Thursday 3 April 2014

BBC Question Time - The Sell Out, Sells Off Cheap

David Dimbleby presents the topical debate from Bristol. The panel includes Liberal Democrat business secretary Vince Cable MP,[mega klaxon sounds arroooghhhgahh!]  Labour's former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain MP, Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng, associate editor of The Times Camilla Cavendish and Guardian columnist Julie Bindel.

Season is almost over. Can DTP hold on ?

BQ say:
Dimbleby will wear a UKIP tie and start the program with "I, for one, welcome our new insect eyed overlords."

1. Was Royal Mail sold at a bargain price and what sort of cretin trusts the word of a banker ? 
2. Climate Change report. The 'dossier' said we could all be flooded within 45 minutes.
3. Maria Miller shows us all how to escape with a very dodgy expense claim.
4. Farage is 2 for 2. Should he now be allowed into the real election debates?
5. Wales. What's wrong with that place? {sorry Taff,} Giving up smoking materials banned.

Hall of The Winners


DTP - 4

Taff - 2 

Mark Wadsworth - 2 

Measured - 2 

Nick Drew - 2

Bill Quango MP -1 

Malcolm Tucker - 1 

CityUnslicker - 1


DtP said...

Honestly, i'll take Vince Cable any day over Peter Hain - i'd break all my fingers before I tired of punching him.

1) Royal Mail sell-off. To be fair it was a bit of a dog's breakfast but as is the way in modern politics - it's either totally wrong or completely brilliant when the middle is where truth lies.

2) Euro Debate - I expect Peter Hain to go full faux outrage as to Farage's Putin remarks which he didn't say and maybe also the white working class exclusion thing being racist.

3) Cinderella Law - or was that last week? Either way - it's daft.

4) Climate change and Cammo's wind farms retreat - we're doomed, doomed I tells yee!

5) Torn between the NHS & Crimea - uuurrggghhh. I'll go for Crimea with how can we do anything when General Sir Golightly Jockstrap has stated the Military is at breaking point?

Dimbletie - a pink affair with purple splodges - or Hain Pantone 4123.

Good luck folks.

Hopper said...

Dimbletie: damn you DtP, you beat me to it. OK, Russian Red it is.

1. How can we have trust in our MPs when all they have to do is apologise after stealing our money? ["It's my money. I made it and you're stealing it!" with apologies to Ernesto]
2. Looming GP recruitment crisis.
3. Is Clegg trying to throw the election to UKIP?
4. What's the point in air quality standards when the Sahara can clog our lungs any time it wants?
5. What was the right price for Royal Mail, and who profited, and why?

Taff said...

Evening all from Llanddewi Brefi.

Cost of Living crisis: What crisis? Is it scaremongering when we are all becoming rich through soaring house prices - again.

Police: Should every crime be investigates or is it OK to skip a few?

Vince: Should we be going postal about the sell-off?

Health: Can we afford care in later life or should we just cash in the pension now and spend it.

Most would - until the see the inside of these "care" homes. Food at 4:00, Pyjamas at 6:00, Lights out by 8:00. Ending your life in a 10' x 8' box?

... I better be quick and get changed.

Immigration: Should we barricade the Severn Crossing and check the undersides of lorries when UKIP comes to power? He's a gift that man.


Sackerson said...

Different competition:what written guidance will be in front of Dimbleby re who to be hard/easy on in the questioning?

CityUnslicker said...

1. Evil UKIP
2. Evil Tories can't even do capitalism
3. Evil tories and ukip don't like climate change
4. Circuit of Wales >>hahahahhhhaaah
5. NHS, evil Tories have abandoned Wales etc etc

Kilgore Trout said...

Tie: Union Jack

1) Can we agree that national sovereignty AND free markets are better than EU social welfarism so I can go back to ignoring and laughing at politics?

2) If Nick Clegg thinks that a Common European Defence and Securities Policy is a "dangerous fantasy", shouldn't he be having a word with the European Commission and our representative thereon, who is the official in charge of supporting and promoting the work of the European External Action Service?

3) Did Vince get the best deal for his mates in the City *cough* - sorry, not sure what happened there - I mean British tax payers, when he sold off the profitable part of Royal Mail?

4) Does climate change? Yes or no. Oh, and does this cloud of particulates from the Sahara have anything to do with carbon dioxide?

5) This "Cinderella law" (awful name for it)... not read much about it... bit Nazi police state, isn't it? Even for this lot.

measured said...

Evenin’ all,

MH370 might surface, but bad jokes aside, certainly grandpa will know everything on the back of a postage stamp.

1. Royal Mail. The price was reduced and then reduced again. Okay, there was the threat of a strike but this was a national provider going public. Oliver Letwin wouldn’t have let it happen. Pennies adding up to £750m and now property rights. It is scandalous as this transfer of wealth goes the wrong way.

