Thursday 20 March 2014

BBC Question Time : OAP special edition

David Dimbleby presents the topical debate from Warrington. On the panel are chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander MP, shadow health secretary Andy Burnham MP, Conservative Dominic Raab MP, former director of the Centre for Policy Studies Jill Kirby and crime writer Val McDermid.

So much news, so little time.Especially with all the posturing that has to take place.
lets go for.

1. Budget - pension changes most radical since 1854
2. Bingo tax - 1st cut since 1854
3. Crimean referendum. West refuses to accept outcome. Biggest crisis in relations since 1854 
4. Tony Benn. Radical politician from 1854 era.
5. Childcare tax break. So unfair! What about dishing £1854 tax exemption to childless couples and single people too!!
Dimbletie - Gold coins on a mint green background

Hall of The Winners 


DTP - 3

Taff - 2 

Mark Wadsworth - 2 

Measured - 2 

Nick Drew - 2

Bill Quango MP -1 

Malcolm Tucker - 1


Blue Eyes said...

Sprightly youthful first?

Tie: senior citizens' mauve with blue rinse clouds.

1. A people's budget or a rich man's budget?

2. Has Ossie done enough to nix the UKIP threat.

3. Are the Eds to only true representatives of ordinaryhardworkingpeople, now that the Bingo advert has proved that the Tories are still patricians stuck in a 1950s timewarp. Leading question yeronna?

4. Was this the first post-crisis budget?

No fifth question.

Elby the Beserk said...

All you ever need to know about Labour in 5 seconds.

This is exquisite. And terrifying.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Evening all.

1. Out of touch patronising conservatives giving people their own back ...scum!

2. Childcare! Stay at homes excluded from sharing in the benefits of working.

3. Putin ban John McCain from wearing fur kepi. Obama bans Putin from Bloomingdales. Its all kicking off!

4. Tony Benn. If Bob crow got a mention old man mad should too.

Agree with blue - 4 questions and and an awful lot of hot air.

Dimtie - Black and bronze

Nick Drew said...

(0) Orange, like the Danny-the-Rodent's hair
(1) can pensioners be trusted with their own money?
(2) something allowing the word 'bingo' to get a thorough airing
(3) are the Ukra-sanctions effective or just sanctimonious hot air?
(4) HS2: can it build up the necessary head of steam? (now steam ... there's an idea)

Finally, not sure how it gets framed as a question but the Missing Plane must surely feature, so
(5) how can a big plane just go missing in 2014?

DJK said...

Tie: yellow/grey
1. Budget: Is scrapping annuities fair, or is it another nail in the pension system?
2. Budget 2: Has the coalition achieved what it set out to do with the public finances?
3. Ukraine: Start of Cold War 2?
4. Tony Benn: What do the panel think his greatest achievements?
5. Budget 3: Which is more valuable, a thruppeny bit in pre-decimal Britain or £1 in the Cameron/Osborne present?

dearieme said...

"This is exquisite. And terrifying."

Especially when what he may have meant was "You shouldn't trust people not to blew that money, because they will; that's because they will know that a future Labour govt will rescue them with taxpayers' money".

And who could argue with that?

CityUnslicker said...

1. Tony benn should have a full state funeral.
2. Why are the Tories so quiet about MH370, what do they have to hide. What hasn't Lord Ashcroft offered to help, eh?
3. Budget - bingo, shapps, eviltories
4. russia, cameron and hauge look wet compared to putin
5. HS2, should be up north first (fair comment really)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Tie: taxed at his marginal rate.

1. Beer and bingo, bread and crocuses.

2. Ukraine, gas, boycott (or are they called 'sanctions' nowadays?), fracking, Putin, I bet he fondly remembers the time when the west only hated him for being a homophobe. Why doesn't he come out of the closet himself?

3. Pensions 'liberation', all good stuff and long overdue, but what's with the "trusting the older generation" but treating today's workers like complete idiots who have to be auto-enrolled (TM: Labour Party).

4. Tony Benn, state funeral or shall we just award him his own postcode?

5. Clegg/Cameron nursery voucher love-in (at which they took turns wearing the black V-neck jumper, don't think we didn't notice) what was wrong with John Major's nursery vouchers? Why make it more complicated?

measured said...

