Saturday 21 September 2013

McBride Back In Town ?

He's back !
Just like the old times - let joy be unconfined !

The spin doctor is so snide, dear 
And he leaks to Fleet Street hacks 
Just a jack knife has McBride, dear 
And he sticks it in Blairite backs 

On the air-waves, in Sunday papers 
Lies a-plenty, causing strife 
Someone's briefing, paid by Gordon 
Could that someone be Mack the Knife? 

Gordon’s team, they had no pride, dear 
 Lies and rumours that they spread 
You can always blame McBride, dear 
So there's nothing traced back to Ed 

All those Mandys and Wegg-Prossers 
Now they’re making loads of cash 
How McBride loathes all those chappies
Could it be he did somethin’ rash? 

At Westminster on the river 
Former sidekicks of Gordon Brown 
Lie awake at night and shiver 
Now McBride is back in town! 



Anonymous said...

o/t, for those who take an interest in retail and the high street

dearieme said...

Roars of applause.

Bill Quango MP said...

Brown has come out of the Daily Mail serialisation very well. All his thumping, plodding, deceit and treachery were all for the greater good. Our greater good.

He saved us and saved the world! He should be made king..

Is the Mail so out of step with the other red tops because Gordon and Paul are bestset buddies?

Idle said...

Very good. I seem to remember a poetry compo over at Idle when McBride was forced out a few years back. What is it about this man that causes us to burst into verse?

Nick Drew said...

you are right Idle, another outing, another ballad

he is a Colourful Character