2. EU. Our man, Nigel. A man of conviction and purpose. Is the end of the Lib-Dems after the European elections? Labour losing all that juicy exposure. Can we achieve a better deal?

3. The cost of energy on manufacturing and engineering industry. Still, at least we are not Ukraine or Spain or Greece or France….

4. Should they have deported this 19 year girl? Don’t go soft; she came here on a tourist visa and can take her A’Levels in Mauritius. The timing was unfortunate but hardly a compelling reason to stay here.

5. Dust from the Sahara falling from the sky. We are doomed. Capitalism and climate change speeds us to the planet’s depletion of resources. Population control may not be on the accepted spectrum for lively debate, but it should be.

Dimbletie: It was insipid last night (grey/blue) for Farage/Clegg so I expect a strong vibrant orange tonight.

DJK said...

Dimbletie: Officer Dibble blue
1. UKIP debate. What does it tell us about our country that most people thought Farage won?
2. New exam grading. Is it right to keep moving the goalposts?
3. Royal Mail selloff. Who benefits?
4. Is it right to keep Scots out of the 2015 election if Salmond wins the September vote?
5. What's worse: pollution or climate change?

Timbo614 said...

[Bang!][Flash!][Plop] Timbo returns

1) Nigel for PM! Or Is UKIP actually only NFIP? Possibly asking how would Nigel actually deal with Putin if he was PM

2) Getting the vapours about "vapers"in Wales.

3) Has the expenses scandal just gone under cover or is the latest an isolated incident?

4) Air pollution - who's to blame someone must be.

5) Can I have a actual promise of an EU referendum or must I actually become a kipper first just to force the issue?

Tie: Black with Purple bits

P.S. Got bored with politics, and was spending too much time on reading blogs! Sat back for while and just watched it all go past - tilled some ground, planted some early veg :) buried our dog of 14 years :(

But maybe I can cope with a small amount of commenting therapy now...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Tie: undervalue for the taxpayer.

1. Now that Farage did a mediocre job of explaining why the EU is bad, but still walked away with two clear wins, can the panel promise us that the next government of whatever make-up will offer us a referendum?

2. Now that the little Englander demagogue Farage has whipped the masses into an anti-European frenzy, can the panel promise us that the next government of whatever make-up will defer a referendum until we've had time for a calm and frank discussion about the merits of the EU?

3. Five a day, seven a day? This is like get global warmening debate, a mixture of scientific consensus and raving flat earth creationists loonies. Only who are the loonies here - the five-a-dayers or the seven-a-dayers?

4. That wee lassie that they chipped off the Mauritius, should we have let her finish her A-levels before cruelly deporting her?

5. Why did Maria Miller include Royal Mail shares in her expense claim and did she declare the profit when she sold them?

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1 - pretty obvious really - Has the sale of Royal Mail been a "first class disaster" for the taxpayer?

yes. And postage prices have risen 60% since the idea of a sell off in 2009. The price rise was to get profits up. Business haven't paid anything like 60%. more like 15% because of competition.

Q2: Is it embarrassing that @Nick_Clegg was so outclassed by @Nigel_Farage in debate on EU membership? - I would have said so. Clegg had a poor hand that he played badly.

Q3: In the future, will a monthly £10 subscription fee make citizens value the NHS?

Q4: If @Maria_MillerMP is not diligent enough to reconcile her expenses, how can she stay in her job? - The politicals on the panel thought she should stay. of course.

Q5: Is it good idea for kids to start school at two? Or should we allow them to be children for a little longer? obviously didn't read our start at 7 post.

Bill Quango MP said...

A good show. All on good form.

Dimbytie a sort of dark pink and white

BQ - 5

dtp -Poor Hain. he was OK once he'd got past the EU bit. -5 and it was the NHS not Crimea! But you got the tie - 7+1 first = 8

Hopper good run - 6

taff - not bad - 4 {are you a Hain fan?}

CU - 3

Kilgore Trout - good too - 6

Measured - like them all , but 5. Tough on the deported girl. but a kid in my class was deported back to Hong Kong. And he was a superb technical artist. Could draw blueprints freehand. Same reason . Tourist visa.

DJk - 4 {odd there was no climate change with 2 climate change stories in the news]

Timbo614 -5 and welcome back from sabbatical.

MW - good questions , but 4.

Winner was DTp, who takes the series.
{queue champions league trophy music}

proper congrats next week.

This weeks prize is to decide how many times a patient can miss an NHS appointment before they are excluded for life.

DtP said...

Yay. I work at that NHS HSCIC thing so considering the telegraph this morning, i'm keeping well out of it!

Who could have ever thought???

Bill Quango MP said...

You MUST guest post on this Dtp. I'd love to read about what's going on

DtP said...

I'll have a crack at it tomorrow but it'll have to be a bit vague as sacking myself would be a bit silly!

Bill Quango MP said...

Send it to CU at the contact address.
Vague is good. I always change the names and the corporations to protect the guilty

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