Thursday 7 November 2013

BBC Question Time : End of the ship-of-the Line edition

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Boston in Lincolnshire. With defence minister  
Anna "I see no more ships" Soubry MP.
 Shadow attorney general Emily "Chocolates" Thornberry MP, 
UKIP leader Nigel "I am not a one man band" Farage MEP.
 Poet Benjamin "Seriously immigration man - that is my profession. No . I'm not trying to be funny.." Zephaniah and 
Vicky "Within these Walls" Pryce, author of the book Prisonomics.

BQ thinks
1. Sacrificing Southern shipbuilding for the sake of the tartan union. A price worth paying?
2. Energy bosses not saying V. much.
3. The living wage. Why won't evil capitalist bosses  pay enough ?Bas**ds
4.  The terrorist bloke who did a very hackneyed bunk.
5. Spymasters and the Guardian. TREASON!

Dimbletie - Silver surfer

2 pt for a correct guess of the colour or pattern of Dimbleby's tie.{before 10pm}
2 pt for an accurate spot for each of the question asked
2 pt for being the sole entrant to correctly predict a question asked

1 arbitrary point for any partially correct questions, witty phrases, spotting the soundbite, joke, tweet or posting in the comments first.

And the league table will be winner = 1pt
Everyone else - Zero.

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Number of wins 

CityUnslicker -2
Nick Drew -2

Mark Wadsworth - 1

 Malcolm Tucker -1 
  Hopper -1
Dick the Prick -1 

Kilgore Trout - 1
 Measured - 1
DJK - 1


measured said...

Evenin’ all

1. Yes, they do watch us. Tempora. Is it right? It is creepy and it has scary implications. Yes, I want to read their emails and look at the websites they visit…..eurgh…!

“If you are looking for a pin in a haystack, why do they pile on more hay?”

2. It is self evident Scottish independence has played a part in shutting the shipyards but you can’t fight markets. We don’t need shipyards. The more I think of it, let Scotland go. North sea oil is now falling off.

3. Deflation, Europe, interest rates, banks; are we sitting pretty?

4. What is to be done about immigrants?

5. I am tempted by a veritable feast of Arafat, Israel, peace talks and polonium, Russia and Greenpeace, Blair and the Hague (the government is refusing to release Cabinet Office papers to the Chilcot Inquiry that detail discussions and communication between Blair and Bush. It must be damning.), India and its mars mission, but I will go for something about Remembrance Sunday. They gave their lives and WW1 took away a generation of men. What terrible price they paid. History has taught us always to remember them, stay friends with the US and keep an eye on Germany.

Tie: an iridescent blue

Hopper said...

Dimbletie: blue and green stripes.

1. Are Portsmouth shipbuilders paying the price for Scottish independence?
2. Isn't grilling UK spy chiefs in public missing the point?
3. Why has railway privatisation been somewhat less than a success locally?
4. Immigration impact locally, are they doing the jobs the locals won't?
5. Let's stop jailing women completely because it's too hard on them.

Kilgore Trout said...

Tie: Mauve (I'm not even sure what colour that is but it sounds right.)

1. Should tagged terror suspects be allowed to wear the burka to escape the security services?

2. Are active measures by a Kremlin-linked former US security contractor an appropriate locus for debate about the degree of oversight a liberal democratic nation should demand of its secret state surveillance services?

3. Should anti-capitalist 'slebs vote Labour or Tory at the next GE?

4. Is a debt-fuelled 'recovery' still a recovery?

5. Should we give prisoners the vote on an EU referendum?

Miss CD said...

Dimbleby - Orange and lemons

1. HS2 - again.
2. Work for benefits - again
3. Snowden and spies and the liberal press - again
4. NHS cover up and fabricating targets - again
5. Power companies and the coalition is the seventh energy provider - again.

{This episode of Question Time was first shown in 2006}

Malcolm Tucker said...

Dimtie - Lincoln green

1. Instead of answering MPs point scoring questions, shouldn't these men be out looking under veils for terrorists?

2. Dangerous dogs. bring back dog licencing?

3. Living wage. Make work pay.

4. Twitter soars to a new facebook style bubble for suckers. Hands up who on here is buying in at $45? Anyone? Anyone at all?

5. The shipyards. Has to be. When is a bribe not a bribe?

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Is the Paxo/Brand view of politicians widely held by the electorate?

2) Digby-Jones on EU referendum & quitting.

3) Apparently the spy services are defending our freedom by shredding any privacy rights - is it a fair trade? (Given that these ppl are the uk versions of Clapper (NSA) et al, can we believe a word they say anyhow?)

