Thursday 13 March 2014

Question Time : Bus pass Elvis edition

David Dimbleby presents the topical debate from Nottingham. On the panel are shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander MP, Liberal Democrat transport minister Baroness Kramer, Conservative MP and member of the Number 10 Policy Unit Nadhim Zahawi, journalist Isabel Oakeshott and star of The Apprentice, Nick Hewer.{ no idea - I don't watch it either}

Guesstion Time
Dimbletie - pale pink and white

Q1. Labour commits to possibly thinking about one day n the distant future committing to the idea of maybe having a non binding vote on Europe?
Q2. Below inflation NHS pay rise.
Q3. Bob Crow. Hero or dinosaur or a bit of both?
Q4.Miliband's jobs for all scheme and the spending of the banker tax yet again.
Q5. Bus pass Elvis - Should he go national?


Blue Eyes said...


The tories, the tories, the tories?

Why is Cameron swanning about abroad? Has he given up on the domestic agenda?

Labour and the LibDems are the only sound parties on Europe. No question, just a statement from Jacques Dimbleors.

Should Britain offer military assistance in the Malacca Strait?

Something about the West having lost its nerve as pointed out by David best-PM-we-never-had-a-chance-to-elect Miliband.

Tie: LibLab mauve.

DtP said...

Evening Comrades

0) Dimbletie - Black, coal black.

1) Pay restraint - is austerity a busted flush and how come angels are being punished for bankers bonusses and what effect will it have on service provision?

2) What possible sanctions could the UK impose on Russia should the Crimean referendum be held and supported?

3) Is it right that Blighty should have no say in the European love-in?

4) How can Ed's job pledge possibly work?

5) Lord Bob of Crow - why did righties respect him more than lefties?

Ho hum - defo not watching this one.

6) How can Isabel Oakeshott possibly hold her head up when she sells her sources down the river faster than a Somali pirate?

Blue Eyes said...

Damn, forgot that the BBC will still be in mourning for Sir Bob. My tie choice will be way off.

DJK said...

Tie: Spring crocuses on a bright green background.
1. Ukraine. How should we fix it?
2. Bob Crowe: will we ever see his like again?
3. Prince of Wales letters. Why are the wicked Tories blocking access to his letters. Isn't there an important constitutional principle here?
4. In/out of Europe? Who to trust on the referendum?
5. 25 years of the www. Should the govt. not raise a statue to Sir Tim in every hamlet in the land?

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Robert the Crow. A modern day Robin Hood, 'e was, 'cor blimey an 'ero he was, guvnor.

2. Ukraine. We can't do nuffink. We need a strong man to go an tell putin to pack it in!. Someone like Bob Crow, gawd rest iz soul.

3. Nurses not gettin' a 5%+inflation payrise! you knows what them needs? Bob Crow. 'E would sort it awrt! STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE!

4.Europe! Labour woncha not to 'ave a say, bout it? its a Liberty! Old man Crow wouldn't put up wif that!

5. Labour spendin' that bankers bonus cash 10 times. Bob Crow would a got it spent fifty times over on wages for the are working' train drivers of Laaaarndaaarn.

'E will be missed...

Nick Drew said...

(0) something with a lightning flash pattern
(1) the Co-op - has it had its day ?
(2) NHS pay - can 1% be right after years of austerity ?
(3) should Charles be allowed to lobby secretly ?
(4) should the Army open up to outside scrutiny on bullying ?
(5) EU referendum: has Miliband finally shown himself to be hopelessly out of touch ?

Hopper said...

Dimbletie: Forest green

1. Should we spend NHS money on kidney machines or blanket pay rises? (Why not take it from GPs and give to nurses?) Hoping for someone to raise the A+E consultant recruitment problem.
2. Can we make banker bonus clawback work?
3. SHould we all be employing immigrant nannies?
4. What should we be doing to stop airliners like MH370 getting lost?
5. Is the old confrontational union stance passing along with Big Bob?

measured said...

Evenin' all,

1. 1% pay rise. The eulogies to Bob will make them all crow now.

2. How about a high speed train link across the North?

3. Ed hedging his EU bets, ...not that he or his father were a gambling men, of course

4. Chicken Kiev.

5. Shanghai maths teachers coming here and making two and two add up.

Dimbletie: fruit pastilles

Mark Wadsworth said...

Tie: salt, sugar and alcohol during pregnancy. Fat's off the menu this week.

1. Miliband's vague EU pledge, did he just run Dave Cam's 'cast iron pledge' from about five years ago through the photocopier and quote from that?

2. Crimea, is it all going to kick off?

3. Bob Crow, hero of anti-Home-Owner-ism, RIP. Now that he's dead, will there still be calls for his widow and daughter to be turfed out of their housing association home? Or do they count as deserving?

4. Max Clifford, that Tory deputy speaker chap, Farage/Fuller, all this digging up old nastiness, will it never end?

5. Met Police, Merry Christmas Stephen Lawrence etc, will it never end?

Bill Quango MP said...

purple yellow flowers

1. Should nurses be getting the 1% public sector pay rise?

Q2: Do we need more union leaders like Bob Crow?

Q3: Has Ed_Miliband made an electoral mistake by not promising to match David Cameron’s offer of an in/out referendum?

Q4 Q: Can the sanctions proposed by the EU on Russia be realistically applied and what would be the consequences for UK?

4 questions and a half about military cuts.

Bill Quango MP said...

A fair question time. Bit dreary with a return to NHS pay questions, but better than recent shows.


BQ - 8
BE 3 + 1 for first + 2 for dimby tie - = 6
Dtp - 8
DJK 6 + 1 for crocuses - 7
Malcolm Tucker - 8 + banker's bonus, that ever reliable QT finger pointer came up = 10
ND - 4
Hopper -6
measured - 6
MW - 6

good all round but winner is Malcolm Tucker - well done