Thursday 26 September 2013

Question Time Competition - Keeping the lights off edition

David Dimbleby chairs the topical debate from Uxbridge, with education secretary Michael Gove MP, shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander MP, UKIP candidate and Daily Express chief political commentator Patrick O'Flynn, novelist Will Self and journalist Louise Cooper.

I quite like real reason..just do.


2 pt for a correct guess of the colour or pattern of Dimbleby's tie.{before 10pm}
2 pt for an accurate spot for each of the question asked
2 pt for being the sole entrant to correctly predict a question asked

1 arbitrary point for any partially correct questions, witty phrases, spotting the soundbite, joke, tweet or posting in the comments first.

And the league table will be winner = 1pt
Everyone else - Zero.

Twitter- its often better than the actual show. Lots of rants and that moment when you read something written by someone else who is clearly 100% wrong. How can someone be 100% wrong? if you want to know, listen to Larry Lamb on a Sunday morning on LBC 97.3 - 100% wrong on pretty much everything.


BQ believes:
Dimbytie - Pale yellow affair
1. Has Miliband ended fuel poverty...for a bit.
2. Blood stained Mental Patient fancy dress upsets Alistair Campbell - Too many bad memories, Al?
3. Nationalisation of the railways.. Because they were better before? .
4. Damien McBride. Are the revelations damaging to KGB Labour?{KGB was MP speak for Kingsguard of Gordon Brown} Not really. Internally perhaps.
5 . Women..bunch of sluts?

Number of wins - 2013
Mark Wadsworth - 1
Nick Drew -1
Malcolm Tucker -1


Nick Drew said...

Yes it has to be the Milibonk energy thing, Labour staffers will have been pestering the Beeb all day to make sure it's in


1. Milibonker's energy-bill freeze
2. I'm trying the Qatar / World Cup thing again: should it really be held there ? in summer?
3. something that allows discussion of Gove & the tweets
4. what do we make of the 15-year pause in global warming ?
5. H2S

Dimbletie purple and deeper purple

Nick Drew said...

make that #5 = HS2

don't want to lose valuable points on a technicality ...

measured said...

I don't like this new scoring.

1. Market economics. Get real, Ed. Why does no one ask why the carbon tax is on energy?

2. School selection is the way to go.

3. Cutting us out of the EU or cutting the EU down to size.

4. HS2 Getting no where fast.

5. Can we trust Syria and Iran?

Tie: Pink

I don't like this new scoring system. :( <- sad face


Hopper said...

Dimbletie: striped; black for coal, green for windmills

1. Will frozen energy bills leave customers frozen in their homes?
2. Has Ed made New Labour back into Old Labour?
3. What's with the new thriving British export business in jihadis?
4. Is Google in league with the pirates and what should we do about it?
5. Does the "Go Home" Home Office message lead to "f*** off back to your own country" rants?

BQ: whenever I think of Uxbridge, I remember Rumpole's stock-in-trade defending a small public indecency at Uxbridge Mags court.

Blue Eyes said...


Malcolm Tucker said...

I can't help thinking you all have missed the UKIP potential councilor, Daily Express writer on the panel.

No self respecting BBC producer could let the Bloom incident pass unmentioned. Be shunned in the vegetarian canteen for that.

1. Milibonkers plan to centalise the worldwide price of commodities.
2. Bloom - the bonkers. Is UKIP a nut job party?
3. Kenya.. should we be worried here?
4. High speed trains - who needs them?
5. Gibraltar in the news again. Should Cameron actually do something about it now? A £5 charge on Spaniards entering the territory?

Dimbletie- Some swirly pink and black effort from the 1990s.

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Trust survey of muslims. Surprising?

2) Is voting UKIP effectively voting for labour?

3) Hypocrite Hodge (aka "Hippo" - think Reggie Perrin) slags off BT. Should the whole subsidy program be scrapped and left to market forces?

4) IPCC report due tomorrow will highlight the fact that there are no working climate models atm. Should green energy policy be revised in light of this? And possibly steal the thunder of Milliband's energy cap plan?

5) Qatar World Cup - should FIFA re-assign it?

Dimbytie = green & gold.

Taff said...

Evening all from sunny Wales. Thank god for global warming or the weather would be shit by now.

Dimbltie: Green


1. Labour have turned about face on HS2. Will all the seats now face backwards?
2. Phones posting naked photos of you on the web. Cock-up or conspiracy?
3. Energy Bills. Is this a promise that will never be kept? Have Labour given up on being elected next time.
4. What can our politicians learn from Merkel and should she lead UKIP?
5. Are Bankers' bonuses bonkers? Did we not learn the last time

I think Ed has put down a marker for the conference in Manchester next week. I am sure someone will come out with an energy related wheeze as the Green Deal looks to be dead on its feet.

