott MP; former deputy prime minister Lord " One EU Nation" Heseltine; Rev Giles "of course you can come in..will you be staying long?" Fraser, who resigned from his position at St Paul's in 2011; and Mail on Sunday columnist Peter "fur flying" Hitchens.
This is the first time Question Time has been hosted from St Paul's. The debate takes place directly under the Cathedral's iconic dome.{bless}""