Thursday 3 October 2013

BBC Question Time competition : moral high ground edition.

 David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from Birmingham.
On the panel are chairman of the Conservative Party, Grant ' Schhh'Shapps MP;
Labour's shadow home secretary, Yvette 'Tinkerbell' Cooper;
Kirsty 'you've never heard of me' Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats;
Mehdi 'outraged' Hasan, political director of the Huffington Post UK; and
Quentin 'the wasp' Letts, parliamentary sketch writer of the Daily Mail.

May stir from my sick bed to watch Queen Quentin lay into the Miliband's memory.  Although it does look like the Mail is in full retreat.
"For you..the war of words is over! The Oktober revolutionaries retain control of the moral high ground.


2 pt for a correct guess of the colour or pattern of Dimbleby's tie.{before 10pm}
2 pt for an accurate spot for each of the question asked
2 pt for being the sole entrant to correctly predict a question asked

1 arbitrary point for any partially correct questions, witty phrases, spotting the soundbite, joke, tweet or posting in the comments first.

And the league table will be winner = 1pt
Everyone else - Zero.

Twitter- its often better than the actual show. Lots of rants and that moment when you read something written by someone else who is clearly 100% wrong. How can someone be 100% wrong? if you want to know, listen to Larry Lamb on a Sunday morning on LBC 97.3 - 100% wrong on pretty much everything.


BQ believes:
Dimbytie - Bold, Solidarity red.

1. Was the Daily Mail despicable in attacking Miliband's old man for being a lefty? {And Miliband- who was clearly winning the fight, decided to put a party political message into his outrage letter. Why did he do that? Made him look like a politician on the make, trying to generate faux outrage, rather than the defending the honour son. Almost ruined his own game plan.}
2. Evil Tories want to make long term unemployed work for benefits, the heartless scum. In truth is this low flying kite any less of a gimmick than Miliband's energy freeze?
3. Defence cuts and the angry colonel. {Why did the ex-military man not agree to meet with the defence minister?..seems a bit of a political put up if he refused.}
4. UKIP / Tory pact..{in the C@W series 'The Politics at War'..narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier,  the Von Farage- Maylotov non-aggression pact was a prelude to domination.}
5 . How much does a bread maker cost?

Number of wins 
Mark Wadsworth - 1
Nick Drew -1
Malcolm Tucker -1 
Hopper -1
Dick the Prick -1


Blue Eyes said...


Tie: a bit of a dad's mauve colour this week.

1) Should the press be allowed to comment on a politician's family background? What if they are posh Eton Tories?
2) Is there anyone the tabloids don't hate?
3) NHS GP services - collapsing under the weight of cuts? Can the government really expand opening hours?
4) US shutdown - has America proved that its system doesn't work?

No fifth question.

Miss CD said...

Miliband Mail row.
USA shuts up shop
Unemployed and benefits work
Congo. What is the point of EU aid there?

Dimly tie - green with pink flowers.

gsd said...

Hi all. here's hoping I actually get one right this week!

1) Milliband milking the Mail story - and being helped by politicians of all persuasions. Do they actually think real ppl care one way or the other?

2) US shutdown - does it make it less or more likely that a timely deal can be done for extending the us debt ceiling?

3) GPs throwing their toys out of the pram - again.

4) Can the EU do anything to stop the tide of migrants in the Med?

5) Is the Government's interference in the mortgage market causing another housing bubble?

Dimbytie - mauve & green

Hopper said...

Dimbletie: fuschia.

1. Inevitably, the Mimbleband; is going for the family ever an acceptable tactic?
2. If the unemployed spend their time working for benefits, how can they ever get a job?
3. Islamic schools; too much zeal, not enough education?
4. Should GPs open late, and where will we get the money for it?
5. If our government shut down, how would we notice?

Kirsty who?

measured said...

1. Miliband vs Mail vs hypocrisy

2. Obamacare vs feet in the mud

3. Socialism vs. Enterprise

4. Housing bubble vs. Dadduy not paying the deposit

5. Westminster village vs. Life for the rest of us

Tis: Birthday party purple

DJK said...

1. Does Mail/Milliband Snr show that it's time for govt. regulation of the press.
2. Which is better, a dysfunctional or a functioning American government?
3. How can we help our children get homes without causing another housing bubble
4. What changes do the panel think we will see with a privatised Post Office
5. What is your recipe for a good loaf?

Dimbletie: purple and gold.

Electro-Kevin said...

The Daily Mail have fucked right up.


Can you imagine the sort of journalism we'd be getting had David Cameron's Dad ("my greatest influence") had been an advocate for Nazism ?

Timbo614 said...

I'm here this week! Next week in (one of) ND's old hunting grounds (Ve hope to haf vays of entering kvestion time)

Dimby Tie:
Red and yellow and Pink and Green
Purple and orange and blue[all together now] .. with a black background:)

1) Muslim faith school closed. Is it over the top reaction or sensible precaution?

2) Protecting our little ones. Who answers for failures in our social services, police etc. Or does the no blame culture win again?

3) Milliband's Dad, uncle, friend Tom Cobly.. Do the press really think they help themselves with privacy and control rulings by acting like this?

4) Working for your dole is good for your soul! Why not? or is it slavery by a different name?

and 5th I suppose I'd better put in an NHS question... 12 hours a day doctors and how much is that going to cost for additional shifts for support staff (receptionists etc).

Nick Drew said...

oh lor, what a prospect

Dimbletie very dark with bold white stripes ...

