Thursday, 7 March 2013

Question Time - 'Sorry about all that immigration' edition.

David Dimble-tie chairs Question Time from Dover. On the panel are Conservative cabinet minister, Ken 'minister without a job' Clarke MP; Labour's shadow education secretary, Stephen 'he'll never' Twigg MP; Diane 'I'm not Farage. I'm the other one' James, UKIP candidate in the Eastleigh by-election; Bob '3 strikes' Crow, general secretary of the RMT union; and Daily Mail columnist 'Mad' Melanie  Phillips.

Melanie and Diane on the panel? Take Two UKIPers into the studio? Dimby musty have missed an editorial. Looks like a right punch up panel.
*Remember - in the Question Time universe, Eastleigh was only yesterday.

rough scoring guide

Bang on,as the script, right answer - 3 points
Close enough for government work, right answer -2 points
in the right ballpark - 1point
witty comments - 1 point
sole entrant to guess a question asked - 3 points
guessing a 'catchphrase/bandwagon/party message' spoken , accurately - 1point 
Only choosing 4 questions out of a possible 5, and only 4 are asked  - 1 point.
Posting first - 1 point
Predicting correct colour of Dimbleby's tie - 5 point {must guess before 9pm.}

This tournament is sponsored by Timbo 614
Week 8

DtP 61
Botogol 61

GSD 56
BQ(MP) 56
kynon 55
Hopper 55
Timbo614 54

Measured 51 
 ND 51

Malcolm Tucker 45

Budgie 39

Blue Eyes 29

Idle 22

Taff -14
CU 8
James Higham - 7


Blue Eyes said...


1. Huhne / Pryce. Is politics more corrupt than ever?

2. Plan A/A+/Should Cable be Chancellor?

3. The Bankers The Bankers The Bankers - Should we do what Boris says and get out of the EU? Should we join Switzerland?

4. Can we trust Labour to fix immigration?

5. Can ordinaryhardworkingfamilies ever work out what to feed their children?

Tie: mauve as usual.

DtP said...

Evening comrades, strike! Oh, best get my answers in before I strike!

1) Plan A - it simply isn't working and those beastley Tories aren't chucking money at building more schools, roads, houses, chip shops, etc etc

2) Immigration - with Labour's apology, is it right to question migration's merits?

3) Secret Courts - really, bit dodgy. Although I seem to remember being taught about Diploc courts and that was all about terrorism. It genuinely seems a bit of a pickle if courts are just chucking compo at any one who turns up with a nasty paper cut and gets a few million for their troubles.

4) Syria - leave it to Mel and run the hell away. I'm gonna chuck in a Chavez digression here, if I may so a 2 parter.

5) bankers bonusses couple with public sector wage restraint; gosh, it almost writes itself. Ho hum.

Dimbo tie....hmmm....a pastel shade of green perrrraps.

Good luck comrades, strike!

Bill Quango MP said...

That's the spirit. Stick with mauve. bound to come up eventually. No Hugo? With Bob Crow on the panel?

BQ -

1 1 Is UKIP a force to be reckoned with in politics or just a protest against the former Lib dem protest party?

2. Slippery Vicki.Lib Dem leadership knew all about it? *Breaking news.*

3. Was Hugh Chav a hero of the proletariat, or just a slightly more benign, banana republic, personality cult, loony than normal?

4. Sorry for all the Immigrants.Maybe he should join Clegg and release a single.
Shouldn't little Ed have added "And the loss of low skilled jobs, depressed wages in construction and factories, lack of social housing, and rise in NHS waiting lists, and increasing numbers of failing schools that Labour's shocking unpreparedness for a wave of immigration caused in certain areas of the country?
If you'd planned for it and not denied it was even a problem for a decade we could all have managed it to everyone's benefit.

5. Why doesn't Osbo want banker's to wear caps? What's the harm, if its EU wide? Is he worried about Switzerland ?

red and green Dimbletie.

Blue Eyes said...

BQ, I was typing questions in at speed, hoping to be first.

If only the producers had known Chavez was going to kick the bucket, they could have had Livingstone, Galloway and William Hague on with Comrade Crow.

Hopper said...

Pink Dimbletie.

1. EU bank bonus restrictions and Swiss executive pay limits. If everyone else is doing it, why can't we?
2. Will UKIP continue splitting the Tory vote, and is that what they want?
3. What can be done about migrant benefits to put people off coming to Dover? (If Dover itself isn't already sufficiently off-putting).
4. Was Chavez a hero, Nero or a zero?
5. War on salt and bacon: are the new Puritans going to leave us any pleasures?

Botogol said...

Orange tie.

Should bankers bonuses be capped.

Should the defence of marital coercion be abolished

Plan B sounds attractive - but would it work

Immigration – is it time to aim for zero?

Is there any justification for secret courts

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Which is the most damaging to the Catholic church: O'Brian's conduct or the repeated pattern of Vatican knowing but covering up until forced to admit by media exposure.

2) secret trials: a good idea that's got bad press, or just a really, really bad idea?