Evenin’ all,

1. Bingo or billiards? You choose. Billiards won of course; you can pot a pension.

2. Jam in the economy but no bread for the poor or public sector workers. The latter two not being the same. Wait for the next set of cuts.

3. Crimea with historical comparisons. It would have saved so many lives if we had stood up to Hitler in 1933. Our relationship with Russia changes.

4. The growing misuse of legislation, ignoring its original intention. Hunt closing hospitals on ‘financial’ grounds is just one example.* Well, what’s new?

5. Tony Benn RIP - Wasn’t he some sort of rabble-rouser? At least he spoke his mind unlike far too many career politicians bent on climbing the greasy pole.

Dimbletie: Waves or a map so some blue yonder.

*This won’t get asked, but I have to mention it so it doesn’t go unnoticed as the Commons twiddle their thumbs for a year. Actually the proposed building of new rabbit hutches would be a better choice.

Hopper said...

Sneak this under the wire:
1. Is beer+bingo the new bread+circuses?
2. Are we right to let the new Russia turn into the old Soviet Union?
3. If people can choose freely, they'll choose stupidly; what pension problems are we storing up?
4. NHS is running out of A+E consultants, who are all buggering off to Aussie. Why aren't we paying them more?
5. With the running down of the airforce and navy, could we find MH370 if it went down in our back yard?

Dick the Prick said...


Dimbletie: beige with green splodges.

1) Ukraine - go thru the motions.
2) Unemployment - legit
3) Hopefully some NHS shit
4) Missing plane

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1 Is recovery being powered by the South East, as it appears to us Northern folk, and when will it reach us?

Ahhh stop whinging.Come and live in the South West if you want to feel forgotten.

Q2: Is the high speed rail link worth the money? {and the why not start in the north q came up}

Q3: Is George Osborne right to trust pensioners not to blow pension pot or will they spend it on booze, bingo and buy-to-let?

Q4: Are we witnessing the dawn of a new Cold War with Russia as a result of imposing sanctions against them?

Q5: With teachers working average of ~60hrs per week... can panel understand why many no longer wish to remain in profession?

Q6: Is it time the BBC reviewed its license policy as suggested this week by Noel Edmonds?

Scandalous to jam that last one in with 60 seconds to go. Just to say they have done it.


Bill Quango MP said...

Scores -

Tie - pink and silver
Tony benn didn't get a mention. Poor old fool.

BQ - 5
BE -3 =1 first = 4
Elby - we are going to be so sorry when we vote them back in.
MT - 3
ND - 7
DJK - 5
CU - 6
MW - 4
Measured - 5 {there is a lot of it about]
Hopper - 4 but good others.
DtP a drunken 2

No dimby tie.

Mr Drew is the winner.
Prize is to decide what the UKs response to Russia should be.

1. Nothing
2. A strongly worded note of displeasure
3. Sanctions on £5000 handbags exports
4. real sanctions
5. war.

Nick Drew said...

here's what we do:

one of those plausible-imbecile Etonian SPADS is photographed entering Downing Street with a sheaf of clearly-visible loose papers, the top one of which says

tell von Rumpy-pump that we do NOT support that EC competition enquiry finding Gazprom guilty-as-charged of rigging the gas market, and DEFINITELY (underlined and ringed several times in red pen) do not support fining them 10% of their global turnover

then sit back and wait for the 'phone to ring ...

Hi Volodya old fruit! kak dyela?

Bill Quango MP said...

Brilliant response.
You really should be in government. Or at the very least advising DC and GO. And taking a fat fee too, of course.

Blue Eyes said...

Glad I am not the only one who thought that the photographed briefing papers were a) deliberate and b) correct.

Am i the only one who has some sympathy with the Russian position? EU inspired coup, nasty bunch in charge after the coup, proposed EU "annexation", ethnic Russians and those facing the East on the "wrong" side of the EU/Russia border?

What would America do if there was a coup in California and the new hispanic-led administration asked to (re-)join Mexico?

Nick Drew said...

I have loads of sympathy for Russia (see earlier posts) and very little for either the neocon or the EU-expansionist positions

(but it doesn't alter the fact that Russia's attitude is pretty lamentable in its combination of paranoia and arrogance)