... and that will be the brightest spot of the evening

1. the Mili-Mail outrage (as Guido said, for Mili to include a purely party-political sideswipe in his letter to Dacre is distinctly off - almost a wink to the camera, in fact)
2. what chance Osborne's balanced budget? (sound of porcine aviators donning their helmets)
3. the boat people - should EU be Doing Something?
4. workfare for under 25's
5. should GCHQ be reined back?

James Higham said...

Get better soon.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Dimbleby tie - spattered with gravy

1. Ed miliband's Dadm has the Mail gone too far (yawn).

2. Payday lenders, bedroom tax, cuts to under-25 benefits, it's all the Tories' fault.

3. Was bringing forward Help To Sell/Buy and panic response to the house price bubble fading out again?

4. Is Ed's electricity price freeze followed by George Osbrown's unfunded fuel duty freeze nonsense the opening salvoes in the longest GE campaign ever?electricity.

5. USA federal government shut down, a load of hot air, if there were the slightest chance then US bonds would have plummeted, which they haven't.

DtP said...

Evenin' all.

In the spirit of National Poetry Day (and Haikus - fuck me they're addictive) let's play who 'works' in the public sector?

1) Young Mili Mauled By Mail
Campbell cries
Dacre says Fuck You

2) No Bennies for Kids
School, Job, Training
A Bit Harsh, Perhaps

3) Obama Vote Loss
Lame Duck Now
Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack

4) To Leveson Now
Hacks Must Go
Restriction Of Press?

5) Drugs Cool Now Says Cop
Skin Up, Pig
Pass The Pringles

(The Question Time League
Guess Questions
And Dimbleby's Tie)

There was an Mp called Bill Quango
Who at conference did dance the fandango
Mrs May did the twist
Edward Leigh was quite pissed
Whilst young Osbourne just settled for the tango

Dimbletie - Pink Paisley

I'll get a proper job someday!

Timbo614 said...

@ND "sound of porcine aviators donning their helmets"

I don't know why but that was first out loud laugh today!

Botogol said...

just got home -- green tie! just in time. Now will think about questions

Botogol said...


1 - is a politician's father fair game for the press?

2 - is it helpful for the government to be championing faith schools?

3 - 1000% at Wonga, 1/2% at the NBofE - are interest rates too high , or too low ?

4 - could we bring down the deficit by simply shutting down the government

5 - should U25s have to work for the dole?

Malcolm Tucker said...

Dimly in white and black piano key.

- Ralph was a red. .. Who knew?
- High speed trains again..because its Brum
- USA closes a parks.. Global meltdown follows. Are we in any way dependent on Uncle Sam for our entire existence?
- Payday loans. Who is to blame. The fool so borrows£500 at 7000% to go on holiday with or the fool who authorises the loan to a last chance saloon serial debter?

Bill Quango MP said...

Crawl out of bed to have a shufti and a cheese toastie.
Why do you never know here the sandwich maker is? If I find it I will have toasted sarnies for a week before putting it away for years without a thought. I think it might even be in the loft.
I expect its going through Mrs Qs gradual recycling of less favoured kitchen appliances and utensils that must be glacially moved to ever more inaccessible cupboards before finally meeting the black wheelie bin of doom, some 5 years after they were first discarded.

Anyway... This crop of QT entries are some of the best ever. I laughed a lot. Points will be liberally applied.

We seem to have an appliance that resembles a toasty maker but has no plug. Or any way of could be a bowl...i have taken some medication..Suppose back to the grill...which is what always happens..
To hungry to mount a full search and rescue for the hot grill right now. And once I've eaten I won't bother.

Blue Eyes said...

Ooh I think that's mauve!!

Blue Eyes said...

I am actually watching this dross!

Blue Eyes said...

Mehdi Hasan rather loves himself, doesn't he?

Dick the Prick said...

Go on Letts! Good boy.

Bill Quango MP said...

pink and silver bugs Dimbytie.

Q1. Is stopping benefits for young people really best way to get them into work, education or training.

Conference season has opened up a gap in the middle ground. Good.

Q2 - Has the MailOnline gone too far with its smear campaign on Ed_Miliband’s father?

Certainly looks like it.

Q3 - Does the recent shift away from the centre by both main parties, signify a deepening rift in the fabric of society?

Bit wonkish.

Q4 - Will David Cameron's "Help to Buy" policy get young people on the housing ladder or simply inflate the market further?

That's one for C@W..Over to you CU?

Bill Quango MP said...

not too bad a show. Even ranty Hassan had managed to keep his quotes tight. And made them well. Quentin on the defensive. Shame. He can be very viscous when he's in the mood.

BQ -4
BE - 4
Miss CD - 4 {I can spot a pattern}
gsd - 4
Hopper -claims the Dimbytie prize -6
Measured - 5
EK - true -2
DJK - another 4
Timbo614 - 4 + bonus
ND - 4 + bonus = 5
JH - thankyou - 1
MW - 4 + bonus - 5
DTP 4 +2 poetic bonuses - 6
Botogol - 4
MT -3

very high scoring game well done all.
I went up close to the telly for the dimbytie before deciding to award pink over mauve.

Winners are Hopper & Dick le Prick with 6.


measured said...

DtP walked away with it this week.

Blue Eyes said...

Gah! If someone else had not said pink, you would have awarded the tie to me.

Well done to those cleverer than me. I actually watched the show and I don't think it added to my enjoyment of the game so I may not watch again!

Hopper said...

BE: quite possibly you woz robbed. Apologies.

Blue Eyes said...

Nope, you were closer than I was!