Monday 14 April 2014

Re-purpose That Landmark: The Results

Compo judging time - and not an overwhelming postbag so it seems everyone had their weekend priorities right, enjoying the fine spring weather (running the marathon ..?)   And we managed to avoid the anticipated LVT punch-up without troubling the moderators.

But what a London-centric readership we are - excepting Anon@9:31, whose proposal for the Angel of the North is certainly iconoclastic but probably in contravention of someone's human rights.  Timmy's suggestion may technically be some kind of outrage, too.  So - just three awards:
  • The Salvado Dali Award for Fevered Imagination CU, for his Hadrian's Wall of Ice.  I look forward to this featuring in the forthcoming independence debates: a true contribution to creative politics
  • The He Read The Rules and Gave His Name award:  EK, for reading the rules and giving his name, which put his drag-racing idea a nose ahead of Anon's@6:30
  • The coveted Lèse-Majesté award: a more tightly contested affair with Buck House featuring prominently, but it goes to ... Pogo, who has fallen neatly back on the eternal truth that real life offers more satire than David Frost ever managed.
And the prizes:  a one-year subscription to the writings of the New Economics Foundation That'll keep your spam-filter busy.

And so, back to the day job ...



Anon's@6:30 said...

Anon's@6:30 here.

I did give my name. Can't help it if my parents had a sense of humour!

Nick Drew said...

so near and yet so far