Friday 5 July 2013

Final Scores

Final scores 
The Timbo614 microchip cup
2013 season

Dick The Prick  167 

Measured 152
 BQ(MP) 141

 Timbo614 139
GSD 129
  ND 126

 Hopper 115
 Budgie 109 
Malcolm Tucker 106
 kynon 85
Blue Eyes 80
 Taff -73
 CU 68
 Botogol 65

Idle 48
Sackerson - 15
 Andrew -13
Lilith - 7
James Higham - 7 
 Graeme - 6
EK -6
 Phil5 - 2
anon - 3


CityUnslicker said...

congratulations to the winner and commisserations to the runner up!

cant believe I can't even manage a top 10 finish!

DtP said...


Cheers Bill - that turned into an uber epic season and i'm not completely sure i've learnt anything other than the prevarication of this current legislative agenda.

Heartfelt commiserations to the runners up - if i'm honest, I did spend far too much time preparing for each show which is a bit too nerdy.

Cheers again.


assurance auto said...
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Bill Quango MP said...

Fantastic record breaking DP.
A fully deserved 1st place with a record points total.

A knighthood in the new year's honours must only be a formality.

Anonymous said...

Why do the bots post in the comments? Is it just to build traffic to their own sites, or boost them up the google page rankings?

Elby the Beserk said...

Unknown said...
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CityUnslicker said...

love the day to day Elby! A comedy series that all came true...

Blue Eyes said...

Well done DtP! Well done everyone!

Thanks BQ for running a tight ship this season. I actually watched a few minutes of the finale, and of course regretted it immediately.

Who is your shirt sponsor for next season, or did Timbo sign a multi-season deal?

Kynon said...

Mid-table obscurity is a fair result, given how frequently I didn't show up!

Congratulations DTP, keep that trophy shiny for next season...

measured said...

Have I missed the party?

Sorry, I can't post from my phone and I have been away from a decent pc.

Arise, Sir Dick. Head to the nearest bar and rejoice! You are a worthy winner.

Timbo614, the adding up was spot on this season. All fair. I am sure that is a very nice sup you got (if I didn't need my glasses).

Well done to everyone else.

We are losers, but I take solace in that the right people do not want to govern so we end up with the wrong people in charge. This at least leaves time for us to waste. The Blair spin - "Hey, we're all winners!" Seriously though, I thoroughly enjoyed pitting my wit against you all and the arbitrary point scoring.

BQ, thank you for running the show and the dedication. You will eventually be in line for a medal on the grounds of good humour and long service.

Have an excellent summer.

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