Thursday, 14 March 2013

Question Time :Pope Frankie edition

 BQ is feeling most unwell. Nothing about the panel or venue encourages one to emerge from the sickbed. {sorry Taff} So I shall post my guesses but they DON'T count as FIRST.
*Someone post the actual dimbytie colour please.

David Dimbleby presents from Cardiff. On the panel are Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office; Chuka Umunna MP, Shadow Business Secretary for Labour; Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of Welsh Liberal Democrats; Leanne Wood AM, Leader of Plaid Cymru; and shopkeeper and investor Theo Paphitis.

 rough scoring guide

Bang on,as the script, right answer - 3 points
Close enough for government work, right answer -2 points
in the right ballpark - 1point
witty comments - 1 point
sole entrant to guess a question asked - 3 points
guessing a 'catchphrase/bandwagon/party message' spoken , accurately - 1point 
Only choosing 4 questions out of a possible 5, and only 4 are asked  - 1 point.
Posting first - 1 point
Predicting correct colour of Dimbleby's tie - 5 point {must guess before 9pm.}

This tournament is sponsored by Timbo 614
Week 9

DtP 70
Botogol 65

GSD 60
BQ(MP) 61

Hopper 58
Timbo614 58
kynon 56
ND 55
Measured 54 

Malcolm Tucker 45

Budgie 45

Blue Eyes 35

Idle 22

Taff -17
CU 8
James Higham - 7 


Blue Eyes said...


Tie: mauve

1. Falklands referendum. Should Wales re-confirm its membership of the UK?

2. Does the world need a Pope any more?

3. Budget: will Osborne do anything radical? What are the outside the box options?

4. Can Britain frack its way to prosperity?

5. Are the Tories a spent force in UK politics?

gsd said...

Hi all. Sorry to hear that BQ is poorly; get well soon.

1) Mansion tax - after the LimpDems failed to support their own idea, have they got any credability left?

2) Should councils stop translating their leaflets? (Do the Welsh have to translate theirs into English?)

3) Bedroom "tax" exemptions : a u-turn or fine-tuning of a worthwhile policy?

4) Triple-dip recession in the uk & the budget impasse in the US - should the chancellor hold steady or react to new world events?

5) Chilcot inquiry : should Blair's notes be released?

and Dimbletie = red

Hopper said...

Hmm, Wales. Yellow daffodil tie?

1. Pope Francis: now that the Vatican is paying more attention to LatAm, should we?
2. HMRC tax enquiry centre shutdown, why are we cutting HMRC when we want to collect more tax?
3. Is minimum alcohol price backdown a case of cold feet or really listening to the public?
4. What was the NHS trying to hide with gag orders? Was it the effect of Tory cuts?
5. I fancy a wildcard on political bias in news, referencing the antics on QT last week.

Blue Eyes said...

Oh yes, and get well soon BQ. If you need any lemsip or sympathy hand-delivered in return for extra points let me know.

DtP said...

Word up Jesuits.

Have just been over to Captain Ranty's gaff and the oath Frankie had to declare is kinda cool!!


Tie - as it's in Wales and also Comic Relief perhaps el Dimbo will go with the Dragon emblem adorned thereof.

1) The servant of the servants of God. Seems like a good lad. They probably will veer off into Falkland segueys but as any Catholic will tell ya, what he thought before is gone, it's irrelevant. Now his job is the world.

2) Booze - U-Turn or just another episode of amateur hour staring Mr David Cameron.

3) Unemployment in the valleys - why are the Tories not just lobbing money into Wales like the socialists used to do? The horror, boyo etc. It'll give that Theo fella something to jibber about and Chukky can do faux indignation so terribly well.

4) Benefit increase of 1% and perhaps ++Welby's intervention.

5) Maybe a leadership Q for Franky Maude to get some abuse. Ho hum.

I think this maybe defo one to miss. Far too many socialists for my poor ears.

Burn in hell, heretics. Amen.

Taff said...

Tie would be red and green.

1. Does it take Brains to organise a brewery?

2. Does closing Tax enquiry offices make it easier to collect more tax by leaving people bewildered?

3. Should there be a mansion tax - in England?

4. Are the liberals trying to be everybody friend in the hope of more coalitions - or are they just a bunch of Billy No-mates?

5. How can PC make the political breakthrough seen by fellow Celts north of the border?

Can't see the pope questions coming up but you never know.

Botogol said...

Daffodil Yellow tie

1 Will a new pope mark a turning point for the church

2 Has David Cameron surrendered to Fleet Street

3 With Labour in charge of the NHS in Wales, will the new minister in charge today be able to the prevent the catatstrophic reorganisations being planned by the tories for the NHS in England?

4 Why is the Mary Portas fund for shops still untouched. Have we just given up on the High St? (one for theo!)

5 Should there be a minimum alcohol price in Wales, at least?

patently said...

