Thursday 22 May 2014

BBC Question Time: Awful 'N' Word edition: Nigel

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No QT quiz tonight.
 It is the election special which only gives us the politicians claiming either a real, a moral or an imaginary victory...followed by a quick Lee Rigby question.

So instead..
What do you think the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places will be for the Euro elections. And the vote share percentage.

Current polling has UKIP or Labour as the leader, on around 26-27%, with Tories third on 22-23% and Liberals/Greens nowhere of note.

So your guesses into the comments plus, optional, how did you vote ?

BQ  has 

LABOUR - 28%
UKIP - 25%

And of course I voted loyally with the party.


Scan said...

UKIP 30%
Neo Labour 29%
Conservatives 24%
Greens 6%
Lib Dems 6%

Malcolm Tucker said...

UKIP - 28%
Labour - 26%
Conservatives - 24%
Libs - 6%
Greenies - 5%

voted for Conservatives by post a few weeks ago..with the usual reservations.

john miller said...

UKIP 32%
Labour 28%
Cons 22%
Greens 8%
Libs 4%

Sniper said...

Point of order. They can only discuss the local results, the Euro's are not announced until the continent has voted.

DJK said...

UKIP 29%
Labour 27%
Con 25%
Lib 12%
Green 4%
Other 3%

andrew said...

UKIP 28%
Labour 25%
Con 27%
Lib 10%
Green 8%
Other 2%

I think the big story will be how bad Lab did - not how well ukip did

Nick Drew said...

I shall still be surprised if UKIP comes top

Budgie said...

UKIP 29%
Labour 28%
Conservatives 20%
LibDem 9%
Greens 7%
Others 7%

but Labour will get more seats than UKIP.

Timbo614 said...

Labour 29%
UKIP 28.5%
Conservatives 22.5%
LibDem 9%
Greens 8%
Others 3%

Protest vote for UKIP (council & Euros)

Dick the Prick said...

Bit late, got it on silent - haven't cheated

0) Grey pink sparks
1) Ukip - does racist mean racist anymore?
2) Immigration
2) Education
4) Europe
5) To beard or not?

Electro-Kevin said...

Results ? I dunno.

However. All those imitation UKIP parties ? I think the analysts ought to count their anti-EU votes together and present them as one to the main parties to give the levels of Euroscepticism. Perhaps add them to the Conservative party's too seeing has Cameron has pledged a referendum.

As for which party I voted for ? Which do you think ?

Bill Quango MP said...

Too early to say but UKIP seem to have done even better than expected.

Some strange Labour losses in old red areas.

The Question Time itself wasn't too bad. Did the mandatory 'does voting UKIP mean you are a racist' and then became a normal show.
Two Labour on the panel which BBC haven't done for a while.

Electro-Kevin said...

I had to turn off QT.

The 'audience' groaned when someone dared to mention that 210,000 new arrivals might be having an effect on the costs/shortages of housing.

Perhaps it's me that's mad. And that the number of people in a country has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of housing.

I rarely watch QT. The audience seems to always be packed with people who are leftist.

Perhaps we are now a leftist country. Alas I don't think so. In the real world my opinion on things is pretty standard I think.