3) Arming Syria's rebels: should we & how long before Russia does something similler for Assad?

4) With the Germans & Dutch making noises about not opening up their labour markets, what can the UK do to stem immigration & stop benefit tourism?

5) Banker bonus cap: Will we loose the city to New York/Shanghai?

and Dimbletie = green

measured said...

1. Psst… secret courts; phone tapping, members of foreign royal families commissioning assassinations. We are going to miss it all! Shouldn’t some human rights, like the right to life and right to open justice, trump the national interest?

2. Venison on the menu! Badger too?

3. I obeyed my husband. Marital coercion – only for women or outdated?

4. Should we arm the FSA to forestall further suffering in Syria?

5. Invest or divest? Some of Dave’s speech was a bit dodgy… UK plc is competitive? We have the smallest civil service since the war? The deficit is falling?

Blue, light blue o’ yonder.

Nick Drew said...

Dimbltie = green

1) must taxes be increased / decreased in order to save UK economy ?

2) HMQ: a treasure beyond measure ?

3) should it be police or NHS to take the rap for loonies on the loose ?

4) Secret courts = the beginning of the end ?

5) is it right to be attacking immigration by being beastly to them when they arrive ?

Taff said...

Dimble tie - "Bow" as he is in the presence of Royalty - Mr Crow.

1. Will Rail ever get better without yet more (state) investment?

2. Should a wife obey her husband in this age?

3. Why do Bankers' need bonuses? Are they not paid enough already?

4. Does restricted immigration lead to inbreeding? And would that make you "swivel-eyed"?

5. Pot luck question. What would the French do?

Odd place Dover. Everyone visits it for 10 minutes.

Kynon said...

Dimbytie - I'm going to go with red this evening.

1) UKIP, plus EuroKen on the panel? Must be immigration & how are the government going to stop all these beastly Romanians/Bulgarians/Johnny Foreigners invading England's green & pleasant land, taking our jobs, etc etc?

2) Something about privatising education by the side (not subtle enough to be the back) door - forcing good schools to be taken over by self-verifying privateers, all of whom are good pals with most of the incumbent gubmint?

3) What Pryce justice (eventually)?

4) Is it time for the government to start looking for some way to justify a rethink on drugs policy without it looking like a U-turn?

5) Why, when the UK is cutting back on armed forces expenditure, shedding soldiers etc, are the gubmint trying to get the UK entangled in the ongoing civil war in Syria?

No idea what will be said by anyone, except that Ken Clarke will argue in favour of immigration, UKIP will make lots of "send 'em back" type comments, and they will all denounce Pryce/Huhne while looking rather shifty about it all.

I anticipate a poor showing, I'm a little bereft of ideas this week (like the gubmint, ho-ho!)

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Eastleigh. Were they voting lib after the disgraces of Rennard and Huhne because they are all sandal wearing, yurt knitting, soft as sugar fools? Or we're they hard nosed, no to foreigners, UKIP supporters?

2. The Queen is unwell. Is it time to from a republic?

3. Syria and arms. Our track record of supplying foreign armies isn't good. Should we do it again.

4. The Huhne affair. Lots and lots of dirt. And prison.

5. Are labour really sorry about immigration? Or just sorry about Eastleigh. .?

Budgie said...

1. Is this the Pryce of being married to a lying Huhne? Courts, jail, broken marriages, rabid ambition, overweening arrogance, hubris and nemesis.

2. Will the Queen, or Cameron, attend the funeral of Hugo Chavez, champion of the people, beloved around the world especially by Bob.

3. Immigrants - does Labour think they can get away with a trivial apology after calling all who have voiced concerns 'xenophobes' thereby avoiding having to justify their policy at the time? Should the establishment rule by social ostracism?

4. Processed meat can kill you (we think) if you eat 1.3 tonnes of pork sausages each day for 94 years. Should the government make suppliers of processed horse put it into plain packs, to cut down the risk of the serfs dying off too soon?

5. Is this the last gasp for UKIP? After all the lying, cheating and lunacy that the LibDims get up to and they still won at Eastleigh? How weird is that?

Timbo614 said...

I just posted mu q's then there was a"login" then a "code to my Mobile and then a:

Whoops, that's an error.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Try refreshing the page to see if things are back in order.
The following errors were found:
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If you are still having trouble, we recommend:

Clear your browser's cache and cookies and then try again.

F*** it

Timbo614 said...

As I was saying..

Just got in a bit drunk :)

1) stuff about Cameron's Speech.

2) What can we eat?

3) Wankers wonuses (this was much cleverer first time ) :)

4) Is Huhne's (ex) missus going to prison is so why does the panel think that fair?

5) Why when you forget to press control-A Control-C does your comment always go missing?

Dimby Tie is yellow.. Scout's and (more importantly) Timbo's honour: I've not seen nufin' yet
(Crtl-A Ctrl-C)

Steven_L said...

Pink sharks on black! All the 2011/12 ties are coming back out the wardrobe, bugs last week, sharks this week will be goldfish or even the original 'spider tie' next week.