DJK said...

1. Millipede. Back to the 70s?
2. Survey of Muslims. Are we all racists?
3. Qatar. Should the World Cup be cancelled to protest at Quatari slavery?
4. Rural broadband. Should the subsidies be open to all and not just BT?
5. Are you for or against copyright being enforced on the interwebs?

Dimbletie: Purple and brown.

Botogol said...

I am back. Again. I'll try and last the series this time (in fact, I am on a promise!)

Orange Tie

1 - will Ed Milliband's price freeze simply lead to higher prices now?

2 - the debate about Global Warming -- it's all over now, right?

3 - does the panel support military intervention in Kenya?

4 - should the state subsidise those mothers who go to work, or those who stay at home? Or should the state even be neutral on this?

5 - should firefighters be allowed to go on strike?

OK that's my entry. Now I am going to concentratre on proving I'm not a proving I'm not a proving I'm not a robot.


Blue Eyes said...

OK I give in.

Tie: Social Democrat Mauve.

1. Ed Miliband, saviour of the world and keeper of peace
2. Ed Miliband, socialist keeper of prosperity
3. Ed Miliband, socialist saviour of the world and keeper of peace and prosperity
4. More childcare from Saint Ed
5. Can Ed Miliband get HS2 back on track?

Nick Drew said...

that's the spirit !

someone has to get less points than me :+)

CityUnslicker said...


- MiliNRG - genius
- Houses - lets build more, who is against that?
- German election wild card, evil germans
- mcbride - evil tory iain dale spreading malicious gossip
- Iran offers peace; evil america rejects

DtP said...


1) Are UKIP a credible party$?

2) Hss to be energy cap.

3) 200,000 homes? Yupety yup

4) Sleaze. Damien McBride v Wee Doogie!

5) Zee Germans

Dimbletie: fucking white

Mark Wadsworth said...

oops nearly forgot.

Dimbleby - unusually tieless this evening.

Qs, mainly Labour conference related

1. Energy price caps - protecting the consumer or a recipe for 1970s style blackouts?

2. Land grabbing from Barratts etc, an attack on private property/concreting over the greenbelt or a reasonable response to the "housing crisis?

3. Over a quarter of young Brits don't trust Muslims? These people should broaden their horizons a bit, go abroad, meet other cultures.

Like go to a shopping centre in Kenya.

4. US-Iran nuclear nonsense, blah blah blah.

5. UKIP have lost 5 MEPs since 2009, just like they lost Kilroy Silk before then - is UKIP about to implode?

OK, only two of those questions were Labour conference related. I was really struggling to find something mildly interesting or controversial to say.

James Higham said...

No Nadine Dorries?

Bill Quango MP said...

Will Self on good form - he is often on, isn't he? -

Dimbytie - Blue and goldfish ..I was nearly right.

First Q : Will “Red Ed’s” energy price freeze lead to power shortages and blackouts?

Q2: "Is Ed Miliband the right man for the job?"

good for twitter -
Edward Mayes ‏@eljmayes now

"Is Ed Miliband the right man for the job?" No. Next question. "

Laveen Ladharam ‏@LaveenLadharam now

"Yes, Ed Miliband is the right man for the job - Leader of the Opposition after the next General Election"

Q3: What has the UK government learned from the siege in Kenya and can the British public feel confident that it couldn’t happen here?

Q4: Following Ed Balls’ speech and heavy criticism the project has from so many independent bodies - isn't it time HS2 was scrapped?

Massive audience applause for scrapping HS2. Time to dump it AND to declare, at conference , 5 cuddly projects instead.

Bill Quango MP said...

BQ - 3
ND - 6
Measured - 5
Hopper -5
Malcolm Tucker {no bloom} -6
gsd - not good -1 {+2 for closest on the Dimbytie} -3
Taff - glad its sunny - 4
DJK - a fair 3
botogol - 4 + 1 for orange tie - goldfish are orangey? -5
Be good late entry -4
Cu - McBride did come up - Alexander dodged a question on 'did Brown know?' - 2
Mark Wadsworth - 4 +1 for the tieless joke -5
DTP - 3

Winners are ND and MW who each get 1 point in the championship

Night night

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I can no longer abide the programme myself, largely due to the rentamob lefties/greenshirts with their irrational hollering, but I was compelled to watch last night by the memsahib. WTF is the matter with Will Self?? "We are all guilty" - I thought he was supposed to be cleverer than that.

Bill Quango MP said...

Agree Seb - he was good first half and then lost the plot 2nd..His point was , i think, terrorism isn't the problem we think it is.
But it came out as 'let's not worry about it'

Chap on this week later on put it much better.

"its like burglary. You can never stop all of it..just try and make sure its contained at a manageable level."