Friday 18 April 2014

Le Pen Demands Respect from Beeb & Quite Right Too

I am deeply suspicious of poujadists of any nationality: it's all too easy, and often unsavoury.  Politics is about power, not protest.  What vocal-minority party ever manoeuvred its way into a sustainable national-policy-dictating position ?

Marine le Pen, however, is still an elected politician which is more than can be said for Laura Kuenssberg, Le Pen's interrogator on Newsnight yesterday.   Kuenssberg duly essayed the ill-mannered, interruptive, dumb-down style of Snow and Wark, under which legions of courteous American interviewees have suffered with restrained dignity.  Le Pen was having none of it and replied calmly but firmly:  Madame, you seem more interested in your own questions than in my replies.

Good for her: would that more politicos could find ways to put these self-important gits in their place.  It is said that Ian Katz, the recently-installed editor of Newnight, bust the budget to get Kuenssberg as a replacement for Michael Crick.  It's not a bargain.

Crick may be quirky but he actually breaks exclusive stories by actually doing *gasp* actual research.  When Crick is rude, it's because he has caught someone with their pants around their ankles.  No-one's heart will ever sink at the words "Laura Kuenssberg is in reception for you ..."



Anonymous said...

Off topic - concerning the earlier post on the NHS.

The RD&E Exeter conducts private operations Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

NHS surgery only takes place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Apropos private patients not displacing NHS ones.

dearieme said...

So you'd like to ban the private operations so that everyone would be operated on by the NHS, which would thereby have more patients but no more money. Is that right?

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE is being operated on by the NHS. They are the same doctors in the same hospitals - private operations are taking up the greater part of the week. It is not as though a separate system is being set up alongside the NHS.

Where are the doctors and nurses we paid good money to have trained ?

dearieme said...

back we go: do you want everyone trained in the NHS to be permanent indentured labour?

Bill Quango MP said...

This NHS debate won't leave us.
Ivan, If you are still following , I finally had my NHS letter today. Only it wasn't for me. Was for someone else.
Seeing as their illness is a lesser one than mine, I'll take it!

Anonymous said...

Dearieme - Nothing against doctors going into private practice but where they are on the NHS payroll they should be doing NHS work first.

Otherwise the true level of taxation is as far and above reported figures as the welfare budget.

Anonymous said...

"would that more politicos could find ways to put these self-important gits in their place"

on topic for once, did you ever see US rightie Ann Coulter and Paxman on Newsnight? Not had so much fun since Colleen Graffy vs Galloway on Question Time.

Anonymous said...

On topic or 'on the money' as the tab-line says.

What could be more 'on the money' than the NHS ?

Let's get away from the fact that the dole is just about unemployment benefits. It isn't.


- dole
- people who administer the dole
- police who deal with crims on dole
- doctors who deal with patients on dole
- dole recipients who become 'pensioners'
- kids in school on dole
- housing on dole...

'on the money'

Geddit ?

Disconsolate Matron said...

Where are all the doctors etc?

Were they all not told a year or two ago that newly qualified docs were not needed - so they all buggered off to Australia and Canada - and now we are left wondering why we are being treated by lesser qualified 'doctors' from the sub continent.