4) Universal Credit - can/will it be salvaged, or will it just be postponed until after the next election?

5) Shipyards - the MOD get slagged off earlier this year for not spending £2bn of their budget - why not use that to start the new frigate building program early?

and DimbyTie = blue & silver

Nick Drew said...

Dimbletie on a bonfire-night theme: and what's this about a tattoo ?!

1. shipyard politics - but not dockyard language, oh dear me no, not even from Farago - and it may be his best shot at getting onto referenda

2. what's all this nonsense about an Indo-Sino race to Mars FFS? (do they need somewhere to park their surplus teeming millions?)

3. how's an honest bugger to get a day's work done with everyone wanting to peer over his shoulder ?

4. welfare reform - with much scope for wickedtory bashing, but also an opportunity for a farago-segue into immigration

5. what is McCoy's secret ? (well he's not on the NHS obseity watch-list, for starters)

CityUnslicker said...

its sick that Pryce can still get a place on QT..maybe i should get sent to jail to improve my celebrity - there really is no such thing as bad PR eh? she co-opted a judge into perjury for ffs.


1. Scotland - UNION/INDEPENDENT - there is no SNP, so quite balanced debate with farage offering sanity that will upset the tory. Som silly stuff about defence will get in here somewhere
2. EUROPEAN IMMIGRATION - one for zephiniah to stick it to farage on or vice versa. I like Zephinia, a fellow republican who turned down his gong on princuple.
3. Terrorism - bring back an authoritarian Labour government to get rid of these blue softies
4. benefits cost of living - a way to get IDS attack in and also livin wage and hating murderous tories
5. november 5th - should we blow up parliament and install brand as lord protector?

DJK said...

1. Should the English now have a vote on Scottish independence?
2. Since immigration is now proven to be a net benefit, should we have much more of it?
3. Is Russell Brand now a more important commentator than Paxo?
4. How can we protect ourselves online from state snoopers?
5. Should all companies pay a living wage?

Dimbletie: Green and gold.

Taff said...

A late entry

1. If immigration so such a benefit can we have more.

2. After independence should we spy on our friends north of the border - and west of Bristol.

3. Is Cameron an idiot to have shunned the overtures of UKIP

4. Can the NHS ever be free - of incompetent managers

5. Should those that want a living wage be forced to move to cheaper parts of the country. We could use all those second homes here in Wales.

Tie: Orange and brown


Mark Wadsworth said...

aaa got distracted, busy with other stuff.

Timbo614 said...

Spot the anti-UKIP plants :)

Go Nigel!!

Bill Quango MP said...

cu - There's no such thing as bad publicity - except maybe the Holocaust museum?

Dimbytie - pink and pinker.

Big anti Farage mob in tonight.Bused in from somewhere. Not Boston which has had a huge immigration influx.
Also a lot of weird 'big' hair styles in the audience. Boston looks like its having a Baywatch revival.

Q1. Navy cuts and Scottish bribes.
Unconvincing Tory says no bribe. hmmmm.

Q2. Immigration - big bust up. Good debate. Most people in QT audience in favour.I cannot believe that really represents the region.
Farage quite good . Benjamin better. Thornbury demonstrates all that was wrong with New Labour

Q3. Ban the Burkha, spy flee question.

Q4 snooping on emails for security.

Bill Quango MP said...

Quite a good show. All good on the panel in their own way.

BQ - 5

Measured +1 for 1st = 7

Hopper - 6 {did you think 2/3 of the people of Boston were in favour of immigration? I wouldn't but the audience split that way.}

Kilgore Trout - closest on the Dimtie +2 = 4

Miss CD - dire ! - 1

Malcolm Tucker - 4

gsd - 4

ND - 4 +1 for the Farage turning to referendum = 5

CU - 7+1 a there was a huge amount on defence cuts and Falklands and such. =8
Zephinia is always good. very level headed for a liberal.

DJK - 4 +1 bonus for the immigration is a benefit- which the labour plant brought up. - 5

Taff 4 +same +1 =5

DTP - 6 pint entry - And a good one - 4. +1 for Dimbletie - Navy which a real Lol. = 5

MW 1 for turning up

Timbo - More anti-Farage plants than Kew Gardens -1

Thornberry said the dumbest thing ever on a QT prog.
She said she was all in favour of managed immigration.
So Fargage says the borders open on 2014 - to anyone in the whole of Romania or Bulgaria who wants to come. How is that 'managed'?
She refused to answer and it went all Paxman until Dimby eventually stepped in.

Winner is CU - who tops the table.

measured said...


Hopper and I should demand a Stewards' Inquiry. Up in front of the committee. ;-)