I have the heavy responsibility of choosing on behalf of the absent @measured...

I have chosen purple as the Dimbletie colour ,for purely selfish reasons. However, for the questions I have tried to choose issues which I suspect @measured will feel have legs...

1. Is Clegg fatally wounded by the imprisonment of Huhne or are there plenty more fish in the sea?

2. Is it right to focus revenue-raising on owners of mansions or should then net be cast more widely?

3. Should off-licences be stocking up to meet demand following Cameron's U-turn?

Timbo614 said...

OH! is it Thursday. Another week vanishes without trace :(

1) Newus Popepus as Frankie might have said :) Will he be able to sort out the benders and the lenders?

2) Moreus Beerus another U-Turn will it be as popular as the forests one?

3) Huhnus Speedus and dumpess wifess, bad move always (had this last week too) but is the sentencing for wifess too muchus, should the initiator have been hit harder?

4) New welsh Health minister - are doctors really advising on bad and dangerous hospitals?

5)and finally, Human trafficking in the UK have we really lost that much border control (yes) ?

Too late for the Tie but Reddish with Stripes...(No peeping, honest!)

Nick Drew said...

Dimbletie a Papal puce

get well soon Mr Q

1) what difference a 3rd-world pope?
segue to ...
2) what difference the Falklands vote?
3) just how many u-turns can Dave expect to get away with ? (alcohol, leveson, mansion tax, etc ad nauseam)
4) should wives be punished for the sins of their husbands ?
5) something else overseas ... Syria, what's to be done ?

Budgie said...

1. Will Frankie go to Hollywood? Or anywhere else for that matter? Will he visit the Falklands? And was he hand in mailed gauntlet with the Argentinian junta?

2. Press regulation U turn - is Cameron not such a lunatic as we all thought? Mirror journalists, hacking, indignant celebs, Leveson, cont p94.

3. Booze boos - has Cameron decided he will be soon out of a job so will need the commiserations of a glass or twenty of sub-45p booze with which to cheer himself up?

4. Fracking - will Cameron's U turn (another) confound Labour when they get into government in a couple of years because Labour will have no excuses for the blackouts? Is Cameron a cunning lunatic?

5. NHS, mid Staffs, Nicholson to resign? NHS in a mess (again), so Cameron pledges he will never cut NHS spending (well, he has only 2 years left). Is Cameron just a lunatic?

Budgie said...

Btw, what time does QT start? I have never seen it. Just been on BBC website but can't see a start time. Are we meant to guess, or does the BBC think we can divine it?

Blue Eyes said...

Budgie, I think it's 10.35 after the BBC1 News.

In BQ's absence I will award points: all shall have prizes this week thanks to the late Hugo Chavez in conjunction with Ken Livingstone Limited and BE Enterprises (slogan "getchya cheap oil 'ere!"). And in the spirit of socialism everyone shall have eight points except me, who shall have an extra ten for all the effort I've put in.......

Kynon said...

Bollocks. I knew there was something I forgot to do yesterday...

Bill Quango MP said...

Morning fellow workers.
Didn't see a second of the show so this is from the twitter.

First Q: Should Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce have been given custodial sentences?

Q2: If you were to pitch to George Osborne in the Dragon's Den, what would be business plan to grow the economy?

{how to get your question asked..make a tenuous celeb based one}

Q3: By walking away from Leveson cross-party talks, is @David_Cameron protecting press whilst betraying victims of press abuse?

Q4: Now that Iain Duncan Smith has done a partial U-Turn on Bedroom Tax, should it be scrapped altogether?

Q5: Would Conservative Party be in better shape to win the next election with Theresa May at the helm?

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores : Dimble-tie seems to be a black and pink parrot type. - No winners this week, so next week is a rollover.

No Pope question? Shame.

BQ: 5

BE +1 for first + 1 for grovelling - +4 =6

gsd - 4

Hopper - 2 { +1} as they were much better questions than those actually asked.

dtp - 5 +1 for good comments + 3 for the only one to get the cameron coup -9

Taff - 2 {+1} also for much better questions than those asked. - 3

Botogol - 3 {+1} Portas was a gift for theo! - 4
BTW - its the set up of the Portas money that is wrong. It has to be devolved down from national,district, local,parish councils and then on to volunteer groups. And volunteer groups can't take over buildings and negotiate with landlords. Good intentioned crap the whole scheme is.
An example of Localism not working, for Mr Drew.

Patently/Measured - long time no see Mr P. - Not a bad effort. - 3

Timbo 614 - hmmm lets say ...4

ND - 4 also

Budgie - 5 + 1 for Frankie goes to Hollywood {made mrs q laugh -a dirty laugh too when she added her own - 'relax- don't do it. Disgraceful!}

kynon - ah well ..1 point for showing up late -1

DtP said...

Hurray! Is the new Pope Jim Bowen? This could all be an elaborate joke!