I've got a a blue bugs on orange one, it's been my fav thing ever since I got it. Still gutted about not forking for th sharks when I had the chance, but 65 quid is a lot to spend on something to spill ketchup on.

Hint: The 'dimbleties' all, without fail, for the last 3 years or so, come from 'Gresham Blake'.

Hopper said...

BQ: they may have two UKIPers on the panel, but they've got tax fetishist Richard Murphy as @BBCExtraGuest. Oh, my head.

Timbo614 said...

@hopper- Richard Murphy, I used to read some of his stuff until he said that the money we earned was not ours, that xx% already "belonged to the government" hmmmm.

Bill Quango MP said...

Dimbletie gets ever more obscure. Black with pink sharks ?

First question: Is it time we defied Europe, close our borders and tell people we are full up?

Q: @David_Cameron advocates austerity, @VinceCable suggests spending. Who is right?

Q3: Does emergence of @UKIP at Eastleigh by-election represent a danger to @Conservatives at the next election?

Debate was a bit like a beer hall of the Nazis. UKIP are engendering a devotion from supporters and a powerful hatred from the twitter mob. Probably not attracting students in UKIP.

Q4: When even senior clergy admit they cannot live according to religious dogma, is it time for radical rethink of Church teachings?

On twitter, the young blonde lady who ripped into ukip, has been revealed as a Labour activist.

This happens all the time on QT. We've exposed one or two ourselves.
Really, the editors should insist "No party members." There's only 2% in the whole country for any party, so it shouldn't be too hard."

Bill Quango MP said...

Steven_L : I had no idea. I haven't worn a tie for 15 years. Its all open collar since Tony's landslide.

Richard Murphy talked his usual Chavezenomics. I did ask him where the money for all the extras come from. He didn't reply. I'm beginning to think he's not a real tax accountant from a reputable city firm.

BE - 6 +1 first = 7

DTP - 6

BQ 6 {No Chavez..BE was right}

Hopper - you're nearest on the Dimbytie - +3 + 6 = 9

Botogol - 6

gsd 6 {plus you're the only one to not make a Cardinal error} + 3 = 9

Measured - Arm the FSA? They did quite enough damage to the banks already. mean the FSA. I suppose if they were armed they'd shoot horses won't they?
-3 +1 {for being a girl-OK?} = 4

Nick Drew - 5

Taff - 3 {+1 for Dover - big immigration problem in Dover. But I expect its been that way for 2000 years or so.} = 4

kynon - 3 {+1 for 'what Pryce'-} = 4

Malc - 6

Budgie - 6 {Is this the Pryce - yep 1 for that too} = 7

Timbo - 3 { but still..better than nowt}

Winners were Hopper and gsd.
You get to decide Ms Pryce and Mr Huhne's sentence.

Punishment must fit the crime, but the resources of the state are at your disposal .

May we beg show clemency m'luds?

Hopper said...

Pryce and Huhne should be married to each other for the rest of their natural lives.

Too harsh?

Mark Wadsworth said...

You chaps have some stamina. Well done for still playing the silly game. I might join in again next season.

DtP said...

Personally, I think Pryce should be given a medal.

Blue Eyes said...

MW, most of us don't actually watch the TV show. BQ could be making up the "real" answers and we would never know.

Botogol said...

Well, I was watching!

Bill Quango MP said...

Me too.

Well, I have my back to it, but the sound is on. And I spin round now and then.

What was surprising was Comrade Crow, Mad Melanie Philips, Noob Diane James, and most of the audience saying we should quit the EU.

Only about two years ago Political Betting said polls suggest EU is of concern to only 2% of UK.
I always suspected, unusually for them, they weren't understanding the other questions, immigration, social housing, were also EU rooted.

Blue Eyes said...

The Hard Left (and that includes Daily Mail types) have always been against EU membership because they associated the EU with "undistorted competition" i.e. a distinct reduction in state aid for things like railways and steel factories. The Hard Left have always been against brown people (including Poles) coming over and depressing their union's power.

Budgie said...

BE, its the first time I have heard Poles described as "brown". You have just endorsed Labour's view that people are only opposed to immigration because they are "against brown people". That view is a calumny, without merit.

Immigration needs to be halted because the UK is too full. The UK should exit the EU because it is anti-democratic; and democracy is only feasible within a demos, ie a within mono-cultural nation state. There is some elasticity in both those concepts, but we are well on the way to breaching both by now.

Agence communication said...

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Agence communication said...

nice to hear that is very good to as as reades so thanks so much for sharing this with us "" David Dimble-tie chairs Question Time from Dover. On the panel are Conservative cabinet minister, Ken 'minister without a job' Clarke MP; Labour's shadow education secretary, Stephen 'he'll never' Twigg MP; Diane 'I'm not Farage. I'm the other one' James, UKIP candidate in the Eastleigh by-election; Bob '3 strikes' Crow, general secretary of the RMT union; and Daily Mail columnist 'Mad' Melanie Phillips.

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