Thursday 25 April 2013

Question Time: Abu edition. Pt 94.

 David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from Worcester in the last programme before the local elections.
On the panel are 4 people you've never heard of and one you are about to hear a lot about. Economic secretary to the treasury, Sajid Javid MP; shadow energy and climate change minister, Luciana "I can't comment about Suarez as i'm a girlie" Berger MP; deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon 'slippery' Hughes MP; Nigel Farage MEP, leader of UKIP; and Natalie Bennett, leader of the fairyland CCCP Party.
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Timbo 614
Week 13

DtP 94

ND 85

BQ(MP) 82
 Timbo614 81

 Hopper 79
 Measured 78
 GSD 70

Malcolm Tucker 69
Budgie 67 
 Botogol 65
kynon 63

Blue Eyes 58

Idle 44
Taff -38
CU 31 

 Andrew - 9
Sackerson - 7
James Higham - 7 

I will have an early punt on the three obvious ones
  1. 0.3% its better than 0% increase, but only just. Plan B?
  2. Should the UK dump the ECHR and put old tubby beard in a rowboat, point him at France and wish him luck crossing the shipping lanes on his way to Strasbourg?
  3. Papers reject Leveson deal. Should they all be nationalised. 
  4. Local elections. UKIP & Labour are standing in wards where i've never seen either before. Are Cameron & Clegg about to see a much,much worse than the expected 300-400 seat loss?
Web snooper's bill. Now Lib Dems are against. Good. 
Dimbletie - A flower motif on blue.


DtP said...

Whoo hoo

1)Growth - we're minted!

2) Have a banana Abu Quatada - should we recuse ourselves from the ECHR? Yup, darn tooting but practically it's a bit of a non starter.

3) Energy policy - how comes we are paying so much to energy firms who don't even pay tax? Wassat all abooot?

4) NHS waiting lists - is it all the fault of the beastly Tories?

5) Freaky one - but is biting a footballer worse than racism?

Good luck folks.

Oh, dimbletie - pink.

Nick Drew said...

dimbletie a retro pop-art confection

1. can the scotties keep the £?
2. do video games make kids violent?
3. wot BQ said abt UKIP & local elections
4. are crime rates really that low?
5. are measles epidemics (and worse) the way of the future?

Sackerson said...

1. Should Abu Qatada's case be handled by the Court of Protection?

Hopper said...

Ah, I see the spammers are back...

Dimbletime: green as the summer grass

1. May we finally be getting rid of Abu Qatada? Should human rights trump political expedience?
2. Boston bombers and the Wootton Bassett bumblers; how do terrorists grow up and radicalise in our midst? And how will taking away passports of terror suspects help?
3. Is the just-missed triple dip an economic endorsement of GO or just blind luck?
4. Measles epidemic, what have the anti-vaxxers wrought?
5. Press self regulation, what could possibly go wrong?

Blue Eyes said...

Dimbletie - some kind of boomtime mauve colour

1) Boom times, is it safe to use the phrase "green shoots" or is the economy still failing to produce a German-style high-tech eco manufacturing revival?

2) Would it be acceptable for Ed Miliband to bite David Cameron if coming mid-table at the next election was at stake?

3) If France can introduce gay marriage why can't Britain?

4) Robin Hood Tax, should the government be kicking up a fuss or going with the Euroflow?

5) What should Scotland's new currency be called?

Bonus question for the C@W crowd: would anyone like to buy some of my Moroccan car insurance?

Malcolm Tucker said...

Wide range of possibles.
Will probably pick the wrong ones but anyway..
1. Abu Qatada and the embarrassment of UK politicians unable to get rid of a problem.
2. Growth! Growth! If these green shoots were any more fragile they'd be dead.
3.Legal drugs available on internet that kill. What powers can we have to stop them?
4. Bulgarians and Hungarians. Its only going to be a few hundred thou coming over. What's the fuss? They could all fit into the empty houses no one wants in Stoke without a problem.
5.Police must treat teenagers as teenagers and not adults. Must make phil out dat booking in slip like it was EZ like and stuff.

CityUnslicker said...

1. Why did'nt Thatcher extradite her best friend Abu Qatada?

2. We want more of other peoples money for free - more money plan B.

3. Why is football so horrible and viloent now that the BBC no longer have rights and they all sit with MURDEROCH.

4. Rape - why is DNA testing so bad, why are men so evil?

Dimbytie - Pale green

Taff said...

Tie: Solid blue

Ed M was in town Worcester today but I wonder if anyone noticed?

I'll make that my first question.

2. Triple Dip. How many dips should there be before we get to Plan (fill in the letter)

3. Should MMR be compulsory for all school-aged children.

4. Benefits. Should these be restricted to those born in the UK or at least lived here for 5 years.

5. Has UKIP peaked too soon.

I was thinking of suggesting that the Jordanian Tourist Board should join the Romanian / Bulgarian ones and complain about the UK rubbishing their countries. Maybe another time.


andrew said...

4 questions

1 0.3% - green shhots or brown stalks?

2 Abu Q - when will someone explain ECJ <> EU - and Russia is in the ECJ system - perhaps he would like a nice cuppa?

3 Something on nukes and wind and greenness but I just don't have the energy

4 Local elections - verdict on natioal parties or local performance?

The tie will be geometric, predominantly blue

measured said...

1. We can’t stop them coming in, but how many?, and we can’t get rid of them, Qatada. It is hopeless, Nigel, absolutely hopeless.

