Wednesday 24 July 2013

Woman has baby shock

Who would have thought this possible in this day and age?

Of the writers here, CU is a staunch republican and so I have little interest. ND a good monarchist and BQ very keen on the Monarchy and anything else that will help him get his eventual set in the House of Lords.

Having said who thinks having a baby is amazing, here are some countries that do:

So a royal Baby in the UK is something, but in Spain or Japan it should be even more cause for celebration.

One wonder from these stats, are there fewer births in Poland and Czech because huge chunks of the youngsters are now having their baby's in the UK instead?


assurance auto said...
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Jan said...

Yes I am also thoroughly underwhelmed by the Royal Baby yet curiously I was watching as he was shown to the world. Don't the media just love it all though? My main gripe with the complete barminess is that the real news of the world gets submerged and lost.

Timbo614 said...

Breaking News: World wobbles as it changes orbit!
The world revolves around a son not the Sun. In other news, The Sun revolves around the son.
In Later News:
BBC voices all kinds of concern over the son who will never want for anything, while attempting to couch it in the terms of parents and sons and daughters who are almost guaranteed to want for most things. The "wanters" all cheer...Confused, we are.

dearieme said...

But, Jan, most of the "real news" is surely fake anyway?

CityUnslicker said...

Media are over the moon, middle of the summer nothing to report and a royal baby.

mana from heaven for them.

Timbo614 said...

@Pogo - We've been there, you PAY someone to get around the catchpa!

Someone somewhere is earning $1 per day doing 100s maybe 1000s of catchpa's. Markets dear boy. Markets!

Pogo said...

@Timbo. I'm obviously an old innocent.. It never dawned on me that there could me a "market" solution. I still don't comprehend why the bastards bother though!

Anonymous said...

Little Late to this one but...

Churlish to not wish Bill and Cathy the best on the arrival of little Georgie.