Monday 19 May 2014

AstraZeneca bid knocked back

One of the worst things about being a politician is that people vote for you to be in control,  but as with life as a whole, your not.

Much hot air has been expended, mainly by Labour politicians, on the pure evil that is Pfizer and American business and how the whole thing is a tax dodge etc. Little such attention is paid to Glaxo, another large UK company, being accused of massive corruption in China. How one-eyed politicians are.

Yet with one swift missive it can all be over. Pfizer have said, after coming back with an offer at $55 a share overnight, that this is a final bid. The Board of Astrazeneca have rejected this so, to all intents and purposes that it likely to be that.

Capitalism, eh? More efficient than politics everytime.


purplepangolin said...

Mindless pedantry:
your not should read:
you're not

DtP said...

I guess you've got to chuck the Glaxo allegations through the prism that something like 25% of the Chinese economy is corrupt so to make such claims and to charge them adds a political frisson to anotherwise greasy palm modu operandi. The standard Philip Marlowe analysis of who benefits, why now and what's their objective?

But back on the pfizer thing - crikey, one does get bored of politicians pontificating on crap they frankly would do better to leave. Next they'll be telling us what to eat...oh, what's that?

Demetrius said...

Buy shares in GSK?

Electro-Kevin said...

The politicians DID get involved in the *private* banks.

Hey. I thought we were supposed to be manufacturing our way out of this economic crisis - not engaging in more Britain-for-sale, hock-my-house-to-stimulate-growth nonsense.

Corruption in China. Politicians are elected to seek advantage for their own people - unfairly too if they can get away with it.

Dick the Prick said...

I think Anna's turned the juke box on in the tap room again:

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