2. Extreme weather and climate change. Shouldn’t we be fighting it on the beaches?

3. Can’t the government think of anything else other than building 26’ conservatories to piss off neighbours to get us out of flat lining; shouldn’t we demolish a bank instead?

4. NHS privatisation. Inevitable, if healthcare is to be fit for this century. Yawn.

5. Should we buy stuff from companies that are supplied by manufacturers who allowed buildings to collapse on their workers?

Last week was ‘a mare’, so here’s hoping for better hedges this week, BKw.

Tie? Criss cross geometry with yellow and purple.

Timbo614 said...

hello everybody [echo "hello everybody]

1) May's pact, Jorden said "Don't you worry luv, I'll soon 'ave 'im eatin' out of my 'and, you wait 'till 'e sees some of my pyjama outfits! That's stop 'im rantin' 'e'll be so gobsmacked!"

2) Scottish pound, well Ireland had the punt so I suppose we will have to call it the scu**. (it seems so simple really just give it a name and peg it 1:1 with the pound, where's the problem?).

3) The UKIP upsetting the council cart thingy. Even my local watering hole has a UKIP promotion running, UKIP beer mats, UKIP posters. etc.

(choices getting tricky now!)

4) Data Monitoring Row - Can we actually do it or afford it and is it necessary anyway?

5) bit of wild card - 3 die in Boston it's a weeks intensive news, 100s die and 1000s need rescuing/support in China and Bangladesh - 10 minutes max. Should we re-arrange our priorities slightly.

Tie?... Dark with planets?

Sackerson said...

... 2. Exactly who really has (allegedly) used these "small amounts of unidentified chemical weapons" in Syria, and cui bono the crossing of the "red line" that will provide the pretext for a direct assault on that country by major powers?

3. Exactly how has this 0.3% quarterly increase in UK GDP been measured, and what would it have been had it not been for massive QE?

4. MMR: doee the Establishment think that nobody understands the distinction between the link with autism being "discredited" and its being "disproved"?

5. When did the BBC stop reporting critically, and become merely an agency for disseminating official information?

idle said...

Tie: Mostly pink

1. Slowest non-recovery since records began - if we all took in each others' washing would we break out into the sunlit uplands?

2. Are the Tory party still full of racists? (state boarding school proposed for Sussex row)

3. Is Jo Johnson the Ed Miliband to Boris' David Miliband?

4. Is UKIP no longer a protest party?

5. Should we support an American invasion of Syria?

Budgie said...

1. Has Basham al-Assad got his chemistry set out since bombing (er, bashing) his recalcitrant serfs into loving him. Should jovial unpopular Cameron send our non aircraft carriers with the non Harriers for his own Syria factor to emulate Thatcher's "Falklands factor".

2. See Georgie in his sheer triple dip monokini (well, alright you can bring a sick bag) - is a mere 0.3% enough to cover his "confusion"? (And ours. - Ed).

3. Papers reject political censorship - Leveson page 9994. Will Cameron stand being sidelined like this?

4. Terrorists - our very own Abu Catarrh and Boston's "The Dzjokhar" Tsarnaev: will we ever get rid of them?

5. Measles, MMR (just noticed the time)

Bill Quango MP said...

First question: Is George Osborne’s economic plan finally working

Q2. Missed what he said but it was about the beardy deportation dodger.
The Green woman is awful again. Just awful. Natalie Bennett you can't be listened to. Get a voice coach.

Q3: Do you think we should be able to stem the flow of Romanians and Bulgarians expected to arrive in Jan 2014?

Q4: Will longer school days and shorter holidays really improve standards of education or will children just be exhausted?

Well private schools manage without having kids falling asleep in the corridor. But this is kite flying. Won't happen.

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores.Dimbytie - green with blue/pink flowers.
CU and Hopper can have 2 each. Plus Measured made me look up an obscure rule on goal line technology during Farage appearances. So 1 point extra for her.

BQ - 6

DTP - 5

ND - 1 {well he is out the country}

Sackerson - we finally reeled you in - 5 ~+ 1 for first go + 1 for the BBC quip = 7

Hopper 5 + dimby tie = 7

BE - 3 {+1 for car insurance} =4

Malcolm Tucker - 8

Cu 4 + 2 for tie +1 for 4qs = 7

Taff - Ed M was in town Worcester today but I wonder if anyone noticed? that's worth a point. - 1 + 4 = 5

Andrew 6 +1 for 4qs = 7

Measured 3 + 1 for badgering = 4

Timbo614 - 3 +1 for giving us the weekend compo idea. Scottish currency naming = 4

Idle - 3 +1 for closest to the schools question = 4

Budgie - good late entry = 3

Winner was Malcolm Tucker
who is away on holiday.
Well done.

Timbo614 said...

>> (choices getting tricky now!)

Hmm, tailing off at the end of the season again!

Kynon said...

A curse on having other things to do on a Thursday evening!

Bill Quango MP said...

Kynon - well its 1 point for showing up. I shall add it on now. _ you need to subscribe to the twitter feed that tells you when the post is up.
Gives you an edge in the cut-throat world of QT CLUB.

Kynon said...

BQ - I already follow the CU twitter feed...unless there's another one I should be subscribed to?

First rule of QT Club...?

assurance info said...

0.3% its better than 0% increase, but only just. Plan B?
Should the UK dump the ECHR and put old tubby beard in a rowboat, point him at France and wish him luck crossing the shipping lanes on his way to Strasbourg?
Papers reject Leveson deal. Should they all be nationalised.
Local elections. UKIP & Labour are standing in wards where i've never seen either before. Are Cameron & Clegg about to see a much,much worse than the expected 300-